The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


8. An Extended Stay

   It was around noon by the clock in the hall when the two boys came downstairs. Allen was dressed in a new pair of grey trousers with a the suspenders running up either shoulder and coming to rest at a central focal point in the back. He wore a faded forest green buttoned down shirt underneath. Alois was in his usual white shirt, black pants and vest with accompanying pocket watch that had recently been returned to him.

   "Oh, look who finally came down to say hello," chided Sean who was sipping some coffee from a mug at the table. He motioned for the pair to come join him at the table. Sitting on either side of him, the boys stayed quiet until Allen spoke up.

   "Where's mom?"

   "She took Michael out with her to do some errands," he responded, picking up the paper on the table with the intent on reading it.

   "You seem chipper," Allen noted, why's that I wonder..."

   "Because," he responded nonchalantly, "Dear old dipshit's gone."

   "Your father?" Alois asked coyly. Sean put the paper down, starring right at Alois.

   "And I hear you were the one who caused him to... disappear, I guess we'll say," he starred him down with the most stern of glares Alois had yet to see. Finally, he broke the glare and smiled, "Nice going, wish I had the balls to do what you did. Except, if it were me, I would've killed the bastard right here in the kitchen."

   "And risked scarring your younger brothers for life?" Alois replied beginning to crack a devilish smile. The attitude the older brother was displaying towards his own father whetted his appetite; he already liked the older brother, with that one comment he knew that Sean could be ruthless, perfect material for a soul to feast on. 

   "Alois," Allen cut in, "Drop the subject."

   "Aww, you're no fun," he smirked.

   "I'm not trying to be fun," he looked at his partner with a glare, "Let's get you home, back to the Father." Standing up, Alois followed after the boy, but not before stealing one last look at Sean. As he walked into the room, Allen slammed it shut from behind.

   "What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Allen yelled.

   "I'm not doing anything," the demon replied, trying to hide his emotion.

   "Liar!" The boy yelled as he grabbed the crucifix, paralyzing Alois with fear.

   "You wouldn't dare, Allen," he growled, trying to bluff him into not using the crucifix. However, blinded by rage, Allen shoved the crucifix hard into Alois' chest, the sizzling sound immediately becoming audible as Alois' squirmed in pain trying to break free from the paralyzing grasp. "Allen... please... not again," Alois cried, tears of blood trickling from his face as he stumbled backwards in pain, falling onto the bed. "I'm sorry I tried to antagonize your brother, please stop... it hurts so damn much!" he wailed in agony; this was the longest Allen had ever held him in the grasp of the crucifix. The burning didn't show any signs of ceasing, and Alois started to become afraid that Allen could kill him in this blind rage. The thought terrified him so much that he started to cry profusely and scream. Suddenly, the burning had stopped, and instead there was the feeling of something warm and wet falling onto his burnt, damaged body; Allen was... crying?

   "I'm so sorry Alois," he cried out in pain, "I just... I just felt like... you were contemplating... leaving me." Alois understood, Allen had a moment of fear, generated by jealousy and the idea that Alois wanted Sean more than him. He wrapped Allen in a hug, whispering soothingly into his ear.

   "I would never leave you for another," he soothed, "You're my one and only, until the day our contract runs out and I take your soul."

   "Hit me," Allen whimpered.

   "What did you say?" Alois questioned, unsure of what he just heard.

   "Hit me," he repeated again, "I deserve it for the stupidity and mallace I've just shown you."

   "I could never hurt you, Allen," he kissed him, their lips collided with a fiery passion that lasted for about ten minutes, until he finally let go. "Your mean side is just another reason I adore you, I love you, I love your soul, I love your hate and your kindness. You ARE my obsession, So I could never hurt you, even if it was an order..."


   Later in the day, after Alois had fed on several wild animals in the woods to restore himself, he joined Allen and his mother as they walked him back to the chapel. The sky was overcast, just the way Alois liked it, the sun couldn't drain his energy this way.

   "Now, don't be a stranger Alois," Mrs. Hughes smiled as they neared the church, "You are welcomed at the house anytime of day, or night."

   "Thank you kindly, Mrs. Hughes."

   "Please, call me Jenny, Mrs. Hughes just never appealed to me," she replied.

   "Alright," he chuckled slightly in reply. "Allen's whole family is a mess," he thought to himself, "But, that's why I'm proud to know them, and, willing to follow orders to protect them."

   "Oh my god," Allen's voice broke Alois' thoughts. As he looked up he beheld a horrid sight. The church was in a state of ruin; the large stained glass window that looked into the chapel had been shattered, and there was a section of the wall that looked bubbled out. The three of them rushed inside where they found Father Cornell, with a bandaged shoulder, but smiling none the less.

   "Father!" Allen yelped, "What happened!?"

   "Oh, nothing major," he smiled, "A series of pipes burst, causing a small explosion."

   "Are you alright?" Jenny worried,seeing his shoulder.

   "Oh I'm fine," he smiled, "Unfortunately the explosion seems to have shattered the lovely glass window, and damaged the balcony, so, we'll have to hold services in the parish hall for a bit, but no biggie."

   "Alois," the Father turned to the child, "I'm going to have to ask that you stay with the Hughes for a while, it's not safe to be in the church right now." He turned, becoming humble to Jenny. "Mrs. Hughes, I'm sorry to push this on you, but I can't stand the though of Alois getting hurt in the church, so I've ordered an entire survey to test how sound the church is; until then, I hope that Taking in the child will not be too much of a burden on you."

   "Not at all Father," she replied, holding the two boys close, "But... what about you?"

   "Not to worry," Saint Augustine's a few blocks over has given me shelter until the church is repaired."

   "Well Alois," Jenny smiled, "I guess you'll be having an extended stay with us; I hope you don't mind."

   "No Jenny," he smiled innocently, "I don't mind at all..."








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