Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


1. The Break up

*Niall's P.O.V.*

       It was a nice Saturday afternoon.The boys,Harry,Zayn,Louis,Liam and myself, we're watching the telly, of course, like every Saturday.Harry with his bushy hair watching the screen like it was job. Zayn was texting Perrie,his girlfriend,every chance he could get. Louis was trying to teach Liam how to like vegetables starting with his favorite the carrot.

      "Come on Liam its just a small carrot.It won't hurt you."said Louis trying to get the carrot into his mouth.

     "Never will I have that in my mouth ever."shouted Liam trying to get away from the carrot in Louis' hand.

      Then someone knocked on the door.I ran over there to see who it was.I opened the the door to see my girlfriend.My girlfriend,Ariana,was wearing a pair of jeans ,a plain black t-shirt, and some black uggz boots.She was upset.I could tell by the way her beautiful brown eyes stared into my own.I didn't understand what the mater was just yet but I was willing to find out to make her feel better.I put a string of her beautiful blonde hair behind her ear.

       "Hey Ari" I said joyfully,"what seems to be the problem beautiful ?"

        She just kept staring at  me like I knew what the problem was , but I didn't. Did I do something?Was  it our anniversary and i forgot.It couldn't have been we had our anniversary two months ago.Maybe her birthday?Wait that couldn't possibly be it.Her birthday was in December.So what did i do ?!I was so confused.

           "I can't make you feel better if you won't tell me what the problem is you know.So do you think you could tell me what the problem is ?"I said 

         "There is a problem.The problem is us Niall."she said.

         "But  I thought things were going so well.I thought it was almost perfect,we were so close."

         "We never spend time together." she said sadly "We never see each other,or anything so i think we should break up."

          "But Ari..." I said starting to tear up."I love you , I don't want to loose you.Please just give me a chance."

         I could tell  the boys were looking at me and Ari wondering what the problem was.They all knew Ari was my life. I don't know what I would do with out her she was my peanut to my jelly, my shoes to my lace, my one to my direction....I could't believe this was really happening she was breaking up with me. 

           "I ... I am sorry Niall... but I can't be with you any more no matter what you do i just can't ."she said as she hugged me .She gave me a kiss ."I am sorry"

          She broke my heart.Those are the words i never wanted to hear.She walked  out and walked home.I shut the door heart broken.The boys rushed over to me .

          "Are you ok ?"They all asked at once. I shook my head with tears coming out of my eyes trying to be manly about it but i couldn't stop.I covered my eyes with my hands .

          "I will never get in a relationship ever again. I am never good enough for any girl there is no one out there who will love me for me.Ugh I hate my life." I said as I feel to the floor on my knees

           "It's all right she didn't deserve you man."said Zayn

            I ran to my room and slammed  the door.I fell on my bed hugging my pillow. I turned on the telly to see titanic on .I changed the channel to the soap opera channel.Five hours later i was totally into it.

          "He doesn't deserve you Margret ... You deserve better."

            I went out of my room to get popcorn.All of the boys hugged me like the best group hug yet.The hug was like a big piece of love from each of my friends.I loved them they knew they had to make me happy.They let go and smiled.I walked to the bathroom to look at my self.I was a wreck.My hair was all out of place and my shirt was full of tears.I took a shower ,fixed my hair and took a quick look in the mirror.

           "Much better"I said

            I walked to  my room to put on my clothes.Once I walked out I was wearing a black beanie, black t-shirt,black Nikes and jeans.I felt like I was my self again.I was ready to go to the park take a friendly stroll.

         "Alright boys I am out to the park."I said in my Irish accent 

         "Can I come "yelled Louis

         "Me too"said Liam

          "Me three"said Harry 

          "I will stay here watching the telly."said Zayn

         "Know what guys I really wanted to go with some time to my self ." I told the boys

          They all frowned .I saw the disappointment in there faces.

          "All right they "all said   

          "Sorry maybe next times."

          I grabbed my self a water bottle out of the fridge and out the door I went.



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