10 reasons why I love you


1. Reason 1

The bell rang. Finally. School was out for the summer. For 3 months my mother and father would be gone and I would get the whole house, car, and credit card to myself!! I planned on doing lots of naughty and devious things. Perhaps I should introduce myself. I'm Casey. I'm 17, have brown hair, and blue eyes. I don't see myself as the most flawless girl but according to the guys, I'm pretty damn sexy. I live in California and I may be cute and angelic at home, but at school I'm known as one hawt rebel by the guys and one slutty whore by the girls. Now you know me.  Back to my summer plans. I made a list.

• throw a party

• go to a club

• spend the night with my boyfriend

My boyfriend is amazing. His name is Jason. He looks just like me and we've been dating for 4 months. Reasons I lovee him?

1. He plans on doing these with me

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