The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


16. The Problems Within

   Recess found the three boys bundled together under their usual spot; the weeping willow provided a surprising cover from the blustery winds that had easily chilled the other children who played amongst each other on the dying fields of grass that was the majority of the playground.

   "So Allen," Christoph initiated the conversation from his perch in the center of the trunk of the tree where all the branches connected to one another, "I was wondering, could I maybe... spend the night with you guys?" Alois looked up at the vampiric child with a look of confusion and distrust.

   "You never ask to stay over," the demon boy spoke with a level voice, "Why the interest all of a sudden?"

   "I don't see why not," Allen cut in, standing up to stretch, he looked up at Christoph with a smile, "You've come to visit before, but never stayed the night. I think the fact that you would like to stay, is finally you saying your ready to fully associate with us." 

   "I just want to get out of my house for a while," he muttered, hoping out of the tree, "My mother's becoming suffocating." Allen held Christoph's face in his hand as he kissed him quickly on the cheek, causing the boy to blush.

   "I think my mom will let me have a friend over, besides, I think she's starting to like you any ways..." Allen smiled as he pulled away and let go of the vampiric boy. Alois just snorted out of jealousy; he still hated the idea of having to share his master.

   "It's settled then," Allen smiled, "We'll go for this weekend then."

   "Careful Allen, it Thanksgiving, this coming weekend," Alois reminded him, softly rubbing his cheek against the soft, but cold cheek of his master. Allen just smiled, turning to his partner with a devilish grin.

   "Even better, That means we don't have to wait as long, and, it's gonna be a long weekend..." Allen smiled, grabbing the two boys into one huge hug. From that point, the bell rang and so the three friends said their good byes and wandered back to their classes as per usual.


   As the boys said their good byes at the end of the day, they, ofcourse went their separate ways and for Christoph, right into the man with the reflective spectacles. Walking past an alley way, the vampire boy stopped dead; in the corner of his eye he thought he saw a snow white scroll. Retracing his steps, he entered the alleyway and sure enough, he beheld one such scroll.

   "It can't be...," he mumbled. But upon examining the scroll his fears came true.

   "Hello, Christoph Roberts Von Tepes," called the velvet smooth voice of the scroll's owner. Turning to face the man in the suit he sneered in disgust.

   "Reginald Kissinger Von Heimlich," Christoph spat in disgust, "Never thought I'd be seeing your ugly mug again."

   "Ah, dear child," Reginald taunted, "I could never stay away from the best customer I've ever had... Besides I have one hell of a debt to collect from you," he whispered sinisterly as he snatched the child by the throat in an attempt to choke him out.

   "Bastard..." he gagged as the demon salesman was cutting off his airways. Reaching into his pocket, he smiled as he withdrew the bottle of holy water Allen had given him. Proceeding to drop it onto the salesman's foot. Giggling as he lept free from the salesman's grasp as he burst into flames, he watched as the salesman tumbled into the darkness of the alleyway screaming.

   "I'll get you for this Christoph Tepes!" he screamed in a demonic manner. Christoph just smiled, shouting over his shoulder, "Good luck you rotten bigot! Oh, and FYI, I go by Christoph Williamson now a days!" With that out of the way, he wandered home, smiling on the outside, but deeply concerned on the inside as he knew that Reginald would not quit so easily...


   "I don't see why not," Allen's mother replied to her son's question over dinner that night. "Having Christoph over for the holidays sounds wonderful, as long as his mother says it's alright," she finished, fanning her hand through her son's hair messing it up. 

   "Thanks mom!" Allen smiled as he ran up to his room, a smile plastered on his face. Alois hung around to help Jenny with the dishes.

   "Oh you don't have to do that, Alois," she smiled meekly.

   "Please, let me help," he smiled, waving her off, "It makes me feel better about taking up space here and partaking of your food." 

   "Alois..." she trailed off. Staring at this young boy she couldn't help but to smile; she was glad that Allen had found this boy and chosen him as a friend. He had done so many things for Allen, and, for this family who he wasn't biologically apart of. Still, he was so generous and mild mannered; she was proud to have him as a guest of the house, and even more, a loyal friend to Allen.

   When he was finished, he said good night and traversed up the stairs to his room, knowing full well that was Allen was waiting for him. Closing, and for that matter, locking the door to his room, Allen jumped from the corner with the intent of knocking his friend to the floor.

   "Too predictable," Alois sighed with a smile, grabbing one of Allen's wrists and rolling him over his back, depositing him onto the floor. "Nice try though," he smiled, kneeling beside his partner who wrapped his arms around his neck.

   "Just shut up," he giggled, biting into Alois' neck. Smiling, the demon boy returned the favor, tenderly puncturing his master's flesh and indulging in Allen's intoxicating blood and warmth. Picking him up, he carried him over to the bed, where he dumped him onto the silk sheets.

   "That was naughty of you Alois," Allen smiled, blood staining the edges of his lips. Giving his partner barely enough time to drop his shoes and socks, Allen grabbed him and put him into a submissive hold. "Now, say you're sorry... and I might go easy on you this time..."

   "Never..." the demon boy whispered into Allen's ear as he began to try and break free of his partner's grasp. They tumbled around on the bed, trying to get a hold of one another until Allen finally gave into Alois' scent and allowed himself to be pinned beneath the now sweating child.

   "Damn," he grunted, "Looks like I'm the one in for it tonight..." he squirmed underneath Alois, trying to get out as the demon boy caught his breath. Rolling over, Alois, still panting a bit smiled at his master with a hunger in his fiery eyes.

   "You've no idea..." he grinned, "Damn though, you're getting real good at this," he smiled as he stripped Allen of his shirt, kissing him along the way. With a quiet moan of pain and satisfaction Allen fell onto the bed as Alois began to carve at his young body. Licking the blood seeping from the wounds, Alois' became ever more intoxicated as he slowly moved upwards and planted a passionate kiss onto his master's lips before biting into his neck. Allen felt absolute ecstasy as his partner wrapped his arms around his body and bit down, this time into his pectoral muscle above his heart.

   "I love you so much... Alois..." he whispered, falling into a complete ecstasy induced trance; all the while out side, a mild but icy cold rain began to fall.


   Later in the night, the storm had begun to rage, ravaging any poor soul that so much as dared to venture outdoors at that given hour. Father Cornell sat inside the Eighth Street church which, had just recently had both the stained glass window and balcony repaired. Listening to the storm outside he suddenly found his tranquility disturbed by a knocking on the church doors.

   "A visitor? At such a late hour... how curious.." he mumbled as he grabbed some holly water and a few blessed crosses. Opening the door cautiously, he beheld a gentleman clad in an earthen brown overcoat with a jade suit underneath; in one of his hands was a tattered chestnut brown suitcase. 

   "Yes, may I help you?" The Father inquired.

   "I have need for lodging," the man replied, "If you can spare some, that is."

   "Ofcourse," Father Cornell replied, allowing the man to enter into the warmth of the church. Sitting him down at one of the tables in the Parish Hall he placed a mug of warm coffee in front of the man. Sitting opposite of the man, he noticed the marks on his suit, indicating he'd been burned, and, by the lurid scent it was holly water. 

   "I must thank you Father," the man replied. Noticing the Father's stares he placed the half empty mug down on the table and addressed the man. "Yes Father, your suspicions are correct about me, I am a demon," he smiled, "I am Reginald Kissinger Von Heimlich, and I am a salesman of sorts."

   "You admit to me of your foul existence, and yet you aren't hostile, why?" The Father growled, one hand steadily reaching for holly water.

   "Stay your hand Father," Reginald laughed, "I am not currently your enemy; yes, I am a demon, but I am purely a salesman of human goods. As to why I am seeking shelter, I was caught by the storm and my powers have been rendered useless because of a little vampiric brat who dowsed me with holly water."

   "A vampire you say?" Father Cornell instantly understood, that night he fought with the vampire boy, the next morning a bottle of holy water had indeed gone missing; if he took it, why? "Did you happen to catch his name?"

   "Don't need to," Reginald replied, minorly seething, "I know this child, he and I have some debts to settle, I found him merely by accident."

   "What's his name?"

   "Christoph Roberts Von Tepes," The salesman replied coolly. The Father cringed at the mention of Roberts, all the pieces were coming together as the Father felt as though he had now discovered Christoph's real reason for being here.

   "Anything else I should know?" The Father asked, "Before I show you to your room?"

   "He was with two boys from the school he's been attending," the man smiled.

   "Do you know who?"

   "I heard him mention a boy named Allen and his friend... Or something along those lines, Father, I may be of demon blood but, I have concern for the two children, is there something the church can do?" he feigned concern.

   "Worry not demon," the Father answered as they reached an empty lodging in the cellar of the church, "I shall deal with this trouble within, personally..." As the Father closed the door on the demon salesman, Reginald smiled a devil's grin. Sitting on the cot that was to be his bed he whispered into the darkness.

   "Your move, Christoph..."

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