Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


6. I Love Harry Too Much

Anna's POV

I drive home to Harry's house and I meet him at the door "You weren't really at Niall's" he said to me looking angry "No, I'm sorry I went to Zayn's house and explained to him how I could never take him back and what he did was unforgiveable. I'm so sorry babe I didn't want you to get mad at me, I'm so sorry" by then I began to sob he hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed into his chest. "Babe, I understand, but you didn't have to lie to me, if you told me why I wouldn't have been mad, I'm not mad." He said to me while embracing me in a tight hug. "Are you sure?" I ask making sure he was not mad at me for going over to Zayn's "Yes, love I promise" he says "Okay good, I would hate for you to be mad at me." I say. He doesn't say anything he just brings his lips to mine and we stay like that for at least 2 minutes, our lips moving in perfect sync. I then realized why I love that boy so much. "Hey babe, Lets go inside" he says "Its kinda cold out here" he added on to his sentence. We walked up to his flat. He opened the door and we walked in he locked the door behind him. "Lets play a game" I say "How about confession?" he asks "What's confession?" I question "Well its where we take turns confessing thing to each other" he explains to me the concept of the game "Okay you go first I say" "Uhm..... I don't really talk to my family a lot after I left for the X-Factor they kinda just shut me out and I just went along with it." He replied. What he said brought tears to my eyes "Okay your turn" he says "Uhm..The other day when I went to grab my things from Zayn's house I heard you two yelling at each other, and that is when I suspected you liking me" I said "Okay. You are my first real 'girlfriend', people think I'm the womanizing ladies man, but really I'm not. That's really Zayn, you've experienced him." he said "Well, when I was at Zayn's house today he tried so hard to get me back that he went to the point of kissing me, I obviously didn't kiss back" I sais lying about that part when I said I didn't kiss him back. "That dick" I heard harry mumble under his breath "Your turn" I said "I may act like I like Robin but I really cant stand him" he says "your turn" he smiles "I feel like I'm driving a wedge in between the band, I feel as I will be the reason you break up." I said "excuse me" I said running into my room and closed and locked my door. Harry ran after me "Anna let me in" he said pounding on the door I couldn't let him in and told him to just wait for a little. I began to cry, I had become very emotional since I began with One Direction, I was always a strong girl. I decided to call my dad, he was a music producer and he always cheered me up I dialed his number into my phone and put it up to my ear "Hello Princess" my dad answered "Hi Daddy" I smiled "What's up in your life, how's the new job?" I ask "Its just fine, I'm flying to London tomorrow to see a band and possibly become their new manager and I was hoping I would be able to see you while I was there" he said "Of course" I said and smiled into the phone "Okay Pumpkin well I have to go I will see you soon, I love you" He said "I love you too daddy" and I hit the end button. When I turned 17 I moved from Miami to London, it had just always been my dream and there I met El and she became my best friend. About 2 months ago she introduced me to her one of her boyfriends best friends and we started dating and Zayn and I were the picture couple until just recently. My dad was an only parent since I was about 5 when my mom committed suicide. He was just recently given a job as a record person like he signed record deals. I was sitting checking my twitter when I got a Skype from Niall. There was no doubt these boys were my best friends. "Hey Gorgeous"  He said when I answered his request "Hey smexy" I replied. We joked around like that all the time "So whatcha doin?" he asked "Just chillin in my own room, checkin twitter and crap like that what about you" "Just getting ready for a conference tomorrow." "Oh well then Harry should be in bed and so should you!" I said acting like a mother. "Okay MOM" he said emphasizing on the word mom I just chuckled. He then said "Okay with that I'm going to bed wuv you" "Okay I lub you!" I said I closed my laptop screen and went to check on Harry. I walked to my door and opened it I found a sleeping Harry in the doorway. I dragged him into my room and layed him on my floor and got a pillow and placed it under his head and covered him with a blanket I changed into my sweatpants, went a turned off the lights and the I heard "You know its not a big deal if we sleep in the same bed" Harry had said that in a raspy morning voice so I know that in the process of making him a bed on the floor he had woken up "So if you want to crawl into my bed" I say. I see a shape rise from the floor, take off its shirt and climb into my bed. I walk over to my bed and get under my blankets at first we are facing opposite ways the I feel him roll over and snake his arm around my waist. I then roll over so we are facing each other I nuzzle my head in his bare neck and rest my hand on his chest I feel him kiss my forehead and with that we both fell asleep.


(A/N!! hey guys are you team zanna? or team Hanna? comment. I personally am team Hanna but yes do you guys like?)

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