The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


14. The Boy, His Demon And The Vampire

   Barely making it on time to their first classes, the two boys smiled at each other as they bolted into their respected classes. Upon entering his history class though, Allen was caught by surprise as to who was now seated in the once empty seat next to his; Christoph smiled a broad grin as Allen took his seat by the window.

   "I thought vampires didn't like direct sunlight," Allen mumbled just loudly enough so Christoph could pick up on it. The vampire boy smiled, acknowledging the human boy's cruelty.

   "I made sure I had enough to drink before coming," he flashed his fangs at Allen. The cruelty and compassion this boy had shown him had driven him to pursue him; however, it was the kindness of the boy and the smell that emanated from him that made Christoph want to be close to Allen, as much as possible.

   "I'm not sure whether to find you disgusting, or, pathetically amusing," Allen whispered, flashing Christoph a smile as class began. It was that cruelty that drove the vampire boy nuts; normal humans would be slaughtered by his hands for saying the same thing, but Allen, he had this strange attraction about him that Christoph just couldn't get over.

   "Oh the things I want to do to him," he thought to himself, fantasizing over several scenarios. The more he thought though, the greater his thirst became. Finally, he had to give himself a mental slap to calm down.

   "Today class," the teacher began in his monotone voice, "We will be studying myths of the Dark Ages and how they were used to explain events that we couldn't understand at the time." The teacher began to scribble some basic notes on the chalk board before continuing, "Please open the books in your desks to page eighty-five." 

   "Ah, damn," Allen muttered, giving himself a paper cut. A small trickle of liquid life squeezed forth from the cut, its aroma drifting into the vampire boy's nostrils. Christoph's eyes flared their rosy red for a second before he quickly forcibly controlled his urge to feed. Noticing Christoph's sudden discomfort, Allen thought that he play a little with the vampire boy. He squeezed his finger causing the cut to grow larger allowing more blood to come forth.

   "Dammit," Christoph screamed within his mind, "His blood smells incredible, it's getting harder to resist... I must... resist..." he struggled to control himself. Allen taking notice, proceeded to lick the blood slowly from his finger, sucking on his finger a few times he watched as Christoph began to sweat a little. "God fucking dammit!" he moaned in his mind, lightly tapping one of his school books against his skull. "He's being terribly cruel to me today... but it makes me want him so damn bad..." he tried to hold back a tear that was forming from his eye, whispering to Allen in a stressed manner, "That's not fair... Allen, you're being... incredibly... cruel..."

   "Mr. Callahan," Allen spoke up in a sudden, polite voice.

   "Yes, Mr. Hughes?"

   "May I take Christoph to the bathroom? He's not looking too well," Allen kept a straight face, on the inside however, he was laughing manically.

   "Very well," he responded, turning back to the board. Allen got up, slung one of the vampire's boys arms around his shoulder and carted him off to the bathroom. Once there, he hid in the back, slamming Christoph quietly against the wall.

   "How'd you like my little tease?" he smirked wildly. It felt great to mess with the vampiric child, since, as he saw it, it was payback for the day before.

   "That's not fair Allen," he whimpered, trying to hold the thirst back, "It feels like I'm being crucified, you've no idea the pain and torture you put me through..." Allen licked his lips, his hand pressed against the boy's chest, he could feel the vampire's breathing becoming heavy.

   "Let me make it up to you then," he smiled as he crashed his lips against Christoph's. The vampire boy could no longer hold back, crying he fell into Allen's grasp, becoming entangled in his embrace.

   "You dirty little human boy," he thought to himself, "Now I really want you..." Their lips parted, Allen guided the boy's hands towards his abdomen, reaching a soft spot on the waist line, he whispered to Christoph.

   "Punish me then," he coed in a seductive manner, unbuttoning his shirt. Too lost to say no, Christoph's eyes flared red as he kissed at the boy's lower left abdominal side before sinking his teeth into his flesh.

   "I love how you hate me, Allen..." he whispered in a drunken manner.


   After school, Allen was waiting for Alois to come out of the building, Christoph by his side, still drunk off his little... lust session in the bathroom earlier in the day.

   "What are you doing here, Christoph!?" Alois pretended to smile, complete hate welling up inside him. "Does this damn boy have a fucking death wish?" he thought to himself.

   "He's coming over for a bit," Allen smiled, "Hope you don't mind."

   "No... not at all," he cringed slightly. He sent Christoph a mental message, "I'm going to fucking crucify your vampiric ass if you try anything." The vampire just gave a slight nod in acknowledgment. Arriving at the Hughes' home the boys wandered up to Alois' room for reasons yet unknown to the demon child. Alois sat on his bed, still glaring at Christoph as he sat in the desk chair, while Allen joined Alois on the bed. A moment of complete silence passed between the three before Allen's laughter broke the silence.

   "What's so funny?" Alois asked, still glaring at Christoph.

   "The fact that you're both trying to hide your feelings towards each other from me!" he continued to laugh, "When I've known all along about you two... and your little quarrel over me..." As Allen continued to laugh, the other two displayed signs of shock and embarrassment; Alois blushed heavily and looked away from Allen, while Christoph, still a little hazy minded only managed to mutter the words, "Smart little bugger..." 

   "Your just figuring that out now?" the demon boy answered, flustered that Allen had known all along but never said anything. His young master was truly an enigmatic human, worthy of a demon's attention, and yet, it seemed as though he hadn't given the boy enough attention to have noticed his awareness of the demon boy's problem with Christoph. "So... you know what Christoph truly is then, is that right Allen?"

   "Yup," he smiled, placing his hand onto Alois'," Look at you two, your hate towards each other is absolutely hilarious... and quite rather pathetic," Allen smirked in a cruel tone.

   "How dare you," Christoph flared, standing up from the chair, "I demand to know why you brought me here into the presence of this..." he roared, pointing at Alois with minor disgust, "This... abomination!"

   "Okay, that's it, you're toast vamp-boy!" Alois shouted, standing up and moving to meet Christoph in the center of the room.

   "That's enough, you two!" Allen, yelled. As the two boys stopped to stare angrily at him, their looks quickly became that of terror and complete upset as Allen dragged a cold, steel blade across his arm. The blood immediately began to flow from the boy, the pain evident in his face.

   "Allen!" Alois shrieked, "What the hell are you doing!?" Rushing over to the bleeding boy, he was joined by Christoph as they tried desperately to stop the immense amount of blood flowing forth from Allen. Seeing no other way to stem the blood flow, Alois chomped his fangs down onto the wound, expelling mass quantities of his venom like saliva into Allen's blood stream to cause the blood to clot and start repairing the tissue.

   "What are you doing biting him like that!?" Christoph shrieked trying to yank Alois off Allen's arm, only to be stopped by Allen.

   "He's trying to use his venom to stop the blood flow," Allen soothed Christoph, running his hand across his cheek. Grasping Allen's hands with his own, Christoph felt powerless to help. Then, it hit him; his vampiric blood had healing properties.

   "Allen, drink my blood," Christoph mumbled as he bit into his own wrist causing blood to come rushing forward, "My blood has incredible healing properties as you can probably imagine." Allen lazily grabbed a hold of the vampire boy's wrist and began to drink the blood; all the while, Christoph was running his fingers through Allen's young hair whispering, "That's good, just like that. Keep drinking Allen..."

   Some time passed until Allen stopped bleeding and was recovered enough to speak again. When he sat up to speak, he was happy at what he saw; both boys were side by side, watching over him.

   "Allen," Alois sighed as he hugged his master and friend, "What made you do such a stupid thing like that?"

   "To prove a point," he mumbled, smiling.

   "Pardon?" Christoph asked, dumbfounded.

   "Look at you two," Allen sighed, smiling. "You two were able to put your differences aside to work together in order to save me, if you two really hated each other... You wouldn't have done that, now would you?" There was a moment of complete silence between the three of them until Allen again, broke the awkward silence. "Look, you guys hate each other because you are of different blood lines and," Allen strained heavily, "You two thought you had no common ground, so, you naturally began to hate each other..."

   "When in actuality..." Alois started to speak, smiling a stupid looking grin.

   " have a common ground," Christoph finished, turning to Alois, "We both love, and want to protect Allen, don't we?"

   "Yeah..." Alois replied, making eye contact with the vampire boy. "Friends then?" Alois asked in a meek manner, his hand outstretched in Christoph's direction.

   "Friends," Christoph smiled, shaking Alois' hand. And so on that day the two demons were able to come to an understanding, and so that's how it was, Allen now had two guardians, A Reaper's son, and the descendant of a powerful vampire. This where the first part of the story ends; with the boy, his demon, and a vampire...

   ~End Part One~


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