My little London love

My love. My little London love she was the one. The one I loved the one who's brother said we couldn't be together the one who sacrificed for me. The one I would never see again.

A One Direction fanfic


12. Just for tonight

      Harry's POV 

I'm just laying down next to Isabelle and talking to her then I start to mumble stuff

" I'm sorry if I say I need ya 

  But I don't I'm not scared of love

  Cause when I'm not with you I'm weaker 

   Is that so wrong , Is it so wrong 

   That you make me strong" 

 "Harry I like that song where's it from " 

" It's one of the songs me and the boys recorded on our new album "

"Oh ok " I say " Harry can we just talk you and I just for tonight ?" 

 " Sure Isabelle anything for you love ". 

Me and harry talked all night long and surprisingly Darcy didn't wake up harry continued to mumble the song and with that I was asleep.  



Ya guys sorry for the not so interesting chapter but I promise the next one will be good I think or hope whatever keep on commenting and all the other stuff to bye oh and one more thing if you want to me in it just tell me your name , who you want to be , and what you look like. 

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