The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


21. That 'Chilled' Feeling

   It was Thanksgiving Day, the calm before the storm and everyone knew it; all those except for Sean, Michael and the mother who, by the grace of the highest power were still blissfully unaware of the tension the three boys and the Father felt.

   "So Father," Jenny initiated conversation during the middle of lunch that day, "In regards to Alois, and his staying with us..."

   "No need to worry, Mrs. Hughes," Father Cornell smiled," After this weekend, I believe I can safely take him back to live with me at the church."

   "Actually, since he's no family to call his own," she began, "I was wondering, with the church's approval, and ofcourse, your blessing I was hoping to maybe..." There was a minor tension building in the room. "Adopting the child into the family, or at least, Allowing him to stay with us indefinitely..."

   "Well I..." The Father trailed off, "I wouldn't see why not... Perhaps now though, wouldn't be the prime time though, with Ray gone, the holidays are going to be tough enough for you. If anything, I would just be happy in the fact that Alois does have a permanent residence for now with people who genuinely care for him."

   Before anyone else could interject, however, there was a curious knock on the door to the house; a guest? Now? But who could it possibly be was the thought of many at the table. Getting up to answer the door, The Father cautiously proceeded forward, crucifix in hand as he reached for the knob.

   "Oh, hello there," came the voice of a man in an ashen blue colored suit, his face was somewhat rounded with a slight point to the chin; his eyes however were captivating, a deep oceanic blue, almost purple. "Hello, my name is Ripley..." he bowed, removing his top hat. Quickly replacing it on his head he smiled, "Yes, Ripley Ignacious Pemberton is my full name anyways..."

   "I don't believe I've seen you around before... are you new to town?" Father Cornell asked with suspicion. Smiling, the man pointed to the house a little ways down the hill.

   "Yes, I recently purchased that fine property down there..." noticing Alois, he winked quickly to which Alois placed his head into his palm and retreated back to the table. Noticing his friend's apparent embarrassment, Allen inquired to him.

   "What's got you riled up? Do you know that guy?"

   "It's my father," he grumbled quietly, "He's in disguise.... I bloody hate that disguise, and he knows it." Dropping his hand from his face back unto the table, his voice grew quiet. "He's here to make sure I don't die... and, to pass judgment on those who do die."

   "You alright, Allen?" Christoph asked, clasping onto the now shaking human child.

   "Yeah," he answered, "Just got the jitters is all..."


   "You know... That 'chilled' feeling that shoots up your spine?" Allen replied, "It's a natural reaction to fear..."

   "And to the presence of a spirit," Alois cut in, "It is also said this occurs when a powerful entity is nearby... and right now, my father, The Grimm Reaper is at the door; don't get much more powerful than that."

   "You've never had the jitters?" Allen looked at Christoph, his shivering now gone.

   "No, I'm usually the one causing the jitters..." he trailed off. "You humans hear the word vampire, and instantly freak out... It's kind of amusing actually." The boys fell silent as they heard the door close quietly.  The mood of the house changed slightly as Jenny, and the Father walked in, followed by Mr. Pemberton.

   "Really, dad? Are you so paranoid...?" the demon child mentally communicated to the seemingly innocent man. He shot a smile at the boys as he took his seat at the now decently crowded table.

   "Everybody," Jenny smiled, "This is our new neighbor, Mr. Pemberton." The man said hello to everyone as he removed his hat and coat. "He'll be dining with us since he's not fully unpacked himself yet," she smiled, passing the man some turkey.

   "Thank you mam," he smiled as a polite gesture of gratitude. Turning to look directly at the demon boy he mentally communicated back. "Not paranoid son, just curious. Besides, I do like this town and it was time for a change of scenery anyway."


   Dinner proceeded much as lunch had, now however night was beginning to rear its pale and dark shroud from the depths of the Earth's horizons. Attempting to not arouse suspicion, the tasks the Father had given to the Boys to perform were put out to look like the boys were simply playing. Finally, as the sun sank below the ridge of the horizon, and the day gave way to twilight, the boys headed inside to meet Father Cornell in the parlor.

   "All the tasks have been completed," Allen huffed, having run from the cliff face in the Dark Forest.

   "And did you bring the flowers?" Father Cornell asked. Allen presented the Father with a bushel of light purple flowers that resembled lavender, but they had deep red, almost black stems and an odor that could only be compared to fresh spilt blood. "Ah yes, well done, Allen."

   "All the traps set?"

   "To the letter," Alois smiled his devil's smile of mischief. "Has the party of innocents been given the sleeping powder?"

   "A little while ago," Christoph answered, smiling like a hound dog does when it knows it has made its master proud. "They should be well and passed out now..." Looking over at Mr. Pemberton, who was apparently passed out in the armchair, all smiled knowing the powder had worked; all except Alois. He knew his father was faking, and simply awaiting the proper time to make his appearance.

   "Now then," Father Cornell mused, "Let's get ready, we've quite the show to put on for our coming guests..." Everybody smiled, they knew their parts well. The Father and Alois immediately began to put together the makeup that would be needed in order to make their performance seem convincing. Allen soon found himself alone, with the vampire boy.

   "You ready?" Allen smiled, throwing his hands around Christoph's neck, "Tonight's going to be one hell of a performance, isn't it?"

   "Guess so..." 

   "What's wrong, Christoph?" Allen frowned, "Are you having second thoughts?" the boy pried, his eyes turning their demonic purplish pink. "You remember what I told you about choices, right?"

   "It's not that," he nuzzled his head onto the boy's shoulder, "I'm worried what'll happen afterwards," he mumbled. He knew that though his mother was a cruel women, she had always provided for the little vampire, now, he'd be on his own, provided ofcourse he didn't die.

   "Look, it'll be alright," Allen smiled, drawing Christoph's head up to look at him. Holding the vampire child's chin with his hand he drew close, "If we win this, you'll be free to live as you please..." he rubbed his cheek against the vampire's, cooing softly into his ear. "You'll be your own person, no longer bound by your mother, wouldn't that be nice..?"

   "Yes... It would be nice to just be myself..." he moaned slightly as the human child nibbled a little on his ear before pulling away. "Allen..." Christoph spoke in a whisper, "You said you'd never be mine... can I be yours then?" Allen licked his lips ever so slightly, leaning close he gingerly bit into Christoph's flesh. The sensation was almost too much for Christoph to contain as he struggled to hold back a moan, instead only uttering a sigh filled with pleasure.

   "Does that answer your question?" he smiled, a small amount of blood on the edges of his lips. Christoph felt suddenly warm on the inside as leaned inwards toward Allen.

   "Thank you Allen," He smiled, kissing the boy passionately on the lips, "I've now experienced that 'chilled' feeling....and it actually fells rather nice," He thought to himself as the two boys parted ways. Then, all grew pitch dark, and a cold gust blew threw the house.

   "Our guests are here!" Father Cornell called, "Everybody to your places!" As the Father said that, Christoph got another case of the jitters, these ones however, were indeed of the chilled variety...




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