Bradford Bad Girl ➳ Z.M.

She was your typical bad girl and he was your typical bad boy but hate complete hatred for each other. There families never got along they always go back and forth with wars. But one night when there forced at each other the hate fades and love gets in the way. But what will there families think? *Zayn Malik fanfiction*


5. Passing out.

Chapter 4

Zoey's P.O.V.

I woke up with his arms around me and someone pounding on my door.

"Zoey Ann get up right now we've got places to be!" My mother shouted.

"Im up! Im up okay!" I listened to her heel click as she walked down the stairs. I shook Zayn awake.

"Get up we passed out! You have to get out of the house before anyone sees you!" I whisper. 

By now he was on his feet putting his jacket and shoes on. I unlocked my balcony door dragging him by his wrist to the doors.

"When can I see you again?" He questioned.

"Umm well tonights the masquerade ball and both are families are attending so will meet somewhere private okay?" I breath.

"Sounds great beautiful." He smiled as I blushed. I was about to close the door before he popped back in.

"One more thing." He smashed his face into mine and I felt my heart flutter high.

Without another word he was out and jumping of the balcony jumping the fence then running to his car. I quickly got dressed and walked down the stairs.

"Are you ready to get pampered my darling?" My mother asked.

I shook my head as we headed out to her stylist. My family is big in this secret club so were the Malik's. It was so secret I din't even know what they did yet I was always at the parties for it. I couldn't keep my mind off last night because I broke one of my families biggest rules which was not to interact with the enemy. But I also broke one of my own rules to not fall in love and I think I'm falling hard.


(A/N) sorry for short update just trying to give you guys a little something since it's been so long. I'm going to try to update more often.

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