Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


3. Hospital Visit

Anna's POV

"GUYS!!! COME QUICK!! ZAYN HAS HURT HIMSELF!!!!!" I screamed for the boys and they all rushed in. I grabbed Zayn's phone from the couch and called 911. "Hello this is 911. Please state your emergency." "Hello my boyfriend has seemed to have fallen and hurt himself, he is in a pool of blood and is unconscious." "Okay ma'am what is your address?" "473 Cheshire Court, Apartment 125, Floor 11" "Okay the ambulance is on its way and should be arriving shortly." "Okay thank you ma'am" and with that I hung up and heard a knock on the door I went to answer it and the paramedics came in and lifted Zayn's motionless body onto and stretcher and took him outside and on to the ambulance. By then the building was surrounded by paparazzi and screaming or crying fans. I climbed on to the ambulance and held his hand the whole way there. Once we arrived the paramedics took him into a room. There they administered blood, Hooked him up to a lot of machines and put stiches in his head where there was a gaping wound. After all that he regained consciousness. "Zayn what happened?" the doctor asked "Uhm....I was walking over to the kitchen to help Anna with dinner and there was a wet spot on the floor and I slipped, hit my head on the corner of the coffee table and then I blacked out" He said "Okay so this was accidental?" the doctor asked "Yes of course, why you ask that. There is no reason for it to be purposeful" Zayn questioned "Well sir it seems that there has been a series of break-ins in your area and we have been asked to check with anybody in the area if anything has been stolen" the doctor replied "No I just him my head on the table" Zayn reassured him. "Beside those break-ins have been like 25 miles south of us anyways" Harry adds "Yea exactly" I say. The doctor then gives Zayn a prescription for some pain meds, then lets him leave. I have to drive him home because he may feel some intense pain  in his head which may make his vision blurry. We get to the flat and I thank them for the help and give them all hugs and  invite them in for dinner. Zayn decides to pass, take a few Advil and go to bed. I grab the phone and order some pizza. The rest of the guys sit down on the couch and I eventually join them, sitting between Harry and Niall. It is awkward because when Zayn and I first me both of them had a major crush on me, Niall ended up kissing me. He branched off a little, I mean we are still friends but not as close as we used to be. On the other hand Harry is my best friend. We have been really close friends ever since my friend Eleanor introduced me to Zayn. He is always there to comfort me when Zayn and I get into fights and I would have to say that if Zayn and I ever break up I would go straight to him, he is not bad looking. Okay this sounds really bad, I'm engaged. I hear a knock on the door and Harry gets up to answer it, I grab my wallet and pay for the pizza before he can be nice enough and do it, that's another thing I love him, he is kind and generous. I hand the delivery man the 2  twenties and harry just glares at me playfully. I take the pizzas and set them on the table. All of us dig in and after we finish, all the boys leave except Harry he stays and we watch a movie. After that ends he goes back to his own flat. I go back into the bedroom and start to play on Zayn's phone and he gets a text, Its a text from his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards. I open it and I read what she sent "Zaynie, when will I get to see you again? I miss you :(" I think about it for a while and I just don't understand why. I put his phone back and fall asleep. He snakes his arm around my stomach and I just cant wait until tomorrow morning when El and I are going shopping, that will get my mind off of this. I just go to sleep.


I get up at 9:30 and get ready to leave at 10:00. I get in the car and drive to El and Louis' apartment ad I knock on the door and Lou answered it "Ew what do you want?" he asked playfully. "Your girlfriend" I said with a smile the El comes to the door with her bag. She kisses Louis and closes the door. We walk to my car and get in. I drive to the mall. First we go to Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal. After that we eat at the food court. There I told her what I read last night and she thinks I should dump him but I don't really know. After lunch we finish going to our favorite stores in the mall. We then get back in the car and take off back home I drop her off at her apartment and before she gets out she says "Good luck" and hugs me. I drive back to my flat and I open the door and hear loud moans coming from the bedroom I begin to take off my ring. I walk back to the bedroom and open the door. In the bed I find Perrie on top of Zayn and they are having sex "ARE YOU FU**ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!" I scream "Anna I can explain" he says "No Zayn, I suspected right you can keep this" I yelled and threw the ring at him "I f***ing hate you!" I yelled and ran out the door. He tried to keep me by pulling my arm and turning me around " Anna, you don't want to do this" he says "I will be back to pick up things later" I said looking him in the eyes holding back the tears. I turn away and run out of the building, get in my car and head straight for Harry's flat.

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