The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


11. Returning to School

   Monday rolled around quickly, leaving no time for either of the two to further explore what they meant to each other. Alois seemed very distant once they woke up; he sent Allen back to his room so he could get ready, and, so Alois could brood over his predicament in peace.

   "Damn," he muttered as he slipped on his vest over his buttoned down shirt, "I'm tearing myself up on the inside over something so incredibly trivial." Looking into the mirror though, his reflection reminding him of what he truly was; a demon. "He's nothing more than a soul to collect," he yelled at himself in his mind. However, he felt something more meaningful towards Allen, he knew, though denying himself of the fact, that in truth, Allen wasn't just another soul, he was a partner... and a friend.

   "Ready, Alois?" came Allen's voice from the other side of the door, "Mom's made breakfast for us."

   "Has she now?"

   "Yes, there's bacon, toast... I think eggs..."

   "Alright, I'll be down in a minute," he replied, turning back to the mirror. He became locked in his own glare; at one point however, he suddenly became terrified, forcing himself to look away. "Dammit all!" he moaned, one hand clasped firmly onto his face as if he were trying to rip something off, "That can't be happening...not now..."

   "You alright in there?" came Allen as he opened the door. Upon seeing his friend on the floor doubled over in pain worried him. "My god, Alois, are you alright?"

   "Get away Allen," he growled, "I don't... I don't..." he struggled to keep hold on himself as his soul tried to tear itself apart, "I don't want to hurt you... Allen, please... I can't go with you to school, I'm sorry."

   "Are you going to be okay?" he quivered in fear.

   " I just need... to rest a bit, but I... should be fine," he gritted through his teeth.

   "Alright," the boy responded, backing out the door he whispered to his hurting friend, "I'll tell mom you're not feeling well, she'll understand." And with that he left his demonic friend in his room, struggling to maintain control of himself.

   "Fuck it all!" he screamed quietly, "Only one person can tell me what's going on... but I really don't want to talk to him..." His soul tore a little, sending a sharp pain screaming through his body causing convulsions to occur. "Dammit," he groaned, "I have no choice..." he knew that he had to summon his father, the Reaper to help explain what was happening.


   Allen had no choice, he begrudgingly started the long trek to school, alone, which made the walk seem so much longer... and lonelier. About half way to the school though he ran into a familiar face.

   "Christoph!" he beamed, running to catch up to the blond boy, "I didn't expect to see you out this way." Turning to face the focal point of the voice that had called to him, he was surprised to see it was Allen; even better, no Alois.

   "Allen, good to see you again," he smiled pleasantly, "Yeah, I live in one of those little houses a few streets over so I decided to cut through the connecting alleys." In truth, when Allen had discovered him he had just finished disposing of the remains of his last meal, a prostitute, caught wandering around the edge of the forest the night before.

   "Can I walk to school with you?" Allen asked with a slight quiver in his voice. 

   "Sure... but, where's Alois?" he asked, making sure he wasn't walking into an ambush.

   "Sick," the boy replied, "It looked like he was having a major headache, so I left him at home."

   "Oh, that's too bad..." he feigned sympathy; this was perfect, the boy that formed the obsession for him for the past almost month now was actually by himself, no pesky Alois to be the guard dog, all to his little vampiric self. "The energy that's coming from him is so wonderful, and he smells wondrous... I could just..." he gave himself a mental slap, "No, not yet, I want him to actually want me, possession would just be no fun."

   "So, Christoph," Allen broke into his train of thought, "Tell me, what do think of me?"


   "I've been watching you steal glances at me this whole walk," he began, "Something tells me you want to ask me something but, your unsure of how I'll respond."

   "I'm sorry," he blushed, rubbing the back of his head. Christoph was amazed at how observant this human was, it amused him so. "Would you... maybe... be my friend?"

   "Sure, why not, you seem like a nice kid," Allen smiled, unaware of what he was getting himself into. As they reached the front gate of the school, the two made plans to met up at recess as they went their separate ways; Christoph was feeling ecstatic inside as he saw himself as having completed the first step in his plan to steal Allen away from Alois.


   "You dare summon me?" came the deep, echo of the Reaper from the darkness that enshrouded Alois' room, "After so many years of hiding, you've decided to contact me Alois, why?"

   "Look at me you skeletal bastard," the demon boy gritted through his teeth in pain, "I'm slowly tearing myself apart and I don't know why!" There was a dark, cruel laugh as the sound of large, flapping wings consumed the silence that was suffocating the space Alois was occupying. Out of the shadows he emerged; Death, the ferrier of the innocent, and, the reaper of the evil and corrupt glided from the infinite darkness of the Underworld, coming to stand before his fallen son. 

   "You haven't changed much, old man," Alois spat. He looked the same as the day they first met; clad in his robes that resembled a smokey blue, his wings were those of the spirit guide of the Underworld, the raven. His yellowed ivory skull poked out from the blackness of his hood as those same bluish-green flames crackled in the pits of his eye sockets.

   "Neither have you, Alois Cromwell," his voice echoed forth from his skull.

   "I know we... haven't seen eye to eye lately," he winced as the spasms came back, "But father, I need your help, please, you made who I am, so please tell me how I can fix what's broken..." With the point of one finger, Alois found himself levitated in front of Death.

   "Hold still, Alois," he mumbled quietly, "I'm going to have to cut into your being to see what's happened with your soul..." With one fluid movement, his shirt and vest were whisked away and the cold steel of the scythe of the Reaper pierced his body as Death went searching for the demon boy's soul.

   "You'd think I'd be used to this," the boy chuckled, "But to this day, you still terrify the hell out of me, old man."

   "The fear of me is perfectly natural my son," Death echoed, as he withdrew the soul. "I'll have to temporarily sever the connection to your body to fix this."

   "You mean I have to..."

   "Only temporarily, I promise," he cracked his jaw to one side as if to imitate a grin.

   "Wait, you can't make promises! You're De-" Alois fell silent as the Reaper severed his soul, effectively killing the child. 


   "Well, well, well... you came," Christoph mused at seeing the sight of Allen.

   "Why wouldn't I?"

   "Allen, I know about you and Alois," he smirked wickedly.

   "What do you mean?" Christoph held Allen's chin in his hand playfully as he whispered into his ear.

   "He's a demon, isn't he?" he whispered as he dragged his fangs lightly across Allen's neck, "Your in a contract with him, aren't you?"

   "Get your fangs off me, vampire," Allen hissed, pushing away Christoph, but not before one of the vampire boy's fangs nicked him, causing a small trickle of blood to escape the confinement of his body. 

   "Your blood smells, divine," Christoph smiled, his eyes turning their normal rosy red, "Your scent drives me wild, oh the things I want to do to you..." he whispered, trying to grab a hold of Allen.

   "Christoph, I'm not afraid of you," the boy glared, standing his ground, "You have no power over me, I know how your hypnosis works." As a younger child Allen had a fascination with myths, legends and lore so he would stick his nose into any book he could find on the subject; that, and Alois had been a wealth of knowledge on occasion.

   "I don't care, I want you, Allen," he grabbed onto him and thrust himself upon the boy. There was a sharp burning sound as Christoph became frozen in pain. "Smart boy," he laughed quietly as he fell into Allen's arms, the crucifix Allen wore, burning into Christoph's chest. "Damn, so close to the boy I want... and you choose to hurt me, I'm so foolish," he murmured, bloody tears coming to his eyes. "I should've listened to mom and not gone to school today, I'm too weak still. And I think you've effectively killed me with that cross... please... if I can't have you Allen, then at least give me the final honor of having you be the one to kill me."

   "I will not kill you Christoph," he replied, yanking the crucifix from the boy's chest, "I want to be your friend, not your lover," he smiled setting the vampire under the shade of a nearby tree. Sitting beside him, he held out his wrist, "Don't try to input your venom into me, or I will kill you."

   "Allen, even after I just tried to take you...?" he looked at the boy both touched, but genuinely confused. His body began to burn in the sunlight so without a second thought he leaned inward, taking the boy's wrist in hand, and bit into him gently. 

   "Don't tell Alois, or he'd kill the both of us," Allen smiled.

   "You have my word," he smiled in a drunken stupor; he could see why Alois liked him, his blood was intoxicating, his thirst begged him to go on, but, demonstrating restraint, which was hard for him, he stopped. "I'm in your debt, without that blood, if you'd left me, I most assuredly would have died." The bell rang signaling the end of recess, so the two boys stood up, shook hands, and went inside. On his way home, a slip of paper fell from Christoph's sleeve, picking it up he read it.

 ~If you want to talk, or, settle things with me come to my house; 999 Raven's Loft Drive

    Sincerely, Allen

   "Sneaky boy," Christoph smiled, "Maybe we can work out something, but for now, my sweet boy, I have to get home and heal some," he whispered to himself as he continued home. Today had certainly been an interesting return to school, and Christoph looked forward to the next time he'd be able to be so close to his forbidden love...


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