The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


12. Encounters of a Deathly Persuasion

   Allen walked into the house, saying hello to his mother where he learned that Sean had gotten a job to help support the family in his Father's absence. After the small conversation ended he headed up to his room where he dumped out his stuff from the day.

   "Wonder if Alois is feeling better?" Allen smiled, remembering the key his friend had given him. Walking up the stairs he felt an eerie chill go up his spine, something in the back of his head screamed at him to not open the door, but he wanted to see his friend; so he opened the door regardless of the warnings.

   "Nice to meet you, Allen Hughes," came a wispy echo of a voice as the door slammed shut. "I've learned a lot about you from Alois..."

   "Oh, are you a friend of his?" Allen replied, trying to keep the utter terror at bay. There was a dark laugh as the lamps in the room lit up to reveal a ghastly sight. Allen beheld his friend, levitating above the floor with a scythe impaled in him. Beyond this was an even more horrifying site; The Reaper stood before him, holding a torn looking soul in his bony clutches.

   "Jesus Christ," the boy whispered in terror, "I'm beholding the sight of Death, right before my young eyes." He stood there for a moment, stricken by complete fear. Death cracked an eerie smile and let out a laugh that sounded like the moans of thousands of lost souls screaming out at once.

   "What the hell have you done with my friend..." Allen growled, snapping back to reality, ignoring the fear. The Reaper just stood silent, smiling as he continued to examine the torn soul before him. "You bloody bastard! I asked you what did you do to Alois, now answer me damn you!"

   "Friend?" The Reaper chuckled, "Child, he's nothing more than a fallen reaper, turned into a rogue demon. He could never be the friend of a mortal such as yourself."

   "I don't believe you!" he screamed, running towards the Reaper.

   "Insolent youth!" he snarled, tossing one of his miniature scythes toward the charging child. The scythe hit its mark, sending Allen crashing to the floor, tears coming to his eyes as his right thigh burned in overwhelming pain. The soul in his bony hand burned in anger singing the Reaper. "Ouch... that actually hurt," he glared at the soul, "Are you even still alive Alois?"

   "Give him back!" Allen growled, getting to his feet, the pain shooting through the entirety of his body. The Reaper just glared at the boy.

   "If you were smart, you'd stay down!" he threw another miniature scythe at the boy. This one tore across his arm, slamming him into the ground again. The soul again burned the hand of Death, "Christ, Alois, I'm really pissing you off aren't I?"

   "Please... Allen whimpered in pain, "Give him back... please..."

   "Insolent child," Death's unearthly voice boomed, "Your feelings for him are misplaced. Nothing more than a poisonous shroud cast over you by this demon child... Nothing you felt was real..." The words of Death struck him like a hammer; Was it all just a fantasy? 

   "I don't care..." Allen growled, again getting to his feet, "I don't care if it wasn't real... I"D RATHER DIE THAN BELIEVE IT WAS ALL A LIE!" he roared with an inhuman tone. Ignoring the pain, he tore the scythes from his body and threw them back at their master with ungodly force.

   "Careless child," he muttered as he caught both sickles effortlessly, "Are you so willing to die? I'll tell you this, I never quite understood humans... incredibly stubborn creatures, very enigmatic though..." Standing up he floated over to Allen, the heavy flapping of his wings resembling that of a dying heartbeat. "Do you see this soul...? Do you recognize who's it is?"

   "Alois," Allen growled.

   "Partially true," Death answered, dragging Allen to his feet, "The bluish looking half is the remainder of the Human soul named Alois Cromwell," Death floated over to the scythe, that was suspended in mid-air with the body of his friend impaled on it, "However, the greenish looking half is part of my own soul, given to the dying child to turn him into a reaper." Turning to face Allen, his face grew grim.

   "What's with the reddish purple haze around his soul?" Allen questioned, limping over to Death and Alois.

   "It's a form of rejection, kind of like when you humans have an allergic reaction to something," Death spoke, his voice no longer so echoey. "You see, when Alois went rogue as a result of the London incident, he fought me, and lost and rather than allow me to kill him and end his suffering, he evaded my scythe to the point where only his reaper powers were sealed away."


   "With the Reaper half of the soul no longer in use, it began to wither and die. And when the reaper soul dies, his partial soul won't be able to compensate... he'll die."

   "That's terrible," Allen responded with a tinge of sadness in his voice.

   "No, what's truly pitiful is that he found a way to substitute the life-force required to continue his existence; Consuming human souls. He justified this by only consuming the souls of those that were seen as corrupt or wicked, a trick of discernment he learned from me. It seems to have backfired though, and so now he's dying, again."

   "Please... is there a way to save him?"

   "I'd have to reawaken the reaper soul half of himself, though... he honestly doesn't deserve it," Death replied, retrieving his scythe, dropping Alois' body to the ground. "Farewell child, it's best you just let the boy die... maybe he'll find peace in the afterlife..." 

   "Take mine," Allen whispered. Death stopped in his tracks.

   "What did you say boy?" He responded, not turning to look at the boy.

   "I said take mine," Allen responded a bit louder this time. Death turned to face the boy.

   "You want to give up your soul for his?"

   "No, take half of mine and put it into his, I'll take all the festering hate his soul's acquired."

   "You'll die, or become a demon to which either way, I have to then kill you," Death replied, floating back over to where Allen lay, beside Alois' body. "You'd give up your life?"

   "Yes, to save his," Allen replied sternly.

   "Give up your life and eternal soul to save someone who doesn't need, or deserve it?"

   "For Alois, yes," Allen replied.

   "Your generosity is touching, perhaps, you are what Alois really needed," he placed the soul over its old body; instructing Allen to lie atop him, Death said one final word to the boy, "Are you sure this is your wish? There will be no turning back; you could lose your life..."

   "Our bond is strong, You know the saying, Blood is thicker than water..." he trailed off, lost in the eerie glow of Alois' soul. Standing back, Death began the prayer of the Reaper's Soul Transgression. Finished, he raised his scythe. There was a moment of complete silence, then his swung his blade... and then, there was nothing but blackness... and silence...


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