Phoenix Rising

Phoenicia is a world of people who are like the phoenix, when they die they go up in flames, but they aren't reborn from the ashes. They have a caste system and are slaves to a Tyrant. He calls himself 'Ignis Magister'. The Fire Master. And the people haven't had powers of any kind in generations, that's why he still rules, and hasn't died.....yet.


2. Phoenix Birth

"Shh, Shh, little one...Shh" The woman told her baby. The midwife came forward and whipped her hands on a towel. "Its a girl, Sheera. What are you gonna name the bitch?"

Sheera glared up at the midwife. "Her name....." She stopped and looked at the doorway, where the father waited. He was a solider from the guard. They had sex nine months ago, he came back to take the baby to be raised in the army, boy or girl he was taking it. She hated that she had told him, thinking he would drop out of the army to be a servant with her.

She looked back to the midwife, Donte, and fire light flickered over her light. "Her name is Phoenix." She glared at the guard. Lucas Rising was his name. "Her name is Phoenix Rising."

Lucas grunted and came forward. "Is that smart?" Sheera nodded. She never had a last name. She daughter will have one. "Donte, wrap the babe and get some milk for her. I will be taking her in a short time. The babe better be ready, if not..." Donte laughed in his face. "Or what, guard? I'm not afraid of the flames. They would welcome me, but you, oh no." She turned and walked away, talking to herself.

"I will be back in an hour, woman, I need a drink after all the screaming." He was at the doorway when Sheera chose to speak up. "You mean you want to get another server girl pregnant?"

"I will take care of you later, prostitute." He growled and left.

"Donte." Sheera called, and the midwife ran to her. "He's gone, and he will kill me. Please, swear to me that you will protect my baby for me. She needs someone to teach her the ways of a woman, and since she will be in the guard she will be in danger, please protect her."

The midwife winked and whistled. A man came from the shadows. "I have a plan. This is Hector. His wife had a babe yesterday. It will die shortly. They wish to have a daughter to raise, and I knew this would happen. They said they will switch babies with you, so your daughter will be safe and raised right. Hector, bring her forward."

He gave Donte the little girl. And Sheera handed him Phoenix. "This is Rose. She is sickly. I give her the week and that's it. To brutes like him they all look the same."

Hector leaned forward "I will look after Phoenix. She will be raised right. My wife and I are glad to help. Thank you for giving us a chance." Sheera nodded and tears dropped from her face. He continued "When she asks why she looks different I will tell her you died bravely, to protect her."

Donte looked out the door and said "Hector, leave." He nodded and left. Sheera whispered "Thank you, send your wife my love." He nodded and slipped out the back door.

After Donte shut the door Lucas slammed the door open. "I must go, give me the babe."

"She is sickly, please, no!!!!!" Sheera screamed and fought for Little Rose. Lucas slapped her and pulled his blade "Silence, whore." Sheera became silent. He grabbed the baby from her arms and it began to cry and yell. He took his blade and stuck it through Sheera.

Donte stepped forward and said "You better give me the babe. She needs special milk, but I doubt she will survive your harsh life."

"No. She will die in the guard or now. Your chose."

"Now. It would save your time and it would be better for her." Behind her, Sheera's body began to glow and flames licked around her.

"Fine." He slit Roses throat, silencing her crys. He dropped the body and left the fire and blood of the small hut. Donte closer Roses eyes and said a prayer to the flames that now engulfed her body. "Please, Phoenix, Rise again, and take this babe and her mother of a moment into your wings. Please, Great Bird Of Fire, keep Our Phoenix alive, and let her be the one to free us from The Master's Hand."

Slowly the fire dimmed. But, from the ashes of Sheera and flame jumped from her body into the air, it danced around and then took the shape of a bird, and it flew away. Donte gasp and said "Oh, thank you, Great Bird. Thank you." She knew her prayers had been answered at last, but more fire was to come.

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