Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


3. Nando's for lunch!

*Sam's P.O.V.*

         While Niall and I were looking at the menu's it was very quiet.I don't know if he had noticed but i couldn't help but stare at him over the rim of my menu.I couldn't help my self. Niall Horan was adorable I had to admit but Niall and I were just friends and I think that is how it was going to be for here on out. Niall looked up over his menu in a split second.I looked back down so he wouldn't notice this misfit of a girl staring at a gorgeous boy like his self.

       As soon as we finished our lunch we both decided to get a desert.

       "Mmmmm. Have you ever had the Chocolate spoon cake?"Niall said while he licked his lips.

      "No.. but it sure does sound delicious."

       Once the waitress came we both knew exactly what to get.

       "Any deserts today" asked the waitress

       "We will have the Chocolate spoon cake slice please"Said Niall.

       She came back with a nice big slice of chocolate cake.It looked absolutely delicious.She pulled out to forks.Did she think Niall and I were a couple?But that did not matter right now all that matter was me,Niall, and that big piece of chocolate cake.We both took a bite.

      "Mmm,that's so good best cake I had ever had."

      "This is your best cake then you have never tried any of my scrumptious cakes."

      "That could be arranged "I giggled

       "Would you like the rest "he offered

       "Oh no thank you I am stuffed."

       "And yet you said you don't have manners."he chuckled

       "I do but usually I forget them"

      "It's alright."he said."I forget mine all the time I only remember because I didn't want to be rude."

      "Niall Horan rude?Was that even possible."

      "Yes,I know.How could I ,Niall Horan forget my manners?Well its quite simple I forget a lot.Probably more than a average human being."he chuckled. 

      "How surprising "I say sarcastically

      "Alright Miss.Sarcasm are you ready to go ."

     "Ready as I will ever be"

      "Do you want to go home or   ..... you could come to the studio while we practice?" I asked nervously.

      "Lets think go home and be bored for the rest of the day ....or hang out with One Direction.Ding!Ding!Ding!Go see One Direction is the winner."she said

      "Alright lets go"

      He paid for the check like a gentleman.We walked out hand and hand.I was being to feel like we were more than friends.


Authors Note:

   Hey my Lovies sorry this was so short but I am making more chapters as you read so Like,Favorite,Comment,and Please Fan me .I am making more One Direction books!


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