Finally Famous

Everyone knew who she was.Madolyn Middleton.The new it girl. She was finally noticed by the world....and by other things. When she catches a washed up band member's eye what will she do?The fact that she was 19 and he was 25.But then again, age is only a number.


1. VMA'S

Madolyn's Pov

"And the VMA for the best female music video goes to.....Madolyn!" I ran up to the stage.My hair  bouncing in the curls my stylist Christina had curled for a straight two hours.Tears in my eyes I hugged Bruno Mars (the one who was giving the award) and took my moon man into my fingers.Everything came flashing back,to all my voice lessons,to all the drama classes,all the plays,and my 2 years at the Governer's school came back."Thank you guys so much for this award!" I smiled my most award winning smile and continued my speech.Not really remembering what I said..just a bunch of crap. I found my best friend Karlie in the crowd and she was smiling at me.Her eyes saying to me "you finally did it." I ran back to my seat wrapping my arms around Karlie.All I could hear was applause.

Niall's POV

"That girl was beautiful."  I heard Harry say. "I would show her a thing or two." he said smirking.

I looked over at him. "She is very beautiful." I said,meaning it. "Who is she?" I asked only to hear Harry respond "My new sextoy." That earned a laugh from Zayn and Louis. But  not from me. Finally Liam responded" Madolyn Middleton, she's just a baby but very lovely." "What do you mean she's just a baby?" I asked puzzled. "She's 19" Zayn said laughing. "Damn" I said, well you know age is only a number I thought to myself. "Why Niall,FINALLY found your princess?" Louis said smiling cheekily at me. All the boys were married except  for me and Harry.I just looked at him and smiled "I think i have." "Ask her out mate." Liam said. "You two would be a great couple." he said smiling. "Niallyn!" screamed Louis teasingly.That was it. I snapped out of my conversation when I heard Madolyn scream "Goodnight Brooklyn I love you!" and smiled at how pretty she was.Liam caught me watching her and said "She'll probably be going to the afterparty,go and ask her out." he said whispering. I nodded my head.We left the vma's and walked the red carpet,signing autographs.When we left the red carpet I took a different car,telling the boys I didn't feel well and that I was going back to the hotel.Recieving a wink form Liam I asked the driver to take me to the Ritz.A club where the afterparty was there. I checked my teeth and got my Irish Charm on.When we stopped in front of the Ritz , I climbed out.Seeing Madolyn talking to Rihanna I smiled and laughed to myself. "Man I can't wait to show her my Lucky Charms." I said to myself. Walking towards her.

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