My little London love

My love. My little London love she was the one. The one I loved the one who's brother said we couldn't be together the one who sacrificed for me. The one I would never see again.

A One Direction fanfic


7. Going home


       Isabelle's POV

 I don't really remember much but I remember falling asleep and seeing harry open the door. Apparently I got a surgery and I do see the stitches anyway the doctor said I could go home but he did perscribe me some pills which frankly I don't really mind but ya. I was laying down in the hospital bed and I could see harry sitting next to me with Darcy  and the nurse doing something with the I.V. bag " Oh, hi Isabelle I see you're finally awake" says the nurse "Your going to need stay here over night but nothing serious we just need to make sure you get all your medication before returning to your normal daily life" 

"Harry,where's Harry?" I ask frantically 

" Isabelle , Isabelle I'm right here it's ok" 

I could see Harry holding Darcy and rocking her back and forth " Harry what about the house I thought I burned dow-?"

"Don't worry Isabelle I already have a house don't worry"

its about 9:00 pm and harry is still here I try to fall asleep but I can't harry starts to sing to me

"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful, less than one minute old

i never thought through love we'd be making one as lovely as she 

but isn't she lovely made from love " 

and with that I was asleep. The next day I wake up in the hospital with harry telling me " were going home" 

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