The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


6. The Blackest of Nights ~Part Two

   "Well, well," Alois commented to himself, "He truly is a monster, possessed by the Devil's drink... how predictable of a mortal man." Wandering into the kitchen he beheld a sickening sight; He had forced his wife up against the sink, holding her there by pulling her back with one hand, and, to keep her quiet, held a butcher's knife to her throat.

   "Come on now honey," he slurred, "Sean's gone out for a bit, and the other two are up in their rooms... Let's have some fun..."

   "Filthy animal," She muttered, looking her husband in the eyes with complete hatred, "I want you out of my house, and out of my son's lives."

   "Stupid whore!" he smacked her, sending her sprawling into the table where she gashed her head, before falling to the floor. Her husband rushed over, holding the knife again under her throat, and again, pulling her hair back he laughed in her face. "Your nuttin' but a stinkin' whore, I own you... and all those brats you call kids. I can do what ever the hell I want with you... or them."

   "Mommy, is everything alright?" Looking behind him, Alois found a boy, slightly shorter than Allen. He had short, messy earthen brown hair, a pale complextion, and a pair of bright blue eyes that resembled a polished sapphire.

   "Michael, go back to your room," the mother cried out.

   "No, Michael... Come 'ere," slurred the father.

   "Daddy, why are you hurting mommy?" Michael spoke with an even tone, a tone of innocence. Watching him move towards the kitchen despite his mother's screaming not to crushed Alois.

   "Alright, good boy," he smiled a stupor smile at his son, "See whore, he know who's his master and commander." He gave the knife to Michael, "Alight, I want you to, cut 'er, right up the side of her cheek 'ere. Just to show her who's boss."

   "I don't want to hurt mommy," he said, dropping the knife. The father lept at the boy, throwing him against the opposite wall. Michael began to bleed as his father picked him up by the boy's throat and began to choke him.

   "Daddy... Please stop.." he gagged. The sight and smell of the young boy's blood sent Alois spinning into a fit of madness. He bent his back backwards, holding his hands against his skull he screamed the most hellish noise anybody in the house had ever heard. The noise cracked several windows in the house, and, it woke up Allen.

   "What the hell was that?" he called as he stumbled out of the room. He stopped cold when he saw Alois curled up at the foot of the stairs screaming, even worse was his mom on the floor in pain, and, his father choking Michael. "Dad, what the hell are you doing!?" he screamed flying down the stairs. 

   "Ah, great," he muttered, still choking out Michael, "Make yourself useful and shut up the wailin' banshee over there on the steps."

   "Let go of him you fucking drunk!" Allen yelled in vain, his father let go of Michael, only to spin on his heels and punch Allen in the gut, sending him into the stairs, landing next to Alois. "Why aren't you doing anything Alois!?"

   "The bastards' part of your family," he stopped screaming, "And so I can't hurt him!"

   "Alois!" Allen yelled into his partner's face, "I order you to get him out of this house!" Immediately regaining his composure, Alois stood up.

   "Is that what you wish Allen?" 

   "Yes, now get his ass out of here!" he screamed. Alois, licked his lips and smiled a very unearthly grin. 

   "As you wish, my master," Leaping off the stairwell, into the kitchen he grabbed the knife, that Michael had been so kind to drop, and plunged it into the father's backside.

   "You bastard!" the father yelled, pulling out the knife, "I'm gonna kill you!" Taking the bait the father began to blindly follow Alois outside, into the blackened forest, the whole time Alois kept giggling, and whistling the Funeral March. 

   "Your slow, you know that?" he taunted the father, knowing full well it would fuel the anger emanating from the old man, which would drive him to pursue him.

   "I'll rip you to fuckin' pieces, you little bastard!" he roared, as he continued to follow Alois into the deeper parts of the woods. Finally he came to came to a clearing on a cliff face, dropping off into a deep ravine. Everything seemed black since there was no moon to bathe the normally beautiful landscape. No, in this moment it was part of the Black Forest, it was the Forest of Silence.

   "Took you long enough to catch up to me," Alois turned and smiled at the father, "You're terribly slow, you fucking drunk."

   "Now I'm going to kill you," he growled. Plunging heedlessly towards Alois, he wanted to rip that smile off this insolent brat's face, he wanted to kill the little bastard who tried to humiliate him in front of his precious possessions.


   The next morning, Allen waited on the back porch, starring into the black forest, hoping that at any moment Alois would come walking out of the forest, nonchalantly humming to himself. His mother came out with a plate of pancakes and a fork for Allen.

   "Don't worry honey, I called the police," she started, "They'll find Alois."

   "And what about father?" he pretended to care. His mother leaned against his shoulder.

   "Honey, stop pretending to care. I know you hated him," she responded. Patting his head, she headed inside, saying over her shoulder, "Preferably, I hope they don't find him." Allen began to slowly, and begrudgingly eat the pancakes. He felt guilty eating while his partner could be hurt out there somewhere. 

   The police later came by to say they hadn't found either of them, but that they would still keep up the search. One of the policemen gave her something wrapped in an oily cloth, and whispered that out by the cliff, they found the kitchen knife and definable signs of a struggle, but no sign of either person. 

   "Honey, she called out to Allen, moving to the back porch. "They found Alois' pocket watch, at the cliff face, and I think you should hold it until..." She collapsed onto the back porch in hysterics for Allen was no where to be found, and neither was Alois' overcoat.

   "Alois, I'm coming to find you," Allen thought to himself as he hurried out to the cliffs. Come hell or high water he was determined to find his demonic friend, he had to; without him he felt empty, soulless, no longer alive. When he finally came to the clearing there was no one around.

   "Keep up the search my ass," he muttered to himself. Walking around he tried to see if he could pick up on something the police missed. Hours went by, no results. The sun was beginning to sink lower into the sky and Allen knew that staying in the woods after dark was suicide. A cool gust of wind blew up from the ravine below, its chill forced Allen to put on Alois' overcoat. 

   "Caw!" came the call of, at first, Allen mistook for a crow. "Caw... Caw..!" No, the call was too deep in pitch to be a crow, looking up he saw the largest raven he'd ever see. Its feathers were jet black and appeared to have a slick sheen to them as they reflected the fading sunlight. Its eyes were a deep, blood red; when he looked into the bird's eyes he felt as though it pierced his soul, and suddenly he felt the urge for some reason to stick out his arm; so he did. The raven glided down from its perch in the trees and, to Allen's surprise, peacefully perched onto his arm.

   "Are you a friend of Alois?" he whispered to the bird.

   "Who wants to know," came the sharp tongued voice of the bird, but not out loud, no it was conversing with Allen, but in his head.

   "I'm his..." he thought about it for a minute and then answered. "I'm his current partner, and I've come to find him."

   "He said you'd come," the bird answered, once again taking flight. "Follow me, human." The bird glided into the dark forest, Allen keeping up with him the whole time. Eventually his lungs began to burn, but the thought of losing that bird, and with it, the chance to find his friend kept him going. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of running, he came to a large, blackened oak tree, with roots protruding from the tree so that it looked like a mound of dirt at first, until he drew closer and noticed the woven pattern the tree made from its roots. Finding his way into the winding, twisted mass of the roots he found Alois, sprawled out among the roots. His face was unusually pale, and upon touching his smooth skin, Allen felt how cold Alois had become.

 "I've found you," he whispered, as he dragged Alois from the roots back out into the opening. "I'll get you home, don't you worry." Grunting as he slung the demon boy onto his back and began to piggy back him. The raven guided them out of the woods, which took a while since Alois was heavy and every now and the Allen had to stop for a break. Finally, as the sun fell from the sky, and day turned to twilight, he stumbled out of the woods, and collapsed into his back yard. His mother came flying out of the house along with Sean, and Michael who promptly, carried them into the house, and up to Allen's room where they placed them side by side. 

   "Don't you ever do that to me again young man," the mother sobbed onto her boy's chest. 

   "I'm sorry," he replied, running his hand weakly through his mother's hair. Finally she too, left, leaving the boys alone to themselves. Turning over, Allen was relieved to see some of the color had returned to Alois, and he wasn't deathly cold anymore either.

   "You'd said you protect me," Allen started to whisper, "And you did. And then you said you'd return, and we sleep together through the dark night... And now we will sleep together, through the darkest night, through this.. new moon." He kissed his friend lightly on the lips, and drew the blankets over them.

   When the mother checked in on them later, she found them curled up in each other's embrace, smiling. Closing the door quietly so as not to wake them she smiled to herself, whispering to the boys, "Sweet dreams you two..." And like the demon boy promised, they slept through the night, together, not as master and servant, but as friends... or even cursed lovers.


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