Bleeding Love

Ben has always had a crush on Axel-and Axel likes him back...Can they keep their love a secret? And face any problems with out letting Puff and Deejay know?


1. Proulouge

A/N: This is my story i wrote for my best friend. It's based on Ray William Johnson's YourFavoriteMartian band. I love them, and so did my best friend. I'm not that much of a fan of this ship-but i do like writting it. So, this is just a small bit of it...and...well that's all. XD I don';t know how often I'll post ...but, I'll put my deviantart up on my profile so you can read ahead if you want :3


Prologue: "Ugghhhh...I'm sooo boredd...."Puff said, as he sat down at the table. It was the middle of the day and we had nothing to do. Puff got this strange grin on his face. 

"Oh I know!" he smiled. "Let's play Truth Or Dare!" Deejay and Axel looked at Puff and both raised an eyebrow. I didn't quite remember what this game was.

"Dude, that's only fun if there are chicks." Axel said, rolling his eyes.

"Puff, man, you should know that!" Deejay said flopping on to the couch next to me. Puff sighed-impaintently.

"Guys, we have Ben, that's close enough." He said, I look down at my wrists, rubbing them slightly. "Now, I'm gonna get a drink. When I come back we all should be ready to play!" Axel follows him to get a beer too. Deejay looks at me and with a slight chuckle shakes his head.

"Ben, you like Axel don't you?" He said, My eyes widen, and I feel my face get warm.

"N-no, w-why would y-you say t-that?" I stutter, he chuckles again.

"How about this, when It's my turn I'll dare you to kiss him-just on the cheek ok?" I nod in agreement as the other two come in and sit down. So we start, Puff daring or asking questions to some one and so on. Soon It was finally Deejay's turn. We were about halfway into the game.

"Truth or Dare Ben?" he winked at me. I was still a little confused on the game but I understood most everything-except the chicken thing.

"Uh, Dare...?" I said. he grinned and clapped his hands together.

"Finnaly, time to spice it up a bit... Benatar, you have to give Axel a kiss."

"Nothing to big, just small peck on the cheek but something." Deejay says, my jaw drops. I know Puff said he was the closest thing to a girl here, but the hell?! Benatar comes over, Deejay and Puff are trying not to freak out. I start to move away, and Benatar knowing that he has to do this, puts his hand on the other side of my face-barely but enough that I can't move really. My jaw opens a bit, and Benatar leans down and gently kisses the side of my face. I feel all the blood leave my heart and rush into my face, and I wish Deejay had dared him to kiss my lips instead.

It was about a week after Truth and Dare, I had thanked Deejay for that wonderful dare. I was just in mine and Axel's room, when Axel came in. He closed the door, and sighed, throwing his drumsticks on his bed. He sat on the edge of it and looked at me.

"Ben?" he asked laying down, his legs off the bed. "What do you think of that so-called funny dare of Deejay's?" he asks me. I gulp, and I can tell I'm blushing.

"Well, It sure wasn't funny..." I say, picking my words carefully. He gets up and comes closer.

"And what do you think of me?" He asks, I look at him and then start to think.

"Well, you're Axel...Drummer, you are brave, strong, funny, nice...but sometimes mean....ummm....uh..."I stutter, I can feel my heart pounding. "You're not bad looking...."

"Are you calling me handsome?" He asks, grinning, I nod. And he comes even closer. "Well, you're Ben. Guitarist and singer, shy, scared, weak, nice, extremly nice, careful....And-well... Not quite as handsome as me but you aren't bad." I blush a lot. "And, hey, I would ask you out if I was a girl." My eyes widen, and my jaw drops a bit.

"Why don't you..." I whisper.

"What?" He says looking at me.

"Why don't you ask me out then...." I say gulping, swallowing the air. He grins and grabs my wrist. And I know-unlike everyother time-he isn't going to hurt me.

"Benatar, I'll just take you up on that then. But god help me, you tell Puff or Deejay I will drop you like a retarded baby, got it?" I nod, he smiles at me. "Well, that settled will you go out with me?" He says it so calmly, so collected. Where as on the inside I'm screaming and freaking out.

"Of course." The Brit says, so cool, so calm. Like this happens everyday! Where here I am, about to explode. I was waiting for a no, I have no idea how to react to a yes!! I didn't even think I'd be able to come in here and say Hi! How is he so calm? I'm fucking freaking out!

"Awesome." I reply with a smile, Benatar blushes and I look down at him, I let go of his wrists. But I put my hands on his shoulders, and I tilt my head upwards a bit giving him a kiss on his forehead. Both of us are blushing, and I smile and go and lay down on my bed drumming on the wall.

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