Phoenix Rising

Phoenicia is a world of people who are like the phoenix, when they die they go up in flames, but they aren't reborn from the ashes. They have a caste system and are slaves to a Tyrant. He calls himself 'Ignis Magister'. The Fire Master. And the people haven't had powers of any kind in generations, that's why he still rules, and hasn't died.....yet.


3. Time Passed, She Grew

*16 Years Later*

"Da, why do I need to learn this?" Phoenix had been standing in the exact position for two hours. Her father, Hector, was training her in all the arts of fighting. She had started at age five, but now, at 16 she was learning Meditation.

"You need to learn it to keep yourself centered, especially if your powers develop more." When she was three her powers had begun to manifest, and they grew stronger each year. And with her powers the rest of her matured too. Her hair was long and red as flame. Her eyes as blue as ice. She was as tall as a solider.

But, she had yet to ask why she was different than Hector and his wife, Flona. Hector was muscular, but short. With short, curly black hair. Flona was medium height and fat. She had long blonde hair.

"Da, I know I haven't asked this yet....but....why do I look so different from Mum and you? I've always noticed this, and I've always wanted to know." Hector sighed. "Flona, Its time. Phoenix, come, your mother and I have something to tell you."

They sat her on the couch and then they sat across from her. "You are not our daughter, Phoenix."

"Hector, wait. Phoenix, you need to stay calm and you need to know that we love you, ok, Hector, now you can start."

"As I was saying, you aren't our daughter. We had another daughter, Rose. She was a sick baby, out midwife gave her a week to live at most. Then we herd of your mother, who had been impregnated by a brute from the army."

"Lucas Rising was his name. Your mother was Sheera, we never knew her last name, that's why your Phoenix Rising Gauld. We wanted to help her, no babe should go into the army. We talked to Donte. Hector took Rose to the house the night of your birth. He saw everything." Flona interrupted.

"Yes, I did. It took your mother all night to push you out, you were born at day break. Just before the sun touched the horizon. He stood in the doorway all night. Donte gave you to your mother, he began to order them about and then left. Your mother insulted him. He promised to come back to deal with her. Your mother and Donte exchanged quite words. Then I stepped forward. I promised to protect you. Donte told me to leave. I left but watched threw the window as Lucas killed them. Rose and your mother, Sheera. I saw Donte pray to the Phoenix and....then a phoenix was born from the ash of your mother, a small flame of phoenix flew away into the night but went out."

Phoenix was shocked. ".....My mother died......and your babe died....And my father killed them....oh...."

"Sorry its so heartless of us to tell you like that but, you need to know. Old bloods used to tell stories of someone who would kill The Master. No one believed them, until they began to be murdered that is. That is when we started to prepare for a rebellion. We stand ready. I even taught some of the fighters." Hector, her....not so dad da told her.

"Who else knows, beside Donte?"

"No one." Flona shook her head. A knock sounded and then the door burst in. "PHOENIX WE'RE HEEEEEEERRREEEEEE!!!!!" Two boys chorused.

The Twins. They looked nothing alike but where twins. Verdi and Jay. Jay had blueish one knows how he turned it blue, but it was the same color as a Blue Jay. Verdi had green hair. Same as his brother, no one had any idea how they did it.

"Are you-" Verdi was cut off when Jay hit him in the ribs. "Did we interrupt?" Phoenix shook her head. "No, I was about to come find you two. We need to get going, to the arena, if we are going to be on time."

They were a team of three in The Fights. The Fights are like cage fighting, teams of three go at one another viciously for money, and it works as training for the Draft. Draft is a every ten years thing. It's when teenagers go into a large, 12 acre large, pen. It has forest, beach and other stuff. The next Draft was coming up in the next year. Random kids are taken into it.

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