The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


3. Just Another Day in a Sinner's Paradise

   The bell of the courthouse chimed seven, long, mournful tolls signifying that the seventh hour of the day had come to pass. The mist was beginning to burn off and the sky began to take on faint hughes  of light blue until the color of the sky began to match that of Alois' eyes.

   "I like this time of day," Allen commented, gently rubbing the two puncture wounds on his neck. Alois looked at him out of the corner of his eye with a look of disinterest. 

   "Why is that?" 

   "It reminds me of your eyes," Allen replied as they neared the street corner that led to the school. "Dammit Alois, you bit pretty deep this time," he continued to say as he rubbed the now aching puncture wounds.

   "Payback for burning me," the devil child smiled slightly, as he remembered the taste of his partner's blood. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled a bit so he withdrew a piece of bread and cheese from the sack he took from Allen and quickly wolfed it down, not even loosing step with Allen for a second.

   "Alright, you know the drill," Allen spoke as the reached the school's gate. "You go to your classes, I go to mine. And-"

   "And no maiming, hurting, killing, or messing with anybody in any way," Alois replied annoyed. "Yes, yes, I know the drill well Allen."

   "Just making sure," he replied as he walked towards the door to his first class. He stopped in the doorway, and almost as an afterthought added, "If I find out you broke these simple rules I'll press the cross onto your head this time." Alois responded with a scowl and a quiet but angry hiss.

   "Yes... My master," he grumbled as he wandered to his own first class of the day. He hated the fact that he had to wear this stupid crucifix; it burned him every time Allen touched it, and he wasn't faking every time he said it hurt, it did actually hurt, like cattle being branded it felt like. There was another effect of the blessed cross he wore; it kept his demonic powers restrained heavily. 

   "And I can't even break the chain it's attached to," he continued to grumble quietly.

   "Mr. Cromwell," it was his math teacher, Ms. Volkheim. "Can you tell me the answer to problem number three?" he saw a quick glimpse of a smile crack across her face; he wanted to rip that smile off her face and poke her eyes out with her own pointer. Instead he smiled like an innocent child and cordially answered her.

   "The answer Ms. Volkheim," he began, "Is thirty-six. Oh, and the answer to problem seven is twelve." He smiled his fake smile and watched as she subtly shifted in her chair out of embarrassment. In his mind he was laughing at her defeat, quietly cursing her for her insolence towards him. 

   "Very good Alois," she smiled meekly. "Just making sure you were still with us."

   "Oh I'm always listening teacher," he smiled back. "Oh I'm always listening, watching, and feeling the resonance of your soul," he thought to himself. "Always..." 


   The bell for recess rang and everybody poured out into the playground. Allen emerged form the depths of the building looking for Alois, who he found shortly afterwards under the large weeping willow in the upper corner of the playground.

   "So how did Math and science go?" he asked his partner as he approached. Alois had been eating the rest of the food Mrs. Hughes had prepared earlier that morning.

   "Usual," he replied, swallowing the last bit of bread as he tucked the sack into Allen's bag. "On another note, your mother's cooking was sinfully delicious, give her my compliments would you?"

   "Sure thing," he smiled, sitting beside his demonic friend. The sun being fully out must bother you," he mumbled to his friend, "Do you need to... you know," he pointed at his neck.

   "No, already took care of that," he smiled that familiar devil's grin of his. "That bastard, Ben's behind the shed and if what other demons who I've met say is true then his soul isn't worth devouring."

   "Alois, you didn't..."

   "Kill him?" he replied nonchalantly, "No, but I certainly won't be drinking from him again, his blood tastes, awful, like warm piss." As morbid as it was, Allen found himself laughing at the remark his demonic friend made about the kid, probably because it felt like poetic justice in a way since Ben had picked on him the day before.

   "You know I should punish you for breaking the rules," he started to say; Alois cringed at the thought of the cross burning into his skull. "But, Ben has been a pain lately, so I think I'll let this one slide," he smiled leaning on Alois' shoulder. The demon child returned the notion by kissing him on the fore head and whispering gently;

   "I'll always take care of you, until the day our contract is complete and I take your soul."

   "I know," Allen whispered back quietly. He knew that all Alois was there for probably was his soul, but he didn't care; he'd learned to love the demon boy in some weird way and loved every moment of being with him, no matter what happened. The bell rang signaling for the kids to head back inside for the afternoon classes; the two said their temporary good-byes and headed off to their respected classes. 

   "Everybody, please welcome our new student," announced Alois' English teacher, Mrs. Ravenloft. "His name is Christoph Williamson, he has come with his family from Denmark; Say hello Christoph."

   "Hello everybody," he spoke meekly, "I.. look forward to getting to know everybody." Normally Alois would have just shrugged this off as another meaningless event at school, but when Christoph walked by to take a seat, a scent caught his attention.

   "It can't be," he thought turning to look this 'new kid' over. "Oh no," Alois shuddered slightly. "I know that scent... Vlad Tepes, must be one of his distant relatives." Alois was now quite disturbed; a relative of one of the most powerful demon lords known to human, or demonic kind was here, in this small seaside town; that was not, by any means, a good sign.


As the bell rang at two, and everybody, including the human and his demon began their journey home, Alois, remained troubled, deeply troubled. However, he tried to keep his worry from his partner.

   "So Alois," Allen spoke up, "My mom says she wants to meet this 'good friend' I've been telling her about."


   "She wants to know if you would like to come spend the weekend with us," he smiled, "It would get you away from Father Cornell for a day or so at least."

   "That sounds nice," Alois responded eagerly, "I'll ask the old coot, I mean... Father if I can get away for a few days. I'll let you know," he smiled as they parted ways.

   "So, Alois," began the Father as Alois walked into the church, heading for his room. "How was your day?'

   "Just another day in paradise Father," he called back cheerily, "Just another day in a sinner's paradise..."

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