The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


7. The Morning After: The Demon Boy's Origins

   Allen awoke in his bed, still clutching onto his friend the way he had the night before, but something had changed; Alois had grabbed him as well. He didn't care though, seeing Alois asleep like he was just made him love him more. His hair lay over his face, hiding his closed eyes in the most childish way possible. 

   "Alois," Allen whispered to himself, "Why do you have to be so damn beautiful?" Brushing the hair away to better see his sleeping face, he couldn't help himself, he placed a quick kiss onto his pale skin. There was a shifting of the sheets as, Alois made a small noise of contentment in response to the feel of the kiss.

   "I could ask you why does your soul has to smell so damn good," he mumbled with a small smile, as he opened his eyes and ran one of his hands across his partner's cheek. "Thank you, Allen."

   "For what?" 

   "For coming to get me," he responded, wrapping Allen in a hug. Allen felt incredibly warm against his cold, pale skinned body. "Also, thank you for treating me as... as a friend, rather than just a plaything." 

   "Plaything?" he whispered, "Why would I do that? Especially to the boy who saved my life?" There was that familiar icy chill feeling as his demonic friend softly bit into his neck, he was getting good at making it unnoticeable. "You really like my blood, don't you?" There was a gentle nod of agreement as Alois kept drawing blood from Allen's body. Playfully, Allen bit his friend's neck, but not having fangs, or generally sharp teeth he couldn't draw blood.

   "Ouch, Allen, that hurt," Alois mumbled with a sleepy smile as he looked at his partner. "I'm still tired," he yawned, falling onto his back. Allen tried to pull himself out of bed so he could go say good morning to his family when he felt a tug on his wrist.

   "Alois, I'm just going to say hello to my family," turning around he beheld his friend with the same drunk look he had given Alois that night he begged him to stay. Before he could protest, Alois had, with strength Allen didn't know he had, yanked him back onto the bed.

   "I want you to stay," he whispered seductively, "I'm cold, and you feel so warm laying with me, so please stay..." he leaned over and kissed his partner on the lips as he dragged him back under the covers, placing him beside himself. He unbuttoned Allen's shirt again, but this time, he almost went all the way.

   "Alois... what are you..?" But before he could finish, the demon boy had placed his head onto his bare chest, smiling up at him. 

   "I'm envious of you," he continued to smile, "You still have a heartbeat, and a warm body. Your skin feels just like mine did once..."

   "What do you mean?" Allen asked. Alois took his partner's hand and placed it onto his chest where his heart would be. Normally, one would fell the faint thumping of the heart, but he felt nothing. Placing his head on Alois' chest, he strained his ears to try and detect the beating of his heart, but... there was no sound.

   "Not surprising," Allen responded with an indifferent attitude, "You're a demon, your kind isn't supposed to have a pulse, you guys don't have a heart... Do you?" Alois unbuttoned his vest, slung it onto the desk, again, and then proceeded to undo his shirt, letting it slide off his shoulders as he sat up. 

   "Look at my back, Allen, do you see the mark?" he spoke, with a serious tone. Allen looked at his partner's smooth back, all seemed normal, except for the crested seal and pentagram in its center.

   "Yeah, it's the same seal you gave me when we made our contract," he responded, rubbing his lower right abdominal muscle.

   "Look carefully, at the center," Alois responded. Upon further inspection Allen gasped, it was a scar, a deep gash, long since healed, leaving only the scar Allen beheld on his friend's back. Turning to show Allen his chest, he pointed at a slightly larger, but identical scar in the middle of his chest. "Those scars, are reminders of my origins, my birth... as a demon."

   "You mean..."

   "Yeah, I was human once," he responded. "I was ten when the Black plague spread into my home town in 1348." Allen had remembered learning about the plague a bit in history class.

   "Yeah... It was caused by the spread of rats and poor hygiene," Allen commented.

   "Only partially true," Alois spat back, "It was also caused by several mid-level demons coming from the Asian wars, they were seeking an easy way to obtain souls, so they spread that damn disease." Alois' voice began to crack a little. "Because people began to die off too quickly, and they were stooping to extreme measures to save themselves, the powers that be dispatched the Reaper with all his powers unlocked, and, his sons to go and collect these wayward souls and kill the demons responsible for the disease."

   "So where do you fit in?" Allen asked.

   "I tried to save a boy who, unknown to me was a son of Death. He'd been injured by one of the devil's and was hurting bad. I found him outside my village's church; I was wandering the streets, waiting to die. My parents had already been taken, and, since I was infected, I was given up for dead and sealed outside the safety of the church," he continued, the cracking in his voice becoming more pronounced, "While trying to nurse him back to health, I got progressively worse... Until I finally collapsed into his lap one day while trying to change the bandage I put on his wound."

   "You died?" Allen responded, feeling a tear come to his he wiped it away.

   "No, Death found us..."

   "My son," he called, "What are you doing wasting time on this boy?"

   "Wasting time? Can't thou see he hast saved me?" replied the son, standing up.

   "You...can stand... that's good," I remember saying, coughing up blackened blood as I lay dying.

   "You used the boy's fleeting life to save your own," Death scolded, "You haven't wasted yours, or my time, thou hast wasted his," he growled raising his scythe to cut down his son.

   "Stop!" I yelled, "He didn't waste my time, I did it willingly, I knew what he was..."

   "Is that true, heathen?" he growled at his son.

   "Assuredly father," he responded. The Reaper, as I can remember spoke to me, his skull, a perfect yellowed ivory color, with blueish green flames in the deepest pits of his eye sockets stared into my soul.

   "You'd willingly give your young life for someone..." he whispered into my ears, "Even someone who didn't need it?"

   "Yes," I coughed blood, as I was fading fast he wrapped me in a crimson robe, where I blacked out certain that he had taken me unto death.

   "So what happened?" Allen asked with a completely mesmerized expression.

   "He made me one of his children," Alois smirked, "He carved my soul in half when he drove his scythe through my body. He took half of it as payment, the other half he fused with a portion of his demonic aura to form a hybrid human-demon soul." 

   "Shouldn't you be with him then?" 

   "I've since gone rogue," Alois replied, "After.. he refused to spare my love, who perished when London burned in September of 1666." Unable to hold back any longer, Alois broke down and cried. Allen wrapped his half naked friend in a caring hug, not even caring that Alois was crying blood onto his shirt.

   "Feeling better?" Allen looked at his friend, finally after Alois had stopped crying.

   "Yeah, much better," he smiled, wiping away the blood on his face. 

   "Still want to just lay about, together?"

   "If you don't mind," he smiled weakly. Alois felt happy in Allen's presence, it was a shame that eventually, they wouldn't be together anymore. Allen stripped his bloodied shirt off, throwing it in the hamper. He then proceeded to take Alois' shirt, and trow it on the desk as they laid back down together.

   "Hey Alois?" Allen murmured resting his head on his friend's chest.

   "Yes, master?"

   "I want to add something to our contract."

   "What would that be?"

   "I'll willingly commit to being your friend until the end of the contract, How bout that?"

   "I love it," he smiled a softened demon's smile as gently bit down again into his new friend's neck, immediately becoming lost in the warmth of Allen's body, and the taste of his sweet blood as the morning after began to fade away...


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