Mr.Movin' On

When Niall got out of a bad break up with a capital B,he meets a girl named Samantha Smith. Niall soon falls for the fun lovable Samantha but the question is ,does Samantha also have feelings for this cute blonde Irish boy ?


2. Green Street Park

*Niall's P.O.V.*

        I was off to the park.Once I got to the steps, I didn't know what park I should go to.Maybe the park on Main Street or maybe the park on Green Street.I just started walking in the first direction that was least crowded.I was headed to Green Street.Green Street Park was a lovely park with nice green leaves,rose bushes, and fountains.I was in a trance with the two swans swimming side by side in the lake.I turned around  to see a beautiful girl drawing the swans on a notepad on a bench.I sat next to her.

       "Beautiful isn;t it?I asked her 

        She looked up at the swans and smiled.

        "It's sure is." she sighed 

        "It is just as beautiful as you,you know."he chuckled

         She turned to me.She sure was beautiful.With those big brown eyes and long blonde hair.She was gorgeous.I couldn't believe she was real.

         "I am Samantha,Samantha Smith"she said as she smiled.

          I loved that smile.It was as if every time she smiled somewhere the room became a little bit brighter.

         "Niall Horan"I said

         "I knew you looked familiar.Your from that band call One......."

        "Direction,One Direction"I finished for her."I am surprised you are not screaming yet."

         "Oh heavens no I didn't want to blow your cover or anything."she said cheerfully

         "Oh" I said in shock."Thank you that means a lot."

          She batted her long lashes as she blushed.

          "Do you think we can go out for lunch"I asked bashfully

         She froze in amazement.Did I say something ?Did i smell funny?Maybe it was weird... for all i know she might not even like me...I was so very nervous.

         "I would love to have lunch with you Niall."

          I was so over joyed but i had to stay cool about it of course.I didn't want want to make a fool of my self.And any ways I had a important question.Was this a date or were we going out for lunch 

as friends?

          "So where would you like to go for lunch?"I asked

          "Nando's"she yelled."Oops a little bit too loud" 

           "You like that place,too?!I love Nando's. That's my favorite place to go to eat."I said in excitement. I was so over joyed to hear that Samantha liked my favorite restaurant.

          "That's mine ,too."

          "Good minds think alike"I chuckled 

           I stood up and fixed my pants.I was staving.I was so hungry I could eat a.... a elephant. That's how hungry I was.Boy was I ready to go.I was wondering if she was ready though.I put my hand out.

           "Are you ready Miss.Smith?"I joked

           She grabbed her pencil in the binding of her blue notebook .She held it in her right hand and grabbed my hand in her left hand.

           "Quite ready Mr. Horan"she teased

            We walked along the path till we got to the street.We crossed the street to Nando's. But right before we even walked in to the restaurant my phone rang.All you could hear was the old version of the telephone ringtone.Of course,it was Harry.I mouthed" sorry" as I picked up the phone and she nodded in understanding .

          "Yes,Harry ..."I said in my annoyed voice.

           "Where are you?We all thought you were taking a quick walk not a super long one." he said worried.

            I looked at my watch.Oh ,he was right I have been out for two hours.

            "Sorry lad"I said.

           "It's alright.What are you doing any how?"he said confused

           "Hanging out with my new beautiful friend."

           I saw from the corner of my eye Samantha blushing.She must have heard me because she was red as a cherry.

          "Oh,so your Mr. Movin' on I see"he said while laughing over the phone.

          "Yea,I guess you could say that,but we are kinda going out for lunch so i have to go."

           "Oooo Niall has a crush Niall has a crush,"he teased

           "We are going as friends of course"

           "Yea,sure you are "

            " Alright.I will see you and the boys at the studio later and maybe just maybe she will come."

           " Bye,Nialler"

           As soon as he said "Bye" I hung up.I put the phone back in my pocket and held her hand.

          "Sorry about that.Harry worries to much." I said as we sat down .

          "It's is fine my mother is the same way.I am surprised she has not called yet.Oh can you do me a favor?"

          "Sure thing."                                                                                                                                                   "Could you just call me Sam,I can not stand my name it is horrid"

          "But you name is so beautiful and classy,no need to change it.'

          "Well that's the problem.I am anything but fancy."She said "I burp sometimes forget my manners etc..."

         "If I call you Sam will that make you feel better?"I asked

         She nodded.After that she was known as Miss.Sam Smith.But hey a boy name for a girl is pretty hot. I Just smiled as we waited for the waiter to come and take our orders.









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