Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


5. The morning after

Anna's POV

I wake up around 10:30 and Harry is still asleep. I look down and see that his arm is still around my waist and I smile because this is perfect. "Good morning beautiful" Harry said in his morning raspy voice. I smile at him and say "good morning." He looks at me and just smiles. I know what he is thinking so i kiss him and say " I love you" and get up to get ready for the day. I grab my bag from the other room and go to the bathroom. I start the water to take a shower and about 20 minutes later I get out and blow dry my hair. I grab my bad and notice something that was inside. It was a note Zayn put in there when i wasn't looking this is what it said:

 Dear Anna,

I know that you don't want to hear from me or even look at me so i wrote this note explaining myself. When you walked in on me and Perrie i didn't think you were going to be home so early, i know that isnt a very good excuse but that is really what i thought. Anna i love you and i know it doesnt seem that way but i do, you just didn't give me what i wanted. So i found it somewhere else. I know we were going to get married, and i am sorry i led you on. Every since the first time i met you i fell in love with your beauty. And now i know that will never happen again i know that you hate me and never want to talk to me again. I just cant stand seeing you with Harry, its killing me. I love you Anna. And i want you to come home.

Love, Zayn 

I sat there and cried. I couldn't take him back, I wont let myself do that ever. Harry heard me crying and came running in. "Whats wrong beautiful" He said with concern. I handed him the note and he read it. " He's such a jerk" Harry said getting angry. "I know but i did love him, well do. Harry i love you so much but i just i dont know what to do right now." I tell Harry in between breaths. I know he is upset, but i also know that he wants the best for me and right now that is him. I look up at him and his eyes and red and puffy. " Please dont cry Harry i love you and im not going anywhere right now" I say with a smile inching across my face. He stops crying and hugs me. " Lets go get ready" He says and gets up and goes into the room to get changed. I know what i have to do. I need to go talk to Zayn but Harry isn't going to let me i juts know it. After we eat lunch i tell Harry that im going to met up with Niall to tell him what happen, but really i am going to met Zayn for coffee. If Harry found out where im going he might get mad at me so i drive to Zayn's place.

Zayn's POV

I hear a knock on the door so i get out of bed to get it. When i open the door i see her, Anna, her eyes were read and puffy which means she must have been crying while she was driving. I let her in and we go sit down on the couch. All i could do is watch her. I didnt think this was real, she actually came. I wonder if she would take me back, probably not though i did something i should have never done. And she is with Harry now. " Why" is all should could say. Then she started to cry. " I just wasnt getting what i wanted from you and i just i wasnt thinking" I let a tear fall and i looked at her. I want to hug her but i know that would be a bad idea so i just sat there. " Zayn i loved you, well I still love you but what you did was unforgivable i just cant take you back I am sorry" She said and started to walk to the door. I grabbed her arm and spun her around and kissed her like i have never kissed her before. I thought she was going to pull away from me but she didnt. She let me kiss her and it was the best thing in the world. After we kissed she looked up at me and started to cry again. I held her tight till she got a call. It was harry.She answer it.

Anna's POV

He raped his arms around me and kissed me. Then i got a call. I looked at my phone, Crap its Harry i walked into the other room and answered it. " Babe how are things going with you and Niall?" Harry said. I hate lying to him but I had to. "Good I will be home soon" I said He said okay and i hung up on him. I know i shouldnt be here i just cant take him back so i walked back into the living room were Zayn was and i told him i had to go. I hugged him and walked out the door. I grabbed my car keys and drove to Harry's place. 

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