My little London love

My love. My little London love she was the one. The one I loved the one who's brother said we couldn't be together the one who sacrificed for me. The one I would never see again.

A One Direction fanfic


4. The night it happened.

     The first thing I heard was a bang I thought it was nothing but then it came again I knew this time it was a gunshot. I run to Darcy's room smoke started to come in and Darcy started coughing. After I got Darcy I run downstairs with Isabelle trailing behind I hear a thump and I know Isabelle fell I run back and pick her up. When we got downstairs the whole house was full of smoke  but through the smoke I could see a man with a duffel bag walk out the door. I give Darcy to Isabelle. 

   "Get out of here it's not safe for either of you "

  I walked out and see the guy getting in his car. I called the police and told them what happened. I run back inside to look for Isabelle 

  " ISABELLE ,ISABELLE" I ran all over the house but then the smoke got to my lungs and I needed to go outside the back door 

  "Isa-" what I see breaks my heart. I fall down and see Isabelle lying on the floor I see Darcy next to her. I pick up Darcy and hold her in my arms while I call 911

   "911 ya my wife is on the floor she's not breathing "

  the ambulance came in five minutes and took Isabelle they also took Darcy just incase she got smoke in her lungs. I ride in the back of the ambulance holding Isabelle's hand. I'm crying and shaking I can't believe what just happened.  

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