Bradford Bad Girl ➳ Z.M.

She was your typical bad girl and he was your typical bad boy but hate complete hatred for each other. There families never got along they always go back and forth with wars. But one night when there forced at each other the hate fades and love gets in the way. But what will there families think? *Zayn Malik fanfiction*


6. Again

Chapter 5

Zoey's P.O.V.

“Take a quick shower.”The stylist demanded as she handed me a towel and under garments.As soon as I finished, I slid the dress on and added finishing touches.

“This dress better look good on me, I wasted hundreds of dollars on it.” I whispered to myself.

 “I’m done!”I yelled as the stylist walked in.

”Oh My god, beauty all around!Let me do your makeup!”She exclaimed.

I nodded and she kept adding coat after coat of lipstick.By the time she was done my face stung.

"I’m gonna show mom.”I answered getting on my feet and realizing my heels, I needed heels.

"Um, may I get my heels?”I asked the stylist as she ran through the room and grabbed black Gucci heels.I raised my black dress higher. As soon as I walked out my mom’s face exploded with tears.

“Honey, you look gorgeous!” She yelled making 1 person turn.I smiled and turned to look at myself in the mirror. My dress sparkled and my makeup looked perfect.

“Mom, I!”I exclaimed.She nodded and set pulled my dress lower.

“You got to look good honey.”She exclaimed.

I nodded and took a deep breathe, I was going to be confident.

“I am going to tell the stylist about my hair.”I told my mom as I turned and walked through a long hallway. I felt a hard body slam into me,.

“Oh, hey Zayn.”I exclaimed looking down at my shoes.

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