The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


4. Meeting the Family

   The week began to fly by as Monday turned to Tuesday, then twisting into Thursday leaving Alois with the notion that he was running out of time and soon the town he was calling home would soon burn. This happened the last time he encountered a Tepes relative; that day London burned in a mysterious fire brought on by the clashing of two great spawns of Hell who didn't get along.

   "Father," Alois spoke to the Father one night over dinner, "I hope you know I am grateful for the kindness you've given me over the years."

   "Ofcourse I am aware," he replied with a smile of pure charity. "I see it in your face every day; now, I can tell you want something, so what is it you want of me?" This took Alois by surprise, the Father was able to pick up on his true reason for starting the conversation? Damn, he's perceptive.

   "Yes well," he smiled meekly, "Forgive me for the go around then. Ah, yes, I was wondering if you'd be okay with me leaving for a day or so, to go spend time with Allen's family?"

   "I was waiting to see how long it would take you to gather the courage to ask me to leave," the Father smiled. "I've known since Monday of your plan, Mrs. Hughes phoned me and explained what her son and you were up to."  He immediately recomposed himself, the Father knew of their plans because of the mother, alright, that was more tolerable than the belief that perhaps this simple man, or rather, puppet of a blowhard of a God was able to so easily read him.

   "So," he queried, "May I then Father?"

   "Ofcourse my child," he smiled patting Alois on the head as if he were a dog. "I wouldn't be a good person to hold you captive to the church, just make sure you be careful." As the Father cleared the plates, moving them to the sink since it was his job to wash tonight Alois followed him; the notion of having to 'be careful' peaked his interest.

   "What do you mean, be careful?" he inquired with curiosity in his voice.

   "Allen's father... His soul has been tainted with the Devil's drink," Father Cornell replied coolly. "The demons abound from his consumption, have a habit of overtaking him, turning him into a raging beast."

   "Is that so?" Alois licked his mouth, with the same voraciousness the night he saved Allen, and ate the soul of that damned old man.

   "Yes, so please be careful, Alois," he replied to the child, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders.

   "Don't worry Father," Alois replied with a smile, "I can take care of my own self."


   "You ready Alois?" came Allen's voice as they met up, outside the school that Friday afternoon. Allen seemed really chipper for some reason, Alois couldn't quite figure out why either.

   "Yes," he responded, not shifting his posture in any way, "Allen, why are you so damn happy all of a sudden?" This took Allen by surprise at first, but then again, perhaps Alois didn't understand how having a friend to spend time with affected a person.

   "Simple, I'm with you, and we get to spend time together with each other, for once." It was then that Alois too, smiled as finally understood. Alois, being a demon never took the time to try and understand what made humans 'tick,' to him, they were all just prey, put here to feed his hunger. Allen however was different, something about this boy just drew him, like a moth to a flame.

   "Um, hi there...." came a quiet, shy sounding voice. Stopping to turn around to see who was there; it was Christoph. "You're Allen right?" he smiled, outstretching his hand. Allen, not knowing what his partner knew shook this seemingly timid boy's hand. Immediately there was a slight static shock between the two of them. Withdrawing his hand, Allen smiled and replied in a friendly manner.

   "You're Christoph Williamson, a pleasure." When the two boys shook hands, Christoph felt quite the energetic shock, and at that moment he was determined that Allen Hughes would be his next quarry; his soul smelled so wonderful, it caused him to have a brief moment of absolute ecstasy. It was that kind of feeling, that he craved so desperately; he would do anything to get his soul, and that was final. Leaving the moment how it lay now, he let Allen and his unknown friend on their way, after all, being in the sun all day had made him hungry, he craved the taste of human blood with an obsessive passion.


   "So this is your house?" Alois questioned as the pair stopped just in front of an old worn oak door, lacquered in a fading, chipped lavender color. The house was a simple two story, colonial house with an offset, extension that had once been for storing a carriage, now modified for an automobile. The yard was of decent size, with a worn white-picket fence enrapturing it. What Alois really liked about it was the Widow' Walk on the roof, and, the large forest that ran along the back of the property. Most pleasing to Alois was the house number; 999 Raven's Loft Drive was the address of the property, and if written in a mirror appeared as, ofcourse, 666.

   "This you friend, little brother?" came the voice of a masculine voice, not much deeper than Allen's, but defiantly that of a male. Up on the Widow's Walk was a boy of about sixteen, who, from Alois' point of view was a bit stalky, with straw colored hair, whose clothes smelled of barley. He had emerald green eyes that, for a moment, captivated him.

   "Hey Sean," Allen smiled and waved in reply, "Yeah, this is Alois!" turning to his friend as they stepped onto the porch, Allen smiled lightly. "That guy up there is my older brother, Sean."

   "He should be careful, those eyes of his can make a person very envious of him," the demon boy answered, smiling his devil's grin again. "I smell a tender soul, that resembles a budding rose," he continued to comment. "I'm assuming that's your mother... and... another soul; a young one, oh he smells wonderful."

   "You smell Michael, my younger brother," Allen remarked, opening the door. "He's two years younger than me."

   "Eight then?" Alois replied, still smiling, "Little boys are so impressionable, especially at that age." Alois was becoming drawn to Michael's scent; it resembled caramel, wrapped in a fine, light milk chocolate. "Oh if I weren't in a contract with Allen," he thought to himself as he fantasized in his devilish mind.

   "Yes he is, but don't you go pushing your warped ways off onto him, or else," Allen whispered with a sarcastic smile as they passed by the kitchen where, his mother was, like always. After a quick greeting from the mother, and receiving a bear hug from Sean, the boys retreated to Allen's room, where they shut the door, kicked off their shoes and sprawled out onto the bed.

   "I meant it Alois," Allen suddenly turned cold in his voice, "If you mess with my family, especially my younger brother, I will punish you... severely."

   "Oh really?" he replied, rolling over, partially onto Allen, "And just what would you do to me?" He giggled a bit as he removed his overcoat and slung it on Allen's desk, quickly followed by the black-satin vest and pocket watch. Now only in his buttoned down shirt and black pants, he flopped back onto the bed. He began to unbutton the first two buttons on Allen's' shirt, after Allen had already dropped the suspenders.

   "Alois, what are doing?" he asked with a whisper, gently nudging Alois in the chest. Leaning close to his partner he whispered into Allen's ear seductively as he moved his head to the side.

   "I'm hungry, and I thirst for your sweet blood. Don't worry my master, I'll make it painless."

   "Don't," he replied, "It reminds me of what you truly are, and... what I've done to get this way."

   "As you wish..." biting down gently onto Allen's neck, Alois immediately became filled with a sense of overwhelming warmth and ecstasy. Allen replied with his own rather seductive sigh, followed by a whimper of pain as the chill of Alois' venom washed over him as it coarsed through his veins. They sat that way, suspended in time it seemed, until there was a startling slam of the door and what sounded like the growlings of a foul beast; Allen's father had come home.

   "What is that stench?" Alois muttered as he let go of his partner, "The soul of this being is tarnished, and smells of death and decay... how revolting."

   "That's my..." Allen fought hard within himself to be able to say 'father' without making himself sick.

   "Poor excuse for a father?" Alois finished his sentence. The stench emanating from the father's soul sickened him, and worst of all, it eclipsed the sweet smell of Allen's soul which pissed him off.

   "I think it's time I met the rest of your family, Allen," Alois spoke nonchalantly, "And eradicate that horrid stench that permeates this household..."


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