Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


8. The Ma jor Breakup

Anna's POV

I begin to walk home and do what I had to do. I walk in and look for Harry, and I don't find him so I leave him another note saying that I went to go and pick my dad up from the airport. I got in the car and drove off. I pull up to the airport and see him standing there looking for my car and I get out and run up to him we hug and get his things in the car. "Dad, I've been thinking, I want to go back to Miami with you for summer and start college at University of Miami." I say to him while driving. He looks at me "Pumpkin where did this come from?" he asks "Well, you know how I was dating Zayn right?" "Yes Princess, you tell me everything on the phone" "Okay well I caught him cheating and I then started dating Harry, but Zayn keeps telling me he wants me to come home and that he loves me, but I love Harry and I don't want leave him but I love Zayn still, and I just need a break." I said "Okay honey that's fine" I said and I drive back to Harry's flat "Hey babe he said and went for a kiss on the lips but I turned my head so he kissed me cheek. "What's wrong" he questioned "Harry, I think I'm going to go home with my dad and start college there instead of here and for us its just I don't think its working too much is going on with Zayn and everything, but just to let you know I love you and always will, and I hope after college we can start over again." I said starting over again "Okay Anna, I understand, but promise me a few things, please?" he asked looking heartbroken "Yes Harry?" I said "I'm just going to step out" my father said "Promise me that you won't let any body have that pretty little heart of yours" he said "I promise" I said "Promise me that you will keep my heart" "I promise" "And promise me we will Skype every night" "I Promise" I said we shared one more long passionate kiss and a hug then I turned away with tears in my eyes and walked away "I love you Harry Edward Styles" I whispered before walking away "I LOVE YOU ANNA MARIE JOHNSON" he yelled as I walked out quietly sobbing. My father and I spent all day talking and then he went for his meeting and came back. I was watching TV and drinking my Starbucks when he walked in. "Hey guess what?" he said sounding excited "I'm the new manager of the band One Direction as of July 2017!" he said and with that I broke out crying "Princess, what's wrong?" "Dad, I just broke up with Harry Styles, a member of One Direction." I said in between my sobs he ran over to me and hugged me "I'm so sorry princess, I can quit the job if you want" he said "No dad, don't quit the job, by then I will have graduated and I promised him once I graduated we would start thing over again." "Are you sure" "Yes." I got my things ready to go back home and we get in the car and drive to the airport. We board the plane, my seat is in the first class and his is in the business class. I find my seat and sit down. I buckle up and start to check Instagram and Twitter. I see a bunch of tweet mentions from Harry about how he misses me I decide to text him "Hey babe, can I still call you that? Well I just wanted to say I'm on the plane and that these are going to be the longest 4 years of my life and I just found out that in 4 years my dad will be your new manager so I will be sharing a house and a tour bus with you guys and will be going on tours with you so yea you're the love of my life and I love you goodbye." and with that the plane took off

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