The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


13. The Dawn of a New Day

   "Augh, what happened to me...?" His eyes not yet fully adjusted to the darkness, the boy shifted his head to look around. "Okay... let's see, um what happened?" He tried to move but couldn't; the reason being that another boy lay upon him. At first, he didn't recognize the other boy, strangely though he recognized the room. Pushing the other boy off of him he stood up and wandered over to the bed to collect his thoughts. "Let's see... My name, let's start there. My name is..." he thought about it for a second before it came back to him, "Right! My name's Alois Cromwell, son to the Grim Reaper!" Looking around though he scratched his head, "Now, where the hell am I?" 

   "Oww," Allen moaned in pain as he got to his feet, "The Reaper really needs to work on his finesse a bit." He yawned, stretching his back out he turned to face his friend, "Great, it looks like Death was able to bring you back after all." He hugged his friend, whispering in his ear,"Alois, it's good to have you back."

   "Allen..." Alois whispered quietly. Suddenly in a sting of pain accompanied by a blinding flash, his memory restored itself. Feeling as though he'd just been wallowing through a swamp in a haze, Alois found himself wrapped in a hug with his master. "Wait... are we... dead?" he wondered aloud recalling that Death had severed his soul from his body.

   "No, you're not," echoed Death, standing up from the chair he'd been sitting in, "That was a really touching moment there you two," he cracked his jaw into a smirk again.

   "You've been here this whole time!?" Allen gasped, letting go of Alois, blushing deeply of embarrassment. Biting one of his knuckles, he stole a glance at his shirtless friend, smiling for all of a sudden he smelled a wonderful scent; it was coming from Alois.

   "I had to," Death floated over to the boys, "To make sure the Soul Transgression was successful," looking at the two boys, he smiled one of his unearthly smile, "I'd say it's worked wonderfully too." 

   "Wait, does that mean?" Alois whispered in hopeful wonder.

   "Yes, I revived your Reaper's soul, your friend here was... rather convincing on your behalf." Turning to Allen he continued to smile,"Allen, I had to use some of your soul to rebind Alois' soul, so you probably feel terribly tired and weak, don't you?"

   "A bit," Allen smiled, yawning.

   "No need to worry, once Alois' soul has fully recovered, your soul will regain its full potential."

   "Full potential?" Alois mumbled, "Father, what did you do to Allen!?"

   "I gave him a small portion of my soul," Death replied, "It's only temporary until both of you are fully recovered... I promise..." Floating back into the ethereal plains of the Underworld Death looked back one more time, "Sorry, I think I just voided your contract with Allen for messing with his soul, but you can take that up with me another time son." With that, he faded into the darkness as the room returned to its normal, dimly lit state.

   "That bastard," the demon boy muttered, "Messing with my contracts... Why I oughtta..."

   "Alois..." Allen called to his friend. Turning around he was met by Allen's eyes, which were now displaying a faint pinkish hue to them. 

   "Yes, Allen?" he replied admiring Allen's new eyes.

   "I want you..." he replied, whispering seductively into his partner's ear as he grabbed him and, with new found strength, flung Alois onto the bed, pouncing on his partner, he smiled. His hands ran up and down the side of the demon boy's chest, causing Alois' breathing to become a bit heavier.

   "Allen..." Alois whispered in surprise, "You're different..."

   "And?" he whispered seductively into his ear, "Do you still want me?"

   "Hell yes..." Alois trailed off as Allen bit tenderly into his neck with his newly formed fangs. "So... this is what it's like to love again," he thought to himself, "I'm a fool for ever stopping..." He sighed compassionately as he too, bit into flesh; Allen's flesh, his blood tasting even more intoxicating than he could remember...


   The Dawn of the new day peaked over the horizon as Alois stood up on the Widow's Walk, his buttoned down shirt partially unbuttoned, flapping in the breeze as he took in the morning's crisp, cool air. His body ached from the loving mischief he shared with Allen the night before. They didn't go too far, just biting, kissing, and a little carving into each other's bodies a little, nothing too hinky; atleast, not too hinky for a demon and his... mostly human master.

   "Morning Alois," Allen whispered, wrapping his arms around his friend's waist, "Last night was terrific, don't you think?" he smiled, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

   "Damn, Allen," he spoke in a seductive manner, "If I thought you were desirable before, now you're just..." he trailed off, running his hand through Allen's hair as he turned around to face him. Both of them were showing their true eye colors; Allen's Bluish red eyes that seemed almost a pinky purple now, and Alois' crimson red orbs with hellfire still burning in their centers.

   "I'm going to have to learn to hide my new self from the others, aren't I?" he frowned slightly.

   "Sadly," Alois responded, his eyes already becoming their bluish-steel selves again. "It's not hard, just try to remember what they looked like before you got these new... senses," Alois smiled, "And your eyes will return to normal. As for keeping your powers restrained; just stay calm, as calm as possible and we should be fine." 

   Heading back down the winding spiral staircase the two friends quickly stole one last kiss from one another before separating to get ready for school. Now alone, Alois began to grin like a fool as realized something; Death had helped the boys find a loophole to Alois' contract meaning; Allen no longer had to worry about being taken from his family since his soul was no longer technically whole.

   "You sly, bony bastard," he laughed quietly to himself, "You knew Allen would be selfless enough to come and save me, which, would then cause you to void the contract..." He returned to his mirror, examining his body; he grinned when he saw the thin red lines, markings of where Allen had torn at his body while they had shared a moment of demonic lust for each other. "He's so full of potential," he smiled in an almost drunken manner as he recalled the night before.

   "Come on Alois!" came Allen's voice, "We're going to be late!"

   "Oh, right, coming!" he replied back, quickly dressing himself and gathering his things. Bolting out the door after his companion as the two of them ran to school, the crucifix jingled around the demon boy's neck. "This is defiantly the dawn of a new life for me," he thought to himself, the jingling of the crucifix making him smile a bit sinisterly, "And definitely a new beginning for Allen as well..." 


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