The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


15. Old Friends; New Hostilities

   Stirring from his usual slumber, the man looked himself over in the mirror; with a swipe of his needle thin comb, his slick, oily hair fell into place as he preferred to wear it. Dawning his grey vest atop his lavender undershirt and red tie, he slipped on his faded jade green pants and tail coat; completing the costume with his customary faded jade bowler hat and reflective spectacles he smiled at himself.

   "You devilish bastard," he smiled to himself, "Today's going to be a great day for buisness... I can taste it..." 


   There were a series of quiet, but quite insistent knockings on the outer shell of the ornate casket, followed by the poisoned sewn voice of a women.

   "Wake, my child," he voice was sweet, but dripped with poison of the deadliest manner. Christoph turned over a little in his casket, moaning at the notion at having to start yet another day at school. The knockings continued, a little louder this time; "Christoph, it is time to rise and start your day..."

   "Yes mother," he mumbled drowsily. Laying on his back he opened the casket's lid and sat up. Stretching out his back, he yawned as his mother stood smiling before him. "Well, I'm up..." She just stood there smiling; enraged at her density he threw his pillow at her shouting, "Begone foul creature! Get out of my sight!"

   "Love you too," she smiled that luring smile of her's as she slithered out of his chambers. 

   "Incompetent women," he commented to himself as he stepped forth from the confines of the casket; wandering up from the basement he was greeted by the family of puppets he had created upon his arrival in this town. A man, a wife, and a little girl; all took Christoph in under the assumption he was a foreign exchange student come in need of  shelter. Three days later, they had all been drunk dry, turned into practically mindless puppets.

   "Good morning, Mr. Reynolds," he waved lazily at the man puppet, passing through the kitchen as he closed the door to the cellar. Moving to the stairwell to head up to his second room where all his main belongings were stored he passed the wife; she smiled blankly at him. Ignoring her he proceeded up the stairs, stopping in front of the little girl's room.

   "Good morning Ally," he whispered, drawing back the covers to the bed. She smiled and hugged him. Ally was the only one of the family that he actually drank from, the other two were his mom's doing; he couldn't bring himself to completely kill her, so he didn't.

   "You goin' to school again?" she asked with her quietly monotone voice. Truth betold, the only reason he didn't turn her into a puppet was because she reminded him of his happier days of youth... before the dark day everything was taken from him.

   "Yeah, I'm going to school," he replied, letting her sit up he exited the room saying, "Have a good day Ally. Don't let mom catch you." She smiled in acknowledgement as he closed her door and ventured into his room.

   "Hurry up or you'll be late dear," his mother telepathically spoke to him.

   "Yes, mother," he replied in annoyance. Looking out the window into the grey world around him he couldn't but help but to smile; being November, almost December now, the sky was always overcast preventing the sun from draining him as badly as before. That, and he liked the bitter cold that came with the changing seasons. Getting dressed, he hurried off to school where he would meet up with his two friends; the human boy, Allen, and the demon child, Alois.


   Drawing a breath that chilled him on the inside, Alois stood up on the Widow's walk admiring the grey sky, which had just begun to show cracks of pale, yellowish orange rays of light in the sky. There was a definitive creak of the wood platform as Allen, his human partner and master wrapped his arms around his waist and whispered into his ear with a drowsy smile.

   "Isn't it just beautiful?" Allen mumbled, still a bit tired, "I've always liked these parts of the day..." He yawned into Alois' ear, which, caused Alois to in turn yawn as well.

   "Aw come on Allen," he smiled, whispering back into the boy's ear, "Don't get me started, I don't want to be tired all day." Kissing his ear, Allen smiled at his partner and whispered in a teasing manner.

   "Aw, but if you're tired you'll go back to bed," whispering even quieter, his eyes becoming their demonic purplish-pink, "And if you go back to bed, we can lay together, keeping ourselves nice and warm; just the two of us..."

   "As inviting as that is," Alois responded with a smile, turning to kiss his partner on the forehead, "We both have an obligation to go to school, for our, and our friend's sake." He was referring to Christoph, who, just before Halloween became a friend to them through his similar want to protect Allen from the forces that could threaten his fragile life. Knowing that Christoph probably wouldn't react too well to the lack of Allen's presence to keep him in check, he nodded, kissed Alois quickly and ran back inside to get dressed, leaving Alois on the Widow's Walk once again.


   Walking down the streets in his faded jade suit, the man with the reflective spectacles was searching for his first hapless prey in this new town that he was to call home... for a while atleast. His job was simple; collect one-hundred souls, tainted by the darkness and then bring forth his master who would then begin to poison the town until it fell into despair and ruin. He soon found his first target; a teenage boy, who, from what the man could see was fuming over a girl who, appeared to be flirting with another guy.

   "Ah jealousy..." he whispered to himself as he drew near, sticking his tongue out to taste the sweet and bitter aroma of this boy's jealousy it became apparent of his true identity; he was a demon. A demon in the buisness of harvesting souls.

   "That your girl over there?" he held back a smile, letting his velvet smooth voice do the talking.

   "What's it to you?" the boy replied with a snort at the man.

   "Why else would you stare so possessively at her?" he soothed, "Unless, you're not a stalker... are you?"

   "Shit no, I'm that cheating bitch's boyfriend," he continued to ignore the man, "Boy I'd like to teach her a lesson..."

   "Oh really..." he smiled, opening his suitcase, he withdrew a snow white contract, sealed with a red waxen seal. "What if I could be able to satisfy your wish?"

   "Oh really, how?"

   "Hmm, a skeptic... Here, watch that pigeon there..." he smiled at the boy, pointing at the filthy bird just in front of them. Glaring at the bird, the boy sneered.

   "So? I fucking hate pigeons," he growled.

   "Watch," the man replied, smiling at the bird he drew his finger into a gun, and fired. The bird suddenly screeched and dropped dead.

   "Oh shit, did... did you?"

   "Yes sir."


   "That's not important, what is, however is do you want to punish the girl you say is cheating?" the man soothed with his velvet voice.

   "Hell yes!" the boy arrogantly smiled, "Give me that there paper," snatching the contract from the man, he signed his name on the line at the bottom of the contract.

   "You know what that was?"

   "Yeah, my dad's a lawyer," he smiled, "Now, work your magic, man!"

   "As you wish," smiling as he went, he glared at the girl, catching her gaze he possessed her and guided her into the street. There was yelling, followed by the screeching of the brakes of a car... and then, a sickening thud.

   "What the fuck!?" the boy screamed, I didn't want you to do that!" but before he could run to help in vain, the man grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around.

   "You really should've specified, but I did do what you asked so, our contract is complete..." There was a scream from a nearby alley, but by the time some one went to help, all they found was a dead boy, his eyes frozen in terror; meanwhile the man in green walked up the hill, away from the accident, holding a contract, now seeping in blood.

   "It's really too easy... honestly..." Suddenly a voice caught on his ear. Turning to see who this familiar voice was coming from, he stopped cold, but then he cracked a smile. "Christoph Tepes... Ah, so this is where you've gone to hide old friend?" Noticing two seemingly innocent children in his company, he smiled. "Oh how precious... you've acquired friends... I think I'll take them from you..." Smiling as he went, he fantasized about the hostilities to come as he began to follow his old friend, to, wherever they were going on this fine, and dreary morning...

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