Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


7. The text message

Harry's POV

I wake up and see Anna sleeping next to me. I know that i love her and she loves me but some part of me just thinks that she is going to leave me for Zayn. He is such a dick to her, I just cant stand it. I mean i love him like a brother but he didn't have to do that to her. I gotta talk to him. I look at the clock and it says 2:37 a.m. I decide that I will talk to him in and morning. I look at Anna and she looks so peaceful. Like nothing has happened everything is okay. I watch her chest go up and down and with that i start to drift off to sleep. " I love you Anna" I say quietly and with that I fall asleep. I wake up around 9:45 and see Anna has already woken up. I get up and look around for her. DING DING goes her phone that sits on the side table. I didn't mean to go over there and look to see who it was but i just did. It was Zayn this is what it said:

    Anna plz come home i love you more than anything in this world, and i am so sorry for what i did. From DJ Malik

I don't know why I got so angry with that text but i did. "Anna i'm going out" I yell from the bathroom. " Okay but don't be long i wanna snuggle with you" she said. With that i grab a pair of shoes and my car keys and drive to Zayn's flat. I knock on his door and he opens it. " Uh hi Harry" Zayn says with a confused look on his face. " Hey can i come in?" I say " Yea sure" I walk in and sit on the couch and he sits on the other side. Neither of us say anything for a good 10 minutes then Zayn breaks the silence. " Why did you come here bro, because if you just want to yell at me i really don't want to hear it" Zayn says kinda getting angry. " No no not at all i just want to talk man" I say " Zayn i thought you loved her i mean i know i do and i cant believe you would do something like that man i never expected that from you" I say disappointingly. " I know man i really screwed up and know i dont know how to fix it" He says and starts to cry a little. We talk for about 20 minutes more and i am about to leave and go back home to Anna. "Bye Zayn" I say from the door. " Bye Hazza" Zayn says and with that i leave.

Anna's POV

I sit in front of the fire place waiting for Harry to get back. I wish that Zayn never cheated on me, I wish he wasn't such a jerk. I do like Harry a lot but me and Zayn were so perfect. I miss him i really do but i cant be with someone i don't trust. " Hey babe" Harry says walking through the door. "What took you so long?" i ask " Well i went over to talk to Zayn and we just lost track of time i guess." he says taking off his jacket and shoes. " Oh okay well do you wanna cuddle now?" I ask with a smile inching across my face. He says yes and he grabs us a blanket and comes to the couch. I look up at him and kiss him and lay me head on his chest. I know i like Harry but i am still in love with Zayn and i don't know what to do.......

Zayn'' POV

I scroll down my contacts list and pause at Anna's name. I wanna text her i really do but i don't think she will answer me. I click on her name and started to message her. I told her everything how i still love her and how cheating on her was a big mistake. I tell her how Perrie is out of my life for good and i miss her like crazy. I ended up writing her 2 big paragraphs before i hit send and watched my phone to see if she would reply. I sit on the couch wear me and Anna used to lay and start to cry. I cry for a really long time when I realize if i want Anna back i'm going to have to fight for her no matter what. I love her and always will.

Anna's POV

I look up at Harry and he is already asleep. I grabbed my phone and saw a text from Zayn. I decided to look at it. I read it, and i couldn't believe it so i read it over and over again. I needed sometime to think somewhere away from everything. Away from Harry, away from Zayn. I grabbed my shoes, my jacket, and i wrote a note to Harry saying that i was going for a walk. I walk outside and went straight for a park. I took me about 10 minutes to walk there. I sat on a swing and laid my head on the chain and started to think about everything. I was there for over 2 hours and i decided it was time to start heading back. I got to the house and by then i knew what i had to do.....

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