The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


20. To Serve and Protect

   It was early the next morning, or rather shortly after three in the morning; the end of the haunting hour, or "Witching Hour," Christoph had wandered out of the demon boy's room and into Allen's. Closing the door behind him he looked at the sleeping human child, his body slightly rising and falling in pace as he dreamed. 

   "You look so beautiful..." he thought to himself, cautiously approaching him, he could feel the warmth of the boy, emanating from his body. Christoph slipped into the bed beside Allen, rolling over, he looked the sleeping boy in his face. "I swear... I'll protect you, and your family, Allen Hughes..." the vampiric child finished his promise with a soft kiss on the boy's forehead. 

   "Hello Christoph," Allen whispered, his eyes closed, "I had a feeling you'd return." Opening his eyes, he smiled at the vampire. He scooted over to allow the boy to lay down properly. Running his hand against the cheek of the vampiric child, he giggled a bit.

   "What's so funny?" he whispered in a drowsy manner.

   "You're not trying to take advantage of me," he smiled, "Being weak, I'd be a perfect target, wouldn't I?"

   "You would..." Christoph trailed off, "If I was that kind of a monster, besides, I like my prey to have some fight in them." He smiled at the boy, placing a quick kiss on his forehead. Allen hugged the vampire boy, his warmth spreading to every fiber of the vampire's body. Slowly though, Allen worked Christoph's hand beneath his shirt, laying it on his flesh.

   "Christoph," Allen cooed, "Do you really want me, or do you just want my blood?"

   "I want all of you," He smiled, his eyes turning their rosy red, "The smell of your soul is intoxicating, but the scent of your body is just, well..." he trailed off, not knowing what to say. Suddenly, Allen sat up and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Wha... What are you doing Allen?"

   "Giving you a little taste of what you want," He smiled at the blushing vampire, flinging his shirt into his hamper. He then laid back down, clutching Christoph into a tight embrace. The feel of the human boy's skin was exotic for Christoph, it felt like he clutching onto smooth velvet that had been gently warmed by the sun; the felling made him feel safe and secure.

   "You smell wonderful," Christoph whispered, nuzzling his head into the boy's chest, "Can I stay with you for the rest of the night?"

   "I don't see why not," the boy mumbled, gently kissing the vampiric child on the top of his head, "It's nice to know you do have a human side still, for that, I like you, your will will to protect me however... That is why I love you..."


   As dawn found its way to the town, Alois awoke to find that the vampire boy had left sometime during the night, and, he suddenly heard the familiar flapping of heavy wings.

   "Now what have you come for father?" the demon asked, starring into the eyes of Death as he settled onto the bedside, near his son.

   "Need a father a reason to visit his son?" he smiled. Death had taken another form that was familiar to him; his human disguise. He was in a ashen blue colored pair of pants with a cream colored under shirt with accompanying red tie and grey vest. All of which was covered by an ashen blue colored tail coat and matching top hat.

   "Why do you insist upon wearing your disguise here and now?" he sneered, "Everyone knows of you, besides, you know I've always hated your disguise..." Alois hated the look of the disguise because the face resembled that of his father's. 

   "I am here, prepared to do what you should be doing as well," his smile turned into a grimace, "I'm here to serve and protect, something you should be familiar with." 

   "Allen..." Alois trailed off.

   "Yes, as reapers, it is our sworn duty to serve judgment to those who have perished...."

   "While protecting the innocent from harm," Alois finished his father's mantra, "I know it well father, but then why are you here?"

   "To serve judgement on the souls who are all about to come to a clash, and, to protect my son..." he starred off into the distance, "You are still weak, and there is no chance in hell I'll let a vampire take my son." He then looked at his son, "So, who are you here to serve, and who shall you protect?"

   "I'm here to serve Allen as a friend..." Alois started, "And... I will protect him, and his family from harm, no matter the cost." He received a pat on the head from his father, acknowledgement that his father was proud of him.

   "Spoken like a true Reaper," he got up from the bed and wandered into the center of the room. "You know, I like this quaint little town, maybe I'll move my base of operations here..." And into a cloud of vapor Alois father, The Grimm Reaper, vanished into thin air.

   "It's official then," Alois stood in front of the mirror, letting his pair of raven's wing emerge from his back, "I have my orders to carry out, and as a Reaper... I will not fail..."

   "So you aren't a demon?" came the voice of the Father from behind.

   "No... indeed I'm not," Alois replied, turning to face the Father, "I am a black angel, bringer of mercy to the innocent, and executioner of punishment on the wicked... I am a Reaper...."

   "All this time, I was harboring an angel..." The Father whispered, "Just not the kind most think of when they hear that word..."

   "Why have you come Father?"

   "To enlist your help," Father Cornell began, "Separate, we cannot vanquish this women and her accomplice, we have to work together."

   "You tried to kill us," he sneered, "Just stay out of our way, lest I reap your soul before its time.."

   "And I apologize," Father Cornell answered in a flat tone, "But we have to work together, to serve and protect... It's not just your father's mantra, it's also the idea within the clergy. Come now, Alois, we may have different people to serve, but right now, we have a common want to protect the family... So I'll ask again, will you help me?"  

   "I suppose your right," Alois answered, putting away his wings, "I'll join in fighting along side you Father, besides, I always did find you interesting; wouldn't want to be bored cause you died on me."

   "I suppose not," Cornell laughed, shaking the boy's hand, "To serving, and, protecting the Hughes Family..."

   "To serving... and protecting..." the demon boy returned the pact, smiling his usual devil's grin; These next coming days were going to be really interesting....


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