Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


11. Mall Time

We begin to walk to the mall. I feel Zach's hand brush mine a few times. 

I can't do this, I have Harry. I promised him I wouldn't let anyone have my heart so I can't. 

I feel him try to grab my hand, but I pull away as soon as I can. I glance over and see him with his head down. I can see him get a bit pink in the cheeks as soon as I reject him. 

"So why did you want to go to the mall?" he asks breaking our silence.

"I wanted a few new pairs of shoes and some new clothes." I answer.

"Oh, okay" he says lifting his head up

"And I figured you would want to come, bu mainly I needed someone to tell me if it looked good or bad." I say being completely honest. 

"I see" he says 

By the time he finishes his sentence we are arriving at the mall. As we walk in I feel a cool breeze of the air conditioning on my face.

The first store I drag him into is Victoria's Secret. I need new panties. 

I pick out a bunch, around 20 or 30 pairs and go to the check out.

"This place is friggin expensive, how are you going to pay for this?" Zach asks

"Uhm. I don't tell this to much people but my dad is a music producer and has quite a bunch of money...borderline millionaire. But I don't like to say much about it because I don't want people to think I'm stick up or conceded." I reply

"Oh. Cool"   He says 

"Yea please don't tell anybody" I say handing the cashier my debit card.

"I won't, I promise" he says 

"Okay" I say grabbing my bag from the counter, and we walk out.

I drag him into a bunch of stores and buy a bunch of new clothes.

The last store we go into is Bath and Body Works. 

I buy a bunch of new perfumes, lotions, shower gels,some fancy lotions, a lot of candles, a lot of hand sanitizers, and a bunch of home smelly stuff. 

Along the way to the check out I stopped by the men's section and picked out a full set of a smell.

"Who's this for?" he asks

"My dad" I say. 

I have him smell it to see if he would use it and he said he loved it. That was good because it's not really for my dad. It's to say thank you for doing this today with me, for him.

The lady rings us up. You don't even want to know my total. The lady checks my card and sees my name on it

"You're Anna Johnson" he says "Kyle Johnson's daughter. Can I have your autograph?" she asks. 

I'm not really used to this, she is the first person to ask for my autograph. Ever. 

I sign a piece of paper as she hands my card back and me and Zach take the four huge bags off the counter. 

We put them in the second overflowing cart we had. 

That's how much we shopped. There was a huge sale in the mall and almost every store had massive sales

I got a whole new wardrobe, tons of shoes, a lot of makeup, decorations for my dorm, a bunch of stuff from Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop, and a lot of jewelry and accessories type things.

"Do you want to stay here while I run and get my car?" He asks 

"That sounds fantastic" I say 

"Okay lemme sprint back to the dorms and grab it. Be right back" he says 

"Okay be safe" I say sitting down on the bench. I pull out my phone and decide o text Harry 

"Hey babes." I send and look up to see Zach pull up in his Range Rover. I slip my phone into my purse and help him put the bags in the trunk.

I climb in and pull my phone out and see a text from Harry "Hey cutie sorry I wasn't able to answer your skype call this morning, I was in recording" I read 

"It's okay, I've been at the mall all day with Zach shoppin" I reply

As I slip my phone into my bag we pull up to the dorms "You ready for this?" he asks

"Lets do dis" I say trying to sound tough. 

Luckily it was a Saturday and everyone was out so they wouldn't see all these bags.

We both pile our arms with bags and head upstairs. 

I almost fall causing both of us to break into laughter. I unlock my door and we throw the bags onto the bed and run downstairs to grab the last of it. 

It was the huge Claire's bags 

I go to grab them and he swats my hand away. "Just go park this next to your car" he commands 

"Are you sure?" I question 

"Yes" he says and closes the trunk 

I climb into the driver's seat and go park the car. 

I get out and climb the 4 flights of stairs it takes to get to my dorm. I open the door and walk into Zach sitting in the desk chair in shock of how many bags there really are 

"You think this is bad, just wait until Black Friday" I say and obviously startle him

"Goodness" he says 

"Now do you want to stay and help me put it all away?" I ask 

"Sure, I have nothing else to do" he says 

I get under my bed and grab my extra hangers tote. There must be 500 hangers in there, you can never have too many hangers.

We finish every thing except the body stuff. We pull out the Body Shop bags and unpack them. That stuff fills up all the top of my dresser. 

Now onto the mother load.

Bath and Body Works. 

That takes up every shelf on my wall. 

I pull out the stuff for Zach and hold it low and ask if there is a screwdriver in his room and he says there's one in his desk and that I could go get it 

I go into his room and find an index card and a sharpie and write a note that says


Thanks for everything today (:

-Anna" and tape it to the wrapping Bath and Body Works did for me. 

I open the desk drawer and pull out the screwdriver

I walk back to my room 

"Took you long enough" he says 

"It's a mess in there and I couldn't findit. Great now I forget what I needed it for." I say

"Well now that we"re done I'm going to watch a movie" he says 

"Okay see ya later" I say walking him to the door 

I close the door and a few minutes later I hear a knock on the door and it's Zach again.

"Why?" he asks

"You helped me today and I needed to say thanks" I said 

"Well you didn't have to" He says walking twords me by the time he finishes his sentence our faces are centimeters apart 

I have a feeling  know what he is going to do next.






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