Is This Really Happining To Me

HI, Im Isabella and on my way home from school one day a van made me end up by Nadios. I got beaten because Niall walked out! He took me home and we started to fall in love(kind of like that love at first sight stuff). We started going out but betrayal started for the both of us!!!! Aspecly when im pregenet!!!! How will this end good or bad? I guess you'll have to read it to find out!?!?


1. On the way home

I was on my way home, Walking all alone. I have one friend, well actually one best friend. But I have no one else. She would be walking home with me but she was sick today and never came to school. I call her Kris, but her real name is Kristy. Really if I didn't have her I would be all alone. We were One Direction buddies and planed to one day meet them together! Any way back to my walk. I was on my way home and a moron and white van was going just about the speed I was walking. I thought I was being followed, but just acted like it was no big deal, till it stopped. The door opened and someone yelled get over here kid. I turned around and he was only 10 feet away from me. He looked as if he was in his mid thirty's. He had a bit of stubble on his chin. Of corse I know I had to run but my feet implanted into the ground. He was only a couple of inches away in till my feet started to move again. He must of chased me at lest 2 miles because my feet were killing me! I jumped into the woods and he couldn't find me he kept running but never saw me. I took a short cut that passed by Nandos. I could tell One Direction was in there mostly because a bunch of screaming girls, screaming the lyrics to nobody compares were standing in front of the door, being the most annoying people on earth! "Just let them be" I shouted but just at that moment they walked out and I fell down!

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