The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


10. Second Thoughts

   It was late when the boys finally walked in the door, all was quiet in the house. The lights in almost every room was out, leaving the entire house in darkness; this immediately made Alois suspicious, he started to go around checking to make sure nothing was out of place.

   "Boy, what are you doing?" Sean chuckled from the stairwell, curiously watching as Allen's friend went through all the lower rooms of the house, seemingly searching for something.

   "Where has everyone gone?" he questioned Sean, "The house is empty... It worries me a bit."

   "I don't know," Sean smiled, "Went out I guess." Shrugging his shoulders, Sean motioned for them to follow him upstairs. Walking down the narrow hall of the second floor the reached the stairs at the opposite end of the hall. 

   "Where do those go off to?" Alois whispered to Allen.

   "They go to what we were using as a storage room," he replied, leading his friend up the stairs after Sean. "Supposedly, before we lived here it was a study for the proprietor of the house." The door creaked open as Sean dissipated into the darkness, Allen now tugging Alois up the stairs followed cautiously. As they walked into the room, the door shut behind them; there was a moment in which, for a split second the demon boy shivered, in fear.

   "Surprise!" came a chorus of voices as the lights flipped on, Alois clutched at his chest for a second, despite knowing full well his heart didn't pump blood anymore the sudden shock of the surprise left him with feeling like he was going to have coronary failure.

   "Welcome to your new room Alois!" beamed Jenny, she seemed proud of her work. "It took Sean, Michael and I all day since we got home but we were able to turn this back into a room none the less."

   "Hope you like it shorty," Sean laughed a bit, "Cause you're stuck with us for a while so this will probably be your only sanctuary."

   "Sean Bellamy Hughes!" the mother scolded.


   "Here Alois," spoke Michael as he handed Alois a copper key. "It's for the door to the room and the Widow's Walk."

   "Thank you Michael," the demon boy smiled, graciously taking the key from the young boy. "Wait, you guys are giving me the Widow's Walk too?"

   "Yep," Sean smirked, "Little bro told me how much you liked the look of it, so, we decided to make it part of your room." Pointing to the set of iron spiral stairs in the corner of the room, "That copper key there opens the door up top and that will lead you to the walk."

   "Thank you guys so much," he smiled a genuine smile; demon or not, Death way back when decided that it would be important for Alois to still have human emotion, so he allowed him to keep that part of him.

   "We'll leave you and Allen to get your stuff all settled away," Jenny replied as she shut the door to the room, having taken the other two boys with her. Alois was fairly impressed by the room; there were lamps in all four corners of the room with a small chandelier hanging on the ceiling in the center. There were four small alcoves that each held a window that for two, overlooked the street, while the other two looked out over the yard and the woods. There was a dulled out grey wall paper with red stripes running vertical every so many feet or so. A large bureau was located in one corner of the room along with an old fashioned stand up mirror. In the middle of one of the walls was a large bed with enormous, ornately carved head and foot boards. The opposite wall was covered in bookshelves, some of which contained dusty volumes of old pieces of literature while others, contained knowledge of the world, at least, knowledge of how the humans saw it. Finally, in the last corner opposite of the spiral staircase was an ornate desk of mahogany, complete with matching chair and study lamp. On the bed were two suitcases and a box; all of Alois' collected Earthly possessions he'd attained from over the years laid to bare in only two suitcases and a small box.

   "Alright," Allen clapped his hands together, grabbing the suitcases and dragging them over to the bureau, "Let's get your clothes put away." Several pairs of underwear, socks, and a couple pairs of shoes later, the boys came upon Alois' main wardrobe. "Jeez Alois," Allen chided, "You really like white buttoned downs and black pants, don't you?"

   "I don't see what you mean," he replied flatly.

   "All you've essentially got are repeats of the clothes you're wearing right now!" his friend responded in disbelief. "Except for this black tie... and this red buttoned down with black buttons..." Allen stopped at these and looked at his friend. "What's with the random tie and shirt?"

   "They're for... special occasions..." Alois answered, snapping the trunk closed, "Allen, I'd like... to be alone for right now... If you don't mind."

   "Ofcourse," he kissed him lightly on the cheek as he left.

   "At least he didn't see the..." he couldn't bring himself to finish the statement. Underneath the red shirt and black tie was Alois' only other uniform of buisness; his funeral suit. The suit was for the funerals of his, 'partners,' once their contract with him were complete. The color was somewhere between a charcoal black and timber-wolf grey for the jacket, pants, and shirt; the vest was a slightly lighter grey with ivory white buttons and finally was the rose that it came with. A white rose with sharp prickers and black pettels. This suit was the last thing his partners ever saw in their life on Earth. The rose was the worst part of it; originally it had seven pettels surrounding its core bud, but every time he took someone's soul, a new pettel grew; right now it was up to twelve, and soon, Allen would be the thirteenth.

   "Dammit," he laughed at himself, "Alois, you're becoming soft. Remember, humans are to be nothing more to you than your prey, nothing more...but weak prey..." He smiled devilishly at the red suit pieces. They were indeed for a special occasion; it was to be worn on the night of the contract's completion and the physical death of the partner, in which, their blood would further deepen the color of the shirt.

   "Allen and I will look great together when that night comes," He chuckled as he put away the two suits in the bottom most drawer. "There," he whispered, "All put away." With that done he stacked the suitcases beside the bureau and proceeded to unpack the box, placing his trinkets in various places around the room, only stopping to go to dinner, and after he was finished, he returned immediately to his room to finish settling in. 


   He slung his overcoat on the hook on the back of the door, undressing himself down to his pants, throwing the shirt and vest atop the bureau. He kicked off his shoes and placed them beside the bed, he peeled off the socks, throwing them to the floor beside the bed. His pocket watch was placed with care on the nightstand on the right side of the bed. Finally all done, he flopped onto the bed waiting for sleep to come.

   "Hey, Alois?" it was Allen again, "Can I come in?"

   "Just shut the door behind you," he smiled as his partner walked into the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Allen here," Alois handed him a copy of the copper key.

   "Where'd you get this?" he asked, perplexed over the fact that the only other key was in his mother's possession.

   "I'm a demon, remember?" Alois smiled, "Creating a new key is rather child's play for a demon."

   "Why? The key was so you would be guaranteed having peace and quiet when you wanted to get away from it all."

   "Allen, I want you, can't you understand that?" Alois responded, "So I want you to be able to come and see me whenever you want. We are partners, friends... maybe even a bit more... So we should always be able to get to each other."

   "Thank you," he kissed his demonic friend. Getting up to leave, Alois pulled him down onto the bed; leaning over him he smiled devilishly, "I slept in your bed, now it's your turn..." He bent down, kissing him passionately.

   As they slept that night Alois began to come to a realization; he was truly falling for Allen and soon to the fact that he would have to end it, and soon. He came to a conclusion; he'd have to figure out what Allen truly wanted and complete the contract. But, at the same time, he didn't want to steal the boy from his family or himself, for that matter.

   "There's no way out of the contract's endgame though," he thought to himself, "At least, not to my knowledge... Wait, why am I even thinking about this!?" Deep down, though he tried to deny to himself that Allen was anything more than a soul to eat, Alois was beginning to have second thoughts, and not just about the situation with Allen, but with everything he was doing...


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