Is This Really Happining To Me

HI, Im Isabella and on my way home from school one day a van made me end up by Nadios. I got beaten because Niall walked out! He took me home and we started to fall in love(kind of like that love at first sight stuff). We started going out but betrayal started for the both of us!!!! Aspecly when im pregenet!!!! How will this end good or bad? I guess you'll have to read it to find out!?!?


3. I have to go

Izzys pov


              We arrived at the kitchen and Niall let go of my wrist. He opened the fridge and he look around for about a minute until he pulled some leftover Nandos out of the fridge wrapped in tinfoil. He put the leftovers onto two separate plates and handed me one out of the two, a fork, and napkin. I looked down at the massive pile of food he put onto my plate. "How do you expect me to eat all of this"! "I will if you wont" Niall said reaching his hand forward to grab the food of my plate. I slapped his hand and he removed it from my plate leaving a red mark. "OUCH"! he screamed "that hurt". He curled up in a ball and cradled his hand like he was a 2 and a half year old. "Oh, I hurt you do you want me to kiss it to make it feel all better" I said in a sarcastic tone. "Yes I do want you to". "OHHHH, stop being a baby Niall. All of a sudden everything rushed to my head. "NIALL, I HAVE TO GO HOME MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO THINK IM DEAD"! "wait what"? "Niall I was supposed to be home at 8:00 its 10:30"! "I was unconscious for 5 hours"? "Yeah, they hurt you really bad"! I got up grabbed my bag and ran to the door. "I have to go"! "Bye Niall thank you for everything"! "Wait, Isabella"! "Yes Niall? "What's your phone number? What, why would Niall Horan want my phone number? Im just some loner that doesn't have friends. "Why do you want my phone number? "Because your my new friend"! "oh, ok well my phone number is 1(389) 781- 3986". "Ok ill text you tomorrow". "Ok thank you for everything, Niall your amazing, Bye"! "Bye Isabella"! In our heads we both knew we didn't want to go but we did, Only because we had to.




                                                       AUTHORS NOTE

Hey everyone, Im so exited about this book and im so sorry it took me so long to update. Im going to update more often now and maybe even tonight. But please comment and like its what keeps me going especially when you favorite and become a fan!!!! But thank you for the support and if you have any advice on my story or ideas I would love to hear them! THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!! bye p.s. sorry for the short chapters my next chapter will be much longer than this one!

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