Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


8. I have Feelings 2

*Niall's P.O.V.*


           Oh my god, she kissed me.That must mean she likes me too ,right.

           "Sorry Niall I just couldn't resist...Your just so perfect and well I kinda of like you...Please don't freak out."she said in shame.

           "I won't because I like you ,too.I thought you just wanted to be friends you know?"

            She looked up surprised.

            "Naill it's alright you don't have to lie to me.I always for the guys I know I can't have .... every time I like someone and they say "Oh I like you ,too" they lie and hurt me.So I am fine you don't have"

          I stopped her by interrupting her.

          "Sam you are an amazing person what kind of guy would even dare try to like a ...a ...angel.You have been so kind and everything so all those guys who have done that do not deserve you alright."

          She had tears in her eyes but I could see she was trying her best to hold them back.Clearly she couldn't do it because she rushed into a huge hug with tears falling down her checks.I hugged her back.We stood there for a good five minutes I think.I lifted her head up wiping away the tears.

        "Sam you are great alright and you are perfect just the way you are.You are so caring and thinking of others before yourself and that's just the reason why I like you.You treat me like a normal person not like so crapy singer.I am thankful I had met you."

         "But Ni.."

          "But nothing Sam."

         She put her head once again against my chest as we hugged one another in front of her house.

          "Now um Sam you think you might just want to go on a date sometime?"

          "I would love to Naill"she said with her head still against my chest.

          "Thank you Samantha...thank you."

          She slowly let go.I wanted to keep her in my arms but that would have been weird so I just went with it.She grabbed my right hand and walked into her house with me following right behind her.

          "You want me to stay i am guessing huh?'I said as she pulled me in.

          "Yea I thought well if you would like to watch a movie."

          "I love movies"I said as I flopped onto the bed.

           She sat on the other couch.She took the controller and scanned through the movies.I just watched as her eyes were glued to the screen.I  knew for a fact she could perfectly lay down right  here.. with me.I wanted her here with me laying by my side ,while i had my arms around her.

         "Ugh i give up.I don't know what to watch there are way to many options.There is this one and this one and this one and."

         "That and that one right ?" 


        "Pass me the controller i have something we can watch."

        She passed my the remote and she had perfect throw let me tell you.She did it as if she could do way better.I would love to play some kind of sport with this girl.

        I searched through the options and found the perfect one.It was a horror movie about a possessed girl named,Carrie. I hoped she would like this movie.

       "Hey why don't you lay down over here with me Sam?This movie is a horror movie so it's scary."

       "I think I can handle it." she said as she got comfortable on the couch.

        We started the movie.About ten minutes later she was cuddled up in my arms with her head 

in my chest.

     "I thought you could handle it?"I said as I chuckled.

      "I thought I could be brave ,apparently not."she said as she held me tighter.

      I paused the movie and stroked her long beautiful blonde locks of hair.

      "It's fine.At least you had the courage to try something new right."She nodded."And anyways ....I get scared a lot.I am quite the scaredy cat."

      She giggled a little bit.I have to say Sam has the most cutest giggle i have ever heard in my life.She smiles really big and lets that little sound out. Absolutely adorable.

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