The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


22. The Poltergeist's Play ~Act I

   In with the cold November wind she came, clad in black satin, reminiscent of that of a spider's finely woven silk. Her eyes glimmered in the moonlight, which in her presence, the moon adapted a bloody red tone; A blood moon, the vampire's natural strength enhancer.

   "That'll be a problem..." the Father muttered, looking into the sky. "Your up, Christoph...."

   "Come now," the vampiric women called, "Come to me, my child, and bring forth your new partner..." Her smile was a thin red line of at first, appeared to be lipstick. However, in the light of the moon it shimmered, revealing its true nature... poisoned blood hung on her lips. 

   The door burst open as Christoph emerged forth, his eyes glowing a deep red. Stepping into the moonlight, even Alois admitted he looked a bit fearsome. Allen was slung over his shoulder, dripping fake blood from a fake wound. "You dare come to me now!?" the vampire boy sneered, dropping Allen hard to the ground. Looking at his mother, he licked the blood away from the edge of his mouth. "You interrupted me mother, I wasn't finished..."

   "Oh I'm sorry dear," she cooed quietly, stroking her son's cheek with one of her spider-like fingers, "You picked a nice looking specimen," she smiled, looking down at Allen, "Shame, it's a boy, we'll have to eventually find you a good girl, but as long as you're happy, I'll be fine..."

   "Christoph... How could you...?" Alois pretended to moan in pain, crawling out of the house, holding onto his 'bleeding' wound. "Allen trusted you!" he coughed up blood, "I'll... never...forgive you for taking him... from me!"

   "Ha!" the vampiric child scoffed, "You're in no position to make threats! ...Alois Cromwell," he laughed cruelly, walking over to the demon, Allen being dragged by his hair. "You couldn't even protect one child..." he kicked Alois in the gut. "Ohh, I'm sorry, did that hurt?" He spat on the demon child, "I hope it did... scum sucking weakling."

   "You bastard!" Alois shouted, biting onto the vampire's leg. The pain sent Christoph howling in pain to the ground, letting go of Allen who, on queue awoke.

   "Wha... what happened..?" he mumbled, pretending to be drowsy.

   "Allen, run!" the demon boy screamed. Allen, pretending to react on instinct began to run towards the forest's edge. Christoph pretended to kick Alois, getting to his feet, he saw the disappointment in her eyes. 

   "You let him get away dear..." She sighed. "Must I do everything for you, my child?"

   "I told you, you interrupted me, you damn slag," He growled, "I'll go get him, he won't last long with that much blood gone." Proceeding towards the woods, a sudden wave of burning blue fire erupted in front of him. "AARRGGHH!" he pretended to wail in pain. 

   "My son!" she wailed, rushing over to her 'stricken' boy, only to be cut short by another eruption of blue flame around her. "What is this!?"

   "I knew I'd find you two here..." he moved forth from the house's interior, holly water in hand, crucifixes in the other.

   "Father Cornell...." Christoph growled menacingly, "How dare you interrupt me again... This time, I'll kill you...." He continued to growl, getting to his feet, the flames now dissipated from around him.

   "No my son!" the mother screeched, dispelling the flames from around her, "You go after the boy, I'll take care of the pesky Father..." she smiled, drawing forth her weapons of choice; poison daggers.

   "She's taking the bait, just as planned," The Father thought to himself. Maintaining his posture, he prepared for imminent combat."You will not escape me, I can easily take on two of your filthy kind!" He threw holly water at the fleeing Christoph, stopping him in his tracks.

   "Damn you to hell, Father!" He screamed, "Mother! I won't get far if you don't help, you damn cow!" The mother just smiled, her son's cruelty was something she adored; it told her that as the mother of a Tepes male, she'd done a good job raising him. She screamed as she unleashed a hailstorm of poisoned daggers at the Father.

   "You damn, fool..." He smiled, "Power unlock, release angelic seal to twenty percent..." The light of the holly gift he'd been blessed with eons ago came to life within him; effortlessly he dodged the daggers and, at inhuman speeds splashed the mother with holly water and appeared behind Christoph.

   "You fucking prick!" she raged, "How dare you assault a women!"

   "Damn, he's fast!" Christoph played along, suddenly he screamed out in pain as a crucifix dug into his back. "AARRGGHH!" he collapsed into the grasp of the Father who held holly water up to his body menacingly.

   "Give up Tepes, I've won..." The mother got up, her face horribly burned, engulfed in anger to the highest degree.

   "You attack a women, and then a child!? What kind of a holly man are you!?" she tired to smile.

   "You are not a women," He growled, "You are a whore of the devil... and your child, a spawn conceived of  a most unholy, rotting womb of the bleakest plains of Hell." He began to sprinkle holly water unto Christoph, who, although he knew it was coming still cringed from the pain.

   "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" he howled, "YOU'LL REGRET EVER CROSSING ME!" The Father shoved another cross into his chest. Christoph collapsed to the ground crying in pain. "Mommy... help me... Don't let me die!"

   "Step away from him!" she screamed.

   "Or what?" he sneered, "Face it Tepes, you've failed, and now you'll watch as I kill your son, and send him back to whence he came." Though she was still immobilized from the effects of the holly water, she laughed maniacally. 

   "You think you've won so easily?" she laughed, "Stopping pure evil is never so simple... Die, insolent worm!" At that moment there was a crashing of the trees behind the Father, detecting a hostile presence, he barely lept out of the way in time to evade the sweeping claws of the foul beast. Landing nearby Alois by the porch, the Father stood up as he beheld a most unexpected, but disturbing site.

   "You most unholy creature..." Father Cornell mumbled.

   "That explains why I wasn't able to locate his soul," Alois whispered in both fear and disbelief.

   "And, it explains why the police never found the body..." Father Cornell finished the sentence. "The bastard's become a full on demon... he's become a vampire!"

   "Hehehehe......" the beast laughed, his pale, bluish-grey skin glowing in the moon light, "It feels good to be back here...." Noticing Alois on the ground, apparently injured, he roared in laughter. "Oh I can't wait to repay the favor you gave me boy... And trust me, payback's a bitch...." The scene was now set; the vampire maiden and her vampiric partner had arrived and begun the Danse Macabre with the Father. Christoph exited this stage in search of Allen as planned, and so now, the Father and the Reaper's son waited for the beasts to make their move... To begin the second act of this Poltergeist's Play.......

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