Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


12. I can't do this

**A/N OMG i'm so sorry guys my computer got all fucked up and I wasn't able to use it for about 3 months and then when I finally got it fixed I got super busy with all these tests and doing things for school. Sorry I'll be so much more active now!!**


You all guessed it, Zach? Yeah he kissed me. I started to kiss back, then things got intense.

He began to push me backward all the way to my bed, I lied down, then he took off my shirt, I  began to unbutton his flannel and threw it on the ground I began to run my hands down his abs, he was hoovering on top of me and and began to massage my boobs and then he began to run his hands down my abdomen to the waistband of my shorts, he began to fumble with the button, that's when Harry popped into my mind and made me want to stop 

"Stop, stop I can't do this, I'm sorry"

"I'm so sorry Anna, I don't know what got into me"

"It's fine, it's totally fine" 

"Okay, so I should, uhm get going then"

"K, Uhm see you later then"

"K later" 

After that I heard my laptop buzzing, so I threw my shirt back on and ran over to answer it.

"Hey there cutie patootie" I smiled at Harry 

"Hey there love of my life" 

"Whatcha been doing"

"Nothin much, just at the studio, how about you" 

"Just got done shopping, Hey, you know I can see you're in the car right?" 

"Yeah, I'm going to have to go okay?"

"Okay" I said pouting out my lower lip 

"I love you pumpkin" Ahh my nickname, I get butterflies whenever he calls me pumpkin

"Love you too" 

I close my laptop and lay on my bed, I pull out my phone and check Instaram when I hear a knock at the door.

I jump up and go answer it totally expecting Zach I hang my head down

"Come on in, wanna watch a movie?"

"Sure" someone answers, that wasn't Zach

I look up and see Harry standing there with the biggest grin on his face 


I run over and jump into his open arms, he picks me up and spun me around. After he put me down our lips met in a passionate, rather sexual kiss.

After that things escalated quickly, before I knew it, we were both shirtless and he was hovering over me and both of us are shirtless.

Things are getting heated between us 

He moves his hand down to my shorts and unbuttons them, and pulls them down to my feet, I kick them off, and I start to fumble with his belt. 

I finally get it undone and pull down his pants, I see his bulge through his boxers.

I start to palm him through his boxers, I see his facial expressions change from a smirk while looking at me to a face of complete pleasure.

After I finished that he looked at me with kind of an evil grin on his face, oh that grin I had only ever seen once before. 

He moved his way down the bed to the point where his head was between my legs.

He moved my pink thing out of the way and began to tease me by entering with only a single finger.

"Ugh Harry, babe, stop teasing me" 

"Okay, but only because you said so" he said after that he started to thrust into me with two fingers and then attached his mouth to my clit. 

Flicking and moving it around whilst still moving in and out with his fingers

"Holy shit Harry"

"God Harry"

"That's it Anna, scream my name"

"Babe, I'm close"

"Hold it" Harry said while moving to his pants to get his wallet to get a condom. 

He slid it on while I was laying on the bed shaking.

"Okay, you ready"

"Do it, Styles" 

He thrusted into me with long, hard movements 

"Fuck Harry"

"Anna, you don't know how long I've waited to do this again" 

His thrusts became sloppy 

"Fuck Anna" 

"Harry, I-I-I'm gonna c-cum"

"Let go on three" he said 




After he said that we both released.

Then the door opened


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