The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


19. Strange Revelations

   There was a moment of silence that followed the blinding flash of light, that had so blinded the Father. Trying to gain his balance he shakily stood up, attempting to regain his senses. Rubbing his eyes he beheld a sight he'd only seen once before in life.

   "Jesus Holy Christ...." He trailed off, removing the spectacles from his face, "That light, I've only seen it once before..." Before him stood a barrier of pure, radiant white light, inside Allen was still standing his ground; he was different though, his eyes were obscured by the light, but the Father thought he could faintly make out a golden shimmer in the boy's eyes.

   "You will not hurt my friends... ever," came a distorted voice; Allen's voice had become distorted, it was overlapping that of another beings, but he didn't know who's. However, Cornell did recognize the light; the light before him was caused by a soul of pure innocence crying out for help... and awakening its true potential with the blessings of the almighty.

   "You... Father," the voice called out, "This boy... is not your enemy, neither are the two children this boy aims to protect..."

   "Then tell me oh mighty one," he answered, bowing to one knee, "Who is the enemy I seek that has soo infected this house with darkness..?"

   "There will be a vampire who will arrive in two days to claim the human child... she, and her new found accomplice are your foes who seek to destroy this family..." the voice echoed as the light faded away. "Be warned priest... this will be a time of trial for you... and these boys...." As the light finally faded away, Allen collapsed into Father Cornell's waiting arms.

   "Please don't kill them.... please..." Allen murmured as he fainted. Holding the child close he whispered into the boy's ears in an assuring voice.

   "Do not fear... I shall protect you..." placing Allen in his bed, he looked down at the other two, who had both blacked out. Slinging them over each shoulder, he proceeded up to the attic, opening the door that Alois had left erroneously unlocked earlier and proceeded into the dimly lit space. Closing the door behind him he looked around, "Definitely a dwelling of a child of the darkness..."

   "What's the matter... Father?" Alois choked, coming to his senses, "Afraid of the dark?"

   "You're awake, that's good," He mumbled quietly, "Making amends with you will be easier this way..." he trailed off, placing the demon and the vampire onto the bed.

   "Amends, huh?" Alois smiled weakly, "Not sure if I, a child, could ever forgive you for what you've done to hurt me," he spoke in the voice of a hurting child.

   "Enough, Alois," he remanded, "I know what you truly are now... Be happy divine intervention has sparred you, otherwise you'd be in hell right now."

   "Tell me Father," the boy asked in his normal tone, "Would you rather have never known of my true self, do I disgust you that much?"

   "Never..." he replied, "I could never harbor hatred for you, Alois, demon or not, you are a child none the less. Even children of hell deserve to live a life on Earth I suppose..."

   "I was genuinely starting to like being with you Cornell, despite your obvious disposition on my kind..." the demon boy smiled, "You were genuinely charitable to me, and for that I thank you...."

   The Father removed a blood packet from his pocket, and placed it on the night stand beside the child. "The blood was to be used in case the vampire tried to bite me and I had to purify myself; see that he drinks it when he awakens." With that, the Father left, returning to his room, but not before removing the enchantment he placed on the household that had effectively frozen time for everyone else.


   He woke, screaming in the middle of the night; Christoph had just drempt that his mother had made good on her word about murdering the family. Alois, awoken from the screams quickly stuffed his face with a pillow.

   "Shut up," He muttered, "Before you wake the entire family."

   "Where am I?" Christoph drowsily asked, disoriented, "Why am I in a bed... and with you of all people?" That comment got him a smack in the face.

   "It's where the Father dumped you after our little spat," He began to seethe, remembering what the spat was about, "Welcome to my room, if you don't like it, there's the door."

   "No, actually I like it," he mumbled, looking around, "You've got good taste, for a reaper, anyway."

   "I'll take that as a compliment, I guess," He smirked, handing the blood packet to the vampire, "Here, it's the only chance of survival you have at this point." Christoph didn't even question where it came from, he tore off the top of it and ravenously drank its entire content. Smiling as he dropped the now empty packet into the nearby wastebasket he turned to Alois. 

   "I must thank you for that," He mused, "I would be dead and useless without that."

   "Useless for what?"

   "When my mother comes," Christoph sighed, "I aim to kill her."

   "No shit..." Alois chuckled, "Never thought you'd have the balls to do that?" He leaned over, feeling the anger welling up in the vampire child.

   "I hate her so much," Christoph began to cry, "She's made me kill so many... All because of my bloodline... I don't care about being a Tepes, I'd rather be a normal child and their prey, than be part of that ruthless clan of idiots." Christoph's hate towards his own family began to whet his appetite and, before either of them knew what was occurring, Alois had locked the vampire boy into a dark kiss of passion.

   "I accept your apology," he whispered into Christoph's ear.

   "And I accept your reconciliation," he cooed in return. As they embraced each other in another kiss, Christoph couldn't help but wonder how it all was going to end; would his mother perish and he have to only deal with temporary sorrow; or, would she win and he would have to live in eternal pain and suffering, the thought kept him awake, long after the two parted and Alois returned to slumber.

   "I miss my coffin," He mumbled, "At least in there, I was at peace when resting..." He wasn't the only one who was up that night, Father Cornell was deeply disturbed at what he'd witnessed earlier, even more at what divine providence had told him.

   "Damn," he thought, "If what was said is true, than I have but one two days and one night to prepare myself... and the children for the Hell that's about to come..." The day had indeed been enlightening for the Father, a day full of revelations; strange revelations, but revelations none the less. Falling back onto the linens of the bed he starred at the ceiling mumbling.

   "Why, oh heavenly Father... Do you, again throw one of your faithful servants into the fiery pits of Hell..." He whispered, his eyes getting heavy, "Why do you see fit to continue to test me, and those I meet along the way....?"


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