My little London love

My love. My little London love she was the one. The one I loved the one who's brother said we couldn't be together the one who sacrificed for me. The one I would never see again.

A One Direction fanfic


10. Home

     Harry's POV  

Isabelle finally gets to come home I'm sooo relieved but I remembered about Darcy and all her problems turned out when the doctors did whatever they did to her they cured her problems so that's another good thing. 


      Isabelle's POV 

The car ride home was not that long, I sat in the back holing Darcy she hasn't been crying lately which I'm really happy about. When we get to the home harry bought for us he tells me to close my eyes. So I do as he says when we walk into the house harry tells me to keep my eyes closed which is really hard cause I really want to see what the house looks like " Ok keep you're eyes closed " harry says as he takes Darcy from me " Ok now open " 

 " WELCOME HOME !!!!!!" I hear alot if people say I look around and see Zayn and Perrie, Louis and Eleanor, Liam and Nikki, and Niall by himself which made me kinda sad cause everyone has a girlfriend or boyfriend except Niall bug I'm sure he will find love soon.   

     " Welcome home babe " harry tells me. 

   " oh my god thank you everyone for everything it means alot honestly." For awhile everyone just dances around and has funny but then I go upstairs to check in Darcy I see her sleeping in her little crib I hear the door creak and I look over to see Harry " Hey let me watch Darcy after all this is your party" he tells me. " thanks babe " when I go downstairs Liam and Nikki come up to me " Hey welcome home Isabelle" they say in unison " thanks  you guys " I walk over to zayn and perrie who are just talking on the couch. " Thank you guys for coming " " No problem " Perrie says. A couple hours pass and Louis and Eleanor are the last to leave. Me and harry just decide to lay down with Darcy.  







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