The original vampire

I am finally awake ....after 100 years sleep I was finally woken up . But by who ? Who would be so foolish to wake up a vampire especially one as hungry , evil and heartless as me ? Surely not another vampire ! I laugh at the thought .
My name is Lacey and I am the original vampire .... Well kind of there had been vampires before me but they stayed hidden from the world , cowering away from humans only going out in the middle of the night to feed. Vampires were a dying breed before me ! I should of been worshiped for what I did ! I brought fear apon our enemy ....the humans ,what a pathetic excuse for a being , so weak , vulnerable and unaware of what is lurking around each and every corner of their built up city's . They had no idea such a creature like a vampire existed ! I changed that , I terrorized towns and villages leaving only trails of blood behind and before long the word spread some 'beast' was after them and it was hungry, malicious and non-forgiving . I should explain .


2. Charlie.

I was stupid to of believed him. for ten years we stayed in hiding together and then... he left. i was alone in the world without a man to care for me or feed me . i couldn't hunt or provide for myself , i starved for months before someone decided to help me . he was a young man , human . i killed him the second he took me home . I drained him of every last drop of blood he had .

this became my hunting strategy. play the broken , cold lost girl. The men came running . they wanted to me the beautiful girls hero... they were all fools , they all died the night they decided to play god .

50 years....that’s how long i was alone without another being like me . Then charlie came in to the picture.

It was the year 1920 and Chicago was the place . 

Charlie like every other one of us was flawless, enticing ...but i guess that was the point . he approached me at a casino where i was posing as a wealthy gamblers 'lucky charm'. He didnt say much just one work and he had my attention 

"ben.." and he walked off only glancing back once so i knew to follow . i excused myself from the table saying i had to visit the 'ladies room'. i walked over to where Charlie had disappeared to. he grabbed my arm and pulled me out the back door of the club 

"who are you!" i demanded .. i had changed over the 50 loamy years ... you could say i had lost my heart but found some balls 

" im charlie a... friend of ben" he replies with a proud look about him 

" and why have i been lured out here Charlie " i ask 

" well ben and i were taking about .... past flings and you my dear lacey came up" he explains 

" so? why. are. you. here" i ask again this time angry , he was avoiding the question and wasting my time , i had dinner waiting inside and it was going to go cold and get away if i didn’t go back in soon 

" well he is under the impression you would be dead by now without a big , strong , man to defend you  and i had agreed .. i mean the world was no place for a woman to be all alone 50 years ago ....but then i caught wind of a lady vampire skipping from town to town killing 10 men a town. and i was ... how would i put it ...interested, so i asked around about you . found out very little , you tend to stick to yourself , you lure men in by playing the defenceless girl act and strike when they have there backs turned ... i was impressed so i dug deeper and found out your name . Lacey . I went back to Ben and told him what i had found out , he laughed in my face quite understandable .but i was sure it was you. i made a bet with him, 10 gold bars if you were the lacey going about that ben had left all those years ago.if i was wrong he could have my wife for dinner , shes human "

"And why did you call me out here ? surly you could of observed from a distance and left . i have a meal in there that right about now is forgetting all about me ."

"well i won't keep you much longer ," , he explains and then lets out a whistle 

A tall man walked out from the shadows and stood before beside charlie before me . my anger boiled up inside of me and i lunged at him . i laugh when i find im stronger then him , all those big strong men blood had did me good . i pinned the man under me to the ground and smirk

"hello ben... what brings you to Chicago"



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