My little London love

My love. My little London love she was the one. The one I loved the one who's brother said we couldn't be together the one who sacrificed for me. The one I would never see again.

A One Direction fanfic


14. The visit

       Hey guys sorry for not updating in like forever I also wanted to say merry christmas and very happy new year. Who's excited for 2014 I know I am anyway I also wanted to thank all of u who fanned me I'm practically half way to a hundred I know some of u are all that's not even alot but for me it's huge. 




      Harry's POV 

I wake up and realize that Isabelle isn't next to me anymore so I go to the bathroom clean myself off and go downstairs. When I go downstairs I see Isabelle talking with her family. I pour myself a cup of coffee  and go to join them. " Goodmorning babe, uhhh what's going on?"  

Isabelles mom speaks up " um well we've discussed it, me and George have, and we decided that this home of yours isn't a safe or suitable place for a child or our daughter" I was in the middle of drinking my coffee and I stopped, put my coffee on the counter, look at Isabelle then back at her mom. 

" Mrs. Rogers I realize that what happened in the past may have disturbed or worried you but my home is a very safe place and I don't care what you have to say. I love Isabelle and Darcy and I would want nothing more but the best for them so thank you for visiting I appreciate it but you can not come in here and say that you are not comfortable with where I live? No I am very sorry but that's not right " Isabelle tries calming me down but it doesn't work. I pull her aside. 

" Harry it's ok I wasn't going to let them take me home hey look at me " she lifts up my chin " I love you and I would never leave you " we embrace in a hug and face her parents.  


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