Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


9. My life at college.

Anna's POV

~2 months later~ " Here you go princess" my dad says as he is dropping the last box of clothes on my dorm room floor. I'm finally here i say to myself and smile. " Well i'm going to let you settle in" My dad says and comes over and kisses my for head. " Call me when you get home" I yell at him, while he walks out of my dorm room. I begin to set up my belongings how I wanted them to be. Then my room-mate walks in "Hi" I said cheerfully "Hey" she said giving me a small smile I turn and begin hanging up my One Direction posters on my half of the dorm when she turns and looks at the posters "You like One Direction too?!?!?!!?" she said "Uhm...Yea" I smiled "Then we should get along just fine" she smiles at me. "So what's your name?" I ask "Jessica Smith" she replies "What's yours?" She asks "Anna Love" I said she dropped what she was doing and turned and looked at me with a dropped jaw "So your the slut that was engaged to Zayn then broke up and two minutes later start to date Harry?" she asked "No, no, no that's not how it went down. Okay I was shopping with El and came home early and found Zayn in bed with Perrie so, I walked out and Harry was there to comfort me, and when I went back to get my things I was actually thinking about coming home to Zayn until I heard him and Harry talking and Harry was talking about how much Zayn screwed up and how much he hurt me and how much I had been crying over him and Zayn just sat there and acted like he didn't care so yea. There's that and a slut really Zayn was the one sleeping with his ex while he was engaged to me THATS RIGHT ME NOT PERRIE BUT ME!. And lastly me and Harry waited for at least 2 weeks before we started dating, yea we went out for coffee and crap, but that was as friends, so before you go and spit all these hateful words make sure you know the full story. Its because of hateful bitches like you people kill themselves everyday." After that I walked to the administrative and asked for a dorm change and they gave me an empty one because they had like a million of them. I went back and repacked all the stuff I unpacked lucky it was just a little bit of clothes and walked out and walked to my new room which was in the co-ed building. I didn't have to share closets or room or wall space. Best of all nobody would interrupt mine and Harry's Skypes :3. I miss him so much well we have a week to get used to everything and unpack and stuff before classes start which means I can decorate. These will be the best 4 years ever. I was walking to the bathroom when I walked into a guy because I wasn't paying attention his body was so strong it knocked me onto my bum, lucky we were the only ones in the hallway so nobody saw me run into him. He bent down "Are you okay love?" he asked offering me a hand to help me up "Thanks" I smiled and began to blush, he was kinda cute I have to admit, but I can't do or say anything because I promised Haz "I am Zach" he smiled "I'm Anna" I said giving him a small smile "What dorm are you in?" he asked "411" I replied "Oh that's cool I'm in 410" he said "Cool maybe we can hang out later" I smiled "Yea I will knock" "Okay" "See you then, Anna" "See you then" I smiled and continued on to the bathroom, I still had to pee, but now it was really bad. I walked in and saw Jessica with her friend and she just shot me a glare as I walked into the stall and then I heard whispering, they were talking about me. I finished and walked out of the stall and went to wash my hand and took extra long just to annoy her, I checked my hair, makeup and put on lip gloss, then washed my hands I waited for the water to get warm. Finally  she sighed angry-ish and stomped out. I just wanted to annoy her. I walked back to my dorm and started to unpack first I tackled my clothes so if Zach decided to come my underwear and bras wouldn't be all like BAM!! Out in the open for him to see. As I finish he knocks on my door.

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