Zayn And Anna

Zayn and Anna's many adventures


1. Dinner Date

Anna's POV

"hey gorgeous" my long time boyfriend said walking up to me from the stage. Sweat droplets falling from his quiff. "hey" I replied smiling. He looked at me with his big brown eyes and smiles at me with his perfectly white teeth. "Lets go back to my place" he said smiling. "That's fine with me I replied with a smile. He wrapped his arm around me signaling that I was his. We walked out to the car  just like that. Once we got to the car he opened my door like the gentleman he is. I buckled up and watched him walk around the car and get in. He started the car and began to drive. He put his hand on my knee and was like that the whole ride home. He drove a little bit over the speed limit, but who doesn't? Once we arrived at the building he put me on his back and he carried me all the way to the 11th floor to his flat. I don't see why the staff put him all the way up here the only other person in the building is Niall. We go to the door and he put me down so he could unlock the door once he pushed open the door he picked me up and flung ,e on the couch. He climbed on top of me and began tickling me. "ZAYN!!! STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" I laughed "No, not until you admit I'm the sexiest person alive" he smiled "Fine you're the sexiest MAN alive" I smiled at him "That's not what I said." he looked at me, and continued to tickle me. I laughed so hard my side hurt. Right in the middle of him tickling me his phone rang. He got up to answer it. It was Simon, he had to go to the studio or something. I mean I love him but with him always having to leave for the studio or go on tour, I have to admit its hard. I'm always thinking he's going to leave one day and not come back, or that when he goes on tour he will find someone better or just flat out cheat on me. I know he would never do that but the thought is always there. "Hey love, I have to go to the studio to sign a paper for Simon I will be back in less than 30. While I'm gone I want you to get dressed in a nice dress and get ready to go somewhere fancy, cause when I get back I'm taking you out to dinner" he told me, kissed me on the cheek and left. I get on my favorite red dress and curl my hair.(what she looks like below)    


When I'm done I sit on the couch and wait.

Zayn's POV

Man I was hoping to have a nice night alone with Anna and then Simon comes and ruins it. I get to the studio and Simon only has me sign a stupid paper that lets him use my image on a video...really? He had to ruin that moment for me? Uggh I feel like I'm losing Anna. I feel as when I leave all the time she is seeing someone else while I'm gone, or she will find a guy that can be with her all the time unlike me. I know she loves me and I love her as well but it is really hard trying to have a healthy relationship with anybody with this type of job. I get back in the car and start driving home I kinda go a lot over the speed limit, I have the whole night planned out in my head. I just cant wait for it to begin. I get back to the flat and see her. "Wow" is all I can get out of my mouth. She looks beautiful and I can't wait to show her off to the world. I kiss her on the cheek and go to the bedroom to get ready I put on a t-shirt and a blazer, jeans and I put my hair into a quiff. I come out and hold out my hand, she grabs it and grabs her little red bag and we walk out to my red Range Rover. I open her door for her and climbs in. I run around and get in. I take off to the restaurant. I usually only drive with one hand and just put it either on the gear shifter or on her knee. This time I went to put it on her knee and she takes ahold of it and intertwines hers with it and we hold each others hands the whole way there. I pull up to the eatery and get out she goes to open her door but I get there faster and I help her out and then the paps mob us and we just walk in "Malik reservations for 2" I say to the hostess. "Woah you made reservations for us?" she asked "Yes love, you have to here" I replied with a smile. The hostess seats us and says "Your waitress will be here shortly" quietly with a huge smile. I make Anna look away with a distraction and drop an engagement ring in her ice water so when she finishes it she will see the ring and hopefully will agree to marry me.

Anna's POV

Zayn brought me to this nice dinner for no reason and is reminding me of why I love him so much. He told me that there was a person staring at me behind me so I turn and make eye contact with them. I smile and wave. When I turn back Zayn smiles at me, I smile back and take a sip of my water. The waitress comes and takes our order, after we order I take the last sip of my water and find something hard in my mouth so I pull it out. I find a sparkling diamond ring I look at Zayn and he has this huge smile on his face which brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. "Anna, will you marry me?" he looks at me and is still smiling. "Yes, Zayn, I will I let the happy tears pour out of my eyes. He walks around the table and hugs me and I pull him in for a kiss. I feel the eyes and the cameras on us. We then eat and leave. I have the best boyfriend, correction fiancé ever.

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