Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


4. Harry

Anna's POV

I get in the car and drive to Harry's place there is not traffic, so I go really fast. I arrive within a few minutes. I go up to his apartment and knock on the door. He answers it and sees my sobs, he holds his arms open and I run into them. I can feel myself holding back the tears as much as I could but when he asks "What did he do this time?" I just break out in sobs I cry into his chest and he pulls me inside his house and we sit on the couch and I explain every thing, from the texts last night and what I walked into this morning, and how I threw the ring at him. He just says "Well if you need a place to stay for now, I have an extra bedroom." "Thank you Harry." I say "But all my stuff, its still at Zayn's" I say "We will go back and get it later." he says "For now how about a scary movie?" "Orphan?" "Great" I go grab a blanket out of the closet and he puts the movie we climb onto the couch. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I lean my head on his chest. This feels right, nothing like how Zayn ever made me feel. He will be happy with Perrie, obviously I didn't give him what he wanted and he still loves her. About half-way through the movie I can feel myself drift off to sleep.

Harry's POV

I'm cuddling with Anna and watching a scary movie when I can feel her stop moving, she is falling asleep. I cover her up and stop the movie. I put on some music with my phone and just lay there with her. I think I'm falling in love with her. She probably doesn't like me back, she just thinks this is friendly cuddles, but I want her to be mine, to love and to hold, and to never cheat on with like that dirty skunk bag Zayn. She wakes up at about 4:30 and she looks around, I'm in the kitchen making tea for us when she walks in I give her a supportive hug. "We should go get your stuff, love" I say after she pulls away from our hug "Okay let me grab my shoes" she says and then we leave. We get in my car because it's bigger. We drive to Zayn's and Perrie is just leaving. Anna walks in without even saying a word, goes straight to her room and grabs all her belongings. I glare at Zayn "Really man?" I ask "What she wouldn't have sex yet and I needed it." he says and looks at me like it was no big deal, he shrugs his shoulders. "Zayn, you seriously hurt her and now you're acting like it's no big deal, I'm beginning to think you never loved her at all." "Look Harry, don't tell me who I loved and who I didn't" he replied starting to shout. "Obviously you didn't or you wouldn't go and fuck your ex!!!!" I screamed

Anna's POV

I hear screaming coming from the doorway as I finish packing I grab all the bags and creep around the corner and see Zayn and Harry fighting "Look Harry, don't tell me who I loved and who I didn't" Zayn says starting to get louder "Obviously you didn't or you wouldn't go and fuck your ex!!!!" I heard Harry scream and turn to start to walk towards the bedroom I grab my bags and come from around the corner before he can get there "Got everything?" he asks "Yea hold on" I walk over to mine and Zayn's picture on the corkboard, I take it off and rip it in half, I drop it on the floor and walk out. I put my bags in Harry's trunk and get in the passenger seat. He comes out a minute later, and gets in we take off and I can feel the tears start from falling. I can also feel him glancing at me every now and then. We get to his flat and he helps me out and immediately pulls me in for a hug I can feel the tear begin to flow out of my eyes. He helps me get my stuff out of the car and get it into the guest bedroom. He looks at me and asks "You wanna go out for dinner?" he asks "Yea but nowhere fancy please" I see "Burger King?" he asks "Sure" we climb in the car and go to the Burger King next to his building, we just go through the drive through and take it home. We eat, I help clean up "I think I'm going to bed" I say "Okay, I think I'm going to go down as well" he says we go down the hall to our bedrooms. I stop at mine and I turn around to tell him goodnight and he is in front of me. He leans in closer and closer and eventually our faces are centimeters apart. I close the gap and plant a kiss on his lips, he grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him and I put my arms around his neck. I pull away and he puts his forehead on mine. "Anna, I love you" he says "Harry, I have for a long time now" I reply "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks "Of course" I say, he pecks me on the cheek and walks into his room, I walk into mine. An hour goes by and I just cant seem to fall asleep. I walk out and see a light shining from under Harry's door and I hear him talking but his phone is on the coffee table. I knock on the door "Come in" he says "Hey babe" he says when he sees me. "Hey, I cant sleep" I say "Well come be on this twitcam with me" he says "Okay" I say and climb onto the bed with him. "Introduce  yourself" "Hi I'm Anna, and I'm 18" I say while waving "Oh your forgot something" he says "What?" I question "The fact that you are my beautiful girlfriend" he says and kisses me on the cheek "Oh that" I say smiling Harry reads a comments "But I thought you were dating Zayn from Sydney567582" He reads aloud "Well see guys, he cheated on me with his ex and I walked in and found him on top of her soooo." We finish the twitcam and fall asleep in each others arms like earlier

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