Bradford Bad Girl ➳ Z.M.

She was your typical bad girl and he was your typical bad boy but hate complete hatred for each other. There families never got along they always go back and forth with wars. But one night when there forced at each other the hate fades and love gets in the way. But what will there families think? *Zayn Malik fanfiction*


3. New games.

Chapter 2

Zoey's P.O.V.

I woke up around seven and started getting ready since the party was at nine. It took me up almost up the whole time till I had to leave to get ready since I was unsure of what to wear and stuff. But finally I decided on this. .

I looked in my body mirror and felt satisfied. I heard my phone buzzing on my bed. To see a message from my best friend, Louis Tomlinson. 

"Outside in the car!" He said.

I grabbed my purse and rushed down the stairs saying goodbye to my parents and siblings. I walked out to see Louis waiting. I hurriedly got in getting excited for the party.

*skip car ride*

We pulled up to Liam's huge home. I jumped out of the car leaving my purse in the car since I figured I didn't need it. We walked in as the music poured out I looked to the right to see a DJ and people dancing in front of the speakers. I looked to my left to see people playing some truth or dare that should be interesting I'll have to go there in a bit. I took off to the kitchen grabbing a beer and chugging it down. I grabbed a bottle of vodka taking to huge swigs. I was buzzed and I wanted to dance. I grabbed Louis and started grinding with him. Letting the music consume me. 

"I'm going to get a drink!" I shouted over the loud music. I walked my way into the kitchen grabbing one more beer drinking it down. 

"Hey Zoey!" I heard someone screech behind me. I turned around to see my friend Jessica.

"Hey girly!" I giggled.

"Come on were getting ready to play a new kind of game!" She smiled. 

I followed her and sat down on the couch waiting for everybody to come in that wanted to play. Liam walked in I'm assuming to explain the instructions of this so called new game.

"Okay guys this is how to play! Girls are gonna sit on the right side of the room and guys on the left side. Everybody will be blind folded except one boy and on girl they will be choosing which two people go into the closet together. Except they wont know who they're picking because the lights will be shut off. Now if you're the one picked to be in the closet you can not talk, take of your blind fold etc. Only thing you can do is kiss. Almost like seven minutes of heaven and when the times up you can see who it is you got! Seems stupid but let's try it out!" He smiled. 

"Alexis you can pick out the first girl and I'll do the guy!" He said handing everyone a blind fold.

This game should be interesting I thought to myself. The lights went out and I tied my blind fold on tight waiting for it to begin.

"Alright were starting!" I heard Liam's voice. 

I waited awhile till I felt someone touch my hand dragging from my seat. I guess I got picked. I was let into the closet. I smelt the guys cologne already and he smelled extremely good. I placed my hands as he placed his on my hips. I felt his hot breath coming closer and closer to my breath. I felt his warm lips connect with mine and they moved in sync. Butterflies swarmed my stomach which never really happen I just felt something special. His tongue slipped across my lips asking for entrance which I granted. The kiss keeping getting deeper and deeper till we heard Liam's voice. 

"Okay you guys can take your blind folds of and turn on the light." He laughed.

We did as he said. I turned the light on and turned to see Zayn Malik standing in front of me. His eyes grew big starring at me. I felt my heart fall to my stomach. I hurriedly ran out of the closet. Thank god the lights were still off in the room. I ran out the front to Louis's car grabbing my purse and started my ten minute home. I couldn't believe I just made out without Zayn I hate him. But now I think I like him. I've never kissed someone like that and got those feelings. Well it doesn't matter anyway our families would never let us be together. Besides he's probably disgusted. 

I was finally home I walked inside everybody was asleep thank goodness. I walked slowly up stairs to my room. I jumped on my bed thinking about tonight. How am I ever suppose to face him again? I sat there and thought till I heard a knock on my balcony door. I slowly got up lifting the curtains to see him standing there.

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