The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


24. The Poltergeist's Play ~Act III

   "Fuck it hurts..." he cringed, yanking the blade out of his body. Rolling onto his back he coughed blood, thick and viscous having mixed with his saliva and some mucus from his nostrils and upper throat. He couldn't move too much as the pain that ravaged his now shattered body protested even the thought of doing such an action.

   "You look kind of cute like that," spoke the she devil, smiling wildly as she hungrily licked her lips. "I can see why my son had such a dislike for you..." She crept closer, doggedly bouncing about slightly like a skiddish spider. 

   "Stay away from me," he spat, "You foul whore of a creature..." He tried to move, his body still stricken from the pain. "Why aren't I fucking healing!?" he thought to himself with a slight inkling of fear creeping into his thoughts. She moved closer, licking her lips seductively; kneeling beside the boy, she inhaled the sweet aroma of his blood and torn flesh.

   "Your scent is a bit on the erotic side child," she mused, leaning close to him. She held his head back with one hand as she undid the buttons on his jacket and shirt with the other until she was able to shed the remains of his clothes from him.

   "You fucking skank, don't you even fucking dare!" He sneered, attempting to kick at her. His leg missed, and in a reaction, she grabbed it and slammed it into the ground. The pain welled up inside him; he sobbed quietly as a bloody tear escaped him. "You cheap whore...."

   "Such vulgar words," she cooed, "I'll have to punish you..." She allowed her fingers to dance upon hits broken body, twirling her spider-like appendages in and amongst the bloody fissures of his unhealed wounds. Occasionally to hear him whimper in pain she would shove her fingers into one of the wounds, laughing as he whined in pain as his body convulsed. 

   "Cheap... two-bit whore..." he choked out defiantly between spats of blood. She smiled devilishly as her hand began to wander back down his body, poking into wounds as she crept closer to his waist line. "Getting a bit frisky, aren't we?"

   "Bet you'd enjoy it," she smiled, unbuttoning his pants, "Bet you've never experienced the finer touch of a women's love..." She leaned in close to deliver the poisonous kiss when, a dagger landed beside her, within an inch of her face.

   "What do you think you're doing!?" roared Christoph as he emerged from the Dark Forest, "Are you so dry, that you seek to push your perverted ways onto such a weak being as him!?" he kicked his mother in the face, hatred welling up in his eyes. "I always suspected your were a well bred whore, that confirms it!" Slapping her, he felt genuine release.

   "Who are you to be angry!?" she sneered, getting to her feet, "You couldn't even return with the boy!" Christoph slapped her, then he pointed towards the forest. Out of the forest came the boy, his shirt hung open and ragged, two definable fang marks shown on his paled neck. His eyes were a faded rosy pink in color.

   "There is my partner, felled by my power... and now he's mine forever!" he shouted in triumph. Turning to his partner, he smiled. "Come Allen, meet my mother..." The boy drunkenly moved across the lawn, stepping carefully not activate any of the traps that may not have already been tripped.

   "Allen.... no..." Alois gagged, tears streaming from his face, to him, it looked as though Allen had been turned into a vampire. Christoph smiled wildly at the fallen demon.

   "Allen," Christoph called, moving back towards his mother, "I want you to kill Alois, right now..."

   "As you wish....master," kneeling beside the fallen boy who was crying for his loss of a beloved partner, he bent close to the boy's neck, before whispering in the quietest tone he could muster.

   "Alois," he whispered, "Go with it, the play's not over yet..." Quietly acknowledging his friend, he let Allen lift him into his arms and bite down hard onto his throat. There was a final cry of pain from the boy as blood spilled forth from him, and then, he fell limp and silent, his eyes frozen in pain.

   "See mother?" Christoph smiled, leaning close to her, " I always get what I want..." His mother smiled down at him, satisfied that she had won, and, that her son was happy.

   "Shall I dispose of the Father?" Allen mumbled, laying Alois on the ground gently. "I thirst for more blood..."

   "As you wish, my partner..." Christoph smiled wickedly. His mother marveled at her son's new found dominant nature, his control over the boy was impressive. 

   "Well, you have a partner, you've killed your nemesis, and you're stronger now," she whispered to her son, "So tell me now child, what do you desire most now?" He turned to face her, stepping closer he smiled at his mother one final time.

   "I want your death..." There was a sickening sizzling sound combined with the crunching and breaking of bones as the vampiric child shoved a crucifix of silver laced with both holly water and extract from those flowers that Allen had retrieved earlier into her chest cavity.

   "Ah..." she stumbled backwards in pain, "What... have you... done to me, my...?" Before finishing her comment, she burst into a purplish haze of fire and smoke, falling to the ground she wailed like the most foulest banshee to ever walk this Earth. As her body vanished into ashes, her soul fell through into the fiery void that was Hell as it opened up to swallow her remains.


   Dawn crested over the horizon as the remnants of what occurred the night before was swept away by the morning gust. A storm had moved in, soaking the town in a torrential down pour, leaving the boys happily trapped inside.

   "So... is it over?" Allen asked in a daze, drinking some of Christoph's blood did give him a boost for the night, now however, he felt as though he was experiencing the worst kind of a headache ever; a supernatural hangover, as Death called it. 

   "For now, " Father Cornell responded, "However, I have an unshakable feeling that the Forces of Darkness are not finished with us yet." The house was quiet for the moment; Mr. Ripley had said his farewell and left, Sean and Michael in tow, lent by Jenny to help him unpack his things. Jenny herself was for some strange reason, exhausted, and as such, lay in her room asleep.

   "I ache all over..." Alois complained, "I just want to lay here and rest..."

   "And so you shall," Father Cornell stood up, preparing to leave the demon boy's chambers.

   "Father, could I ask a favor?" Alois called, "Could you repair my shirt and overcoat please?"

   "Certainly," he smiled, taking the shredded clothing in hand. "Oh, and Christoph, I would like you to come with me as well, we have some buisness to discuss..." The vampire boy acknowledged and followed the Father out the door, leaving the two partners alone. 

   Slipping into bed beside his wounded, and half naked partner, Allen gently rubbed his hand up and down Alois' body as they shared a kiss with each other.

   "Thank you for saving me," Alois whispered, "I'd have been in her possession right now otherwise..." he shivered at the thought of such things. He enjoyed the warmth of Allen's body against his, he found it soothing and intoxicating. 

   "It's no problem, just keeping up my end of the contract," He smiled up at his friend. "About our contract, when the time comes, I want you to stay with my family, that way..." he trailed off, unable to finish the thought.

   "I understand," Alois cooed, nuzzling his head into Allen's hair. "My desire for you is strong, so to is my want to fulfill our contract so we may move on in our respective ways...." Alois couldn't quite yet bring himself to tell Allen about the contract being voided, he wasn't sure how he'd react to the reason why it was void. "And so ends the Poltergeist's Play," he thought to himself as he clutched Allen like a teddy bear, "But, so begins a new struggle...."


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