Is This Really Happining To Me

HI, Im Isabella and on my way home from school one day a van made me end up by Nadios. I got beaten because Niall walked out! He took me home and we started to fall in love(kind of like that love at first sight stuff). We started going out but betrayal started for the both of us!!!! Aspecly when im pregenet!!!! How will this end good or bad? I guess you'll have to read it to find out!?!?


2. Meeting Him

Nialls pov


                 She was so beautiful laying on the ground even getting trampled. I had to help her. But they wouldn't stop I had to do something! I emerged from the crowed to were she was laying. I picked her up and looked into her eyes that were closed ever so peacefully. I carried her princess style to the black SUV  and took her home with me to rest.


Isabella's pov


                     I felt dizzy and my ribs hurt and soon as I opened my eyes. I couldn't recall were I was because my eyes were all fuzzy. Once they were clear I knew I wasn't at home. I panicked and sat up to fast, causing my head to pound rapidly! Niall must of heard me sit up because he ran over to me and said "are you ok"? I said "no, your in front of me". "Do you want me to leave"? "No I meant your Niall Horen, your in front of me, It is like my live long dream to met you". "BUT UM...... quick question"? "were and the hell am I"? "oh, your at my flat, like it"? "Yeah its huge and pretty and amazing, I wish my flat was like this". "Its not that cool, it gets boring after awhile". "Its 2 story's with a huge basement the size of my house", with a pool, gym, sauna, Wight room, and your own bowling ally"! "Ahhhh, not too much". "shut up jerk I said with a playful punch". "Hey that hurt but I have a question to"! "what is it"? "What's your name"? "Oh its Isabella, but Izzy for short". "That's a really beautiful name". "Thank you"!


Nialls pov


She was sooo beautiful even just siting on the couch talking to me. "How old are you, Isabella"? "Im 18 my birthday is December 11th". "Well that's in 9 days"!"Yeah, I know I cant wait in till I turn 19". "She looked right into my eyes and laughed with the cutest glisten in her eyes". "You know you have a really cute voice"! "She blushed and said well you have a handsome face"! we both looked into each others eyes. I whispered so soft "I love you" So she just wouldn't be able to hear me. I stopped the long glaze into each others eyes and shouted alarming her "you hungry"? "Oh yeah kind of", I took her hand and dragged her into the kitchen. "What do you want"?

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