The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


23. The Poltergeist's Play ~Act II

   Christoph was dashing through the woods to find Allen so they could wait on the sidelines in case things fell through. He ran to their agreed spot, a fallen tree just before the cliff face. Arriving at the location he found Allen sitting on the felled tree, starring at the moon.

   "Allen, you did good," He smiled, approaching the boy. In the moonlight Allen looked so beautiful, especially with the blood that he wore as if it was clothing. Turning to look at Christoph, he smiled slightly.

   "You didn't do too bad yourself," he chuckled slightly, sliding off the tree he found himself locked in Christoph's gaze. His eyes were a beautiful rosy red that seemed accented by the moon. "mind telling me why the moon seems to crying blood?"

   "It's cause there's the presence of several powerful vampires in the same vicinity," the vampiric child answered looking up at the red orb in the sky. "My mother's trying to give herself an upper hand in the conflict." Looking back into Allen's eyes he felt a sudden thirst... not one of hunger, no, this one felt different; the thirst was that of lust, he wanted to make Allen his, and the moon having been amplifying his powers, it too, magnified his urges as a vampire.

   "Come on, we should be getting back," Allen smiled, walking past the thirsting child, "We need to be there if they need our help..." he trailed off as he began to walk back towards the house. Christoph slowly stalked after him, his fangs withdrawn with the intent on drinking blood in that moment....


   "What's the matter, priest?" the beast taunted in a low growl, "Too afraid to make a move?" He lunged at the two figures on the porch, claws drawn outward, aimed at the Father, "Fine with me, You'll be an easy kill!!!"

   "Bloody fool..." he mumbled, leaping easily out of the way of the creature, "You're overly predictable!" he splashed the beast with holly water, sending him reeling in pain back towards the maiden.

   "You fucking bastard!" he roared, "You know, I never did like you, or that pathetic church...."

   "No, you were too busy abusing your wife and children," Cornell sneered, "That, and drinking your soul sour... It was that weakness that has brought you here... Richard Hughes!"

   "Ha!" he laughed in a scornful manner, "If anything, I'd say I feel great! And, after I'm done with you... I'm gonna go inside and kill all those weak, pathetic whelps that I was forced to call children."

   "Like hell you are..." Alois muttered, getting to his feet, "I killed you once, I'll gladly do it again..."

   "Oh?" he smiled evilly, "Don't forget boy..." he lunged at inhuman speeds, slashing Alois with his claw, sending blood and his body across the yard, "I'm on a higher level than you now!"

   "Pathetic......" came the muffled voice of Alois as he lay face down in the cool grass, his blood now genuinely oozing from his torn flesh. "You truly are pathetic...."

   "ENOUGH!" the beast roared, again slashing the boy with his claws, sending him high into the moonlit air, only to come crashing down with a sickening thud. "Hehehehe.... I'm pathetic? I'm not the one bleeding out, I'm not the one bound in servitude to a mere boy.... I'M NOT THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO DIE TONIGHT!" For a third time he slashed at the boy, sending blood spurting from newer and newer wounds as the boy's body and clothes were torn to bloodied ribbons.

   "Your anger is why your a pathetic, scum sucking weakling...." despite his body being almost completely slashed to pieces he stood up, a dark grin on his face; in his hand was the crucifix Allen made him wear to curb his power. "Aw, now look what you've done, you broke my necklace... you really shouldn't have done that..."

   "Still standing?" the beast growled, "Fine, this time I'll rip you in two and then suck down your blood!" he rushed at Alois. There was a cracking, followed by crunching of bones and flesh as the demon boy not only stopped the vampiric beast, but caught and then crushed its hand backwards, smiling in a state of insanity the whole time.

   "I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you..." Alois sang in a quiet, childish voice. With force unknown to any mortal man, or beast, the demon child twisted the beast's demolished hand until there was a sickening snap, followed by the vomit inducing ripping of flesh as tendons and muscled were ripped into pulverized, throbbing and now severed pieces of meat. As the beast howled in excruciating pain, Alois lept into the air, guzzling down the blood pouring forth from the severed hand. Once drained of blood he threw it at the beast to catch his attention.

   "What the hell are you!?" He grimaced in torment, starring up in terror at the boy. "Your not human... and you most certainly aren't a common demon... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!?"

   There was a low laughter that quickly grew louder, and more demonic as the boy spread his wings of pure darkness, his body soaking up the blood and repairing the wounds. His Eyes grew into black, soulless sockets with only the fires of Hell burning within them. From his hand a cloud of black mist grew, forming into an ebony colored staff with ornate carvings depicting the plague, and the burning of a city. From its tip grew a long, elegantly curved blade of polished silver and steel.

   "Fuck me...." the beast murmured in fear, "Your a fucking Reaper!?"

   "Oh look, your not a complete fucking imbecile..." the child's voice echoed in an eerie moan that would have made the heartiest man quake in his shadow. "Now... Richard Augustus Hughes... It's time we finished what we started, " He smiled, pointing his scythe in the direction of the beast. "Your soul is mine, demon..." he smiled, charging downwards towards the beast....


   Allen and Christoph reached the edge of the forest in time to watch as Alois, plunged from the sky and dragged his scythe through the injured beast. It screamed in pain and agony as it fell into two cleanly cut halves. As it hit the ground, it burst into a sickly greenish purple flames that engulfed it in its entirety.

   "Damn," Christoph muttered, "He's a damn Reaper? Glad I choose you guys..."

   "That's my partner, quiet and tender when he needs to be, but violent when he's called to uphold his promise...." Allen smiled, his eyes turning purplish pink again. Christoph picked up on this as the scent of the boy beside him changed with his eyes.

   "Damn," he cringed within his thoughts, "It's getting harder to control myself...."

   "You alright?"

   "Yeah, it's just, the moon is messing with me...."

   "Let me help...." the boy locked lips with the vampire, shoving him down into the bushes. Their kiss immediately became heated passion as both boys began running their hands through each other's hair. Then Allen quickly withdrew his lips and sank his teeth into the vampire's neck, sending chills through Christoph's body. Gasping as Allen did this he moaned in pleasure and convulsed slightly. Allen was becoming slowly rougher with his handling of the vampire boy's body until he stopped, rolling onto his back, gasping for air.

   "Damn, Allen..." Christoph uttered in a raspy whisper.

   "Did... Did it help?" he panted, trying to catch his breath.

   "Yeah.... I think it did...." he replied also trying to retrieve his lost breath. He liked this boy more with every passing moment; he really loved his raw passion, and his cruelty. Returning to their original positions, they witnessed Alois, triumphantly holding the red soul of the tainted beast who had long since burned to ashes. Absorbing it into his blade he returned to his normal state, having accomplished his goal. Then, to their horror a dagger plunged through the boy sending him staggering a few steps and then, collapsing to the ground. The vampiric maiden, laughing maniacally as she approached having imprisoned the Father into a crystal of darkness summoned from her soul itself.

   "No... this can't be happening...." Allen collapsed, crying quietly.

   "Allen, it's not too late," Christoph hugged his friend tightly. "We can still pull this off, we can save Alois and the Father..." he was now completely enraged as he comforted the boy. Though he didn't too much care for the Father, and he was still occasionally spiteful towards Alois, he wouldn't that vampiric bitch get away with hurting his human friend; she had just signed her death warrant.....

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