The Boy Who Ate a Soul

My life was a living hell, and that night I would've died if I hadn't met him; he saved me, and even offered to make deal with me. If I only knew that he wasn't human, no he was the boy who ate the souls of humans, and it seemed, he had taken a liking to mine. My name is Allen Hughes, and this is my story about my friend; the boy who ate a soul.


18. A Hellish Holiday ~Part Two

   For a second, the demon boy just stood rigid in silence as he processed what Christoph had just admitted to him. Finally though, he dropped his head low and smiled; it was a smile filled with wrath, conceived of insanity and pure emotional breakage. 

   "So your telling me that, you've been playing us this whole time..?" he asked in a raspy whisper, slowly approaching the vampire, "You've been trying to get close just to steal away my master... my friend?" His fists were starting to clench as he drew closer.

   "At first, yes," Christoph admitted, "Now however, I do genuinely care for Allen..."

   "I warned you in the forest, of exactly what I'd do to you if you tried something," Alois growled, his eyes glowing a fiery crimson, "And now... I'm going to fucking kill you!" he shouted, pouncing onto Christoph. He immediately began to pound his head against the hard wooden floor, punching him with every chance he could get.

   "Alois!" Allen shrieked, "Get off of him, now!" he tried to pull his demonic friend off the vampire, but to no avail. Alois, in a blind rage, threw Allen into the wall as he continued his merciless beating on Christoph. Allen slid off the wall, unconscious from the impact; a thin trickle of blood began to seep down from his forehead, running down his face, down one side of his nose to his mouth which hung slightly open.

   "Look what you just did!" Christoph roared, throwing Alois into the other wall he sprang to his feet, rushing over to Allen. He still had a pulse, good, however, being so close to the smell and scent of his blood began to eat at him. He licked the blood away from his mouth, up to his eye. He then brushed some of Allen's hair aside as he began to examine where the blood was leaking from. At that moment, Father Cornell had noticed the ruckus from up stairs and decided to venture up to see what he'd find.

   "You bastard!" Alois shouted, flying towards the vampiric child, "You stay the hell away from him!" Grabbing the vampire boy's shoulder, he threw him to the floor, once again beginning to pound on him. Blood began to flow forth from Christoph's beaten face, as cut after cut began to form.

   "Alois please..." he moaned, trying to block his face, "I'm not trying to take Allen, anymore, I just want to protect him... Please stop!"

   At that moment the Father came through the door, beholding a most ghastly site; Allen lay unconscious on his bed, blood visible on his face and Alois atop the vampire, beating him senseless. 

   "My god!" he cried, pulling the two boys apart, "What's gotten into..." He found himself in a state of shock; not only was Christoph showing his true demon eyes... but Alois, the boy he took in, the boy who always seemed so polite and courteous, was also displaying flaming eyes of a demon. "Alois..." he mumbled, "Not you too..."

   "Let me go Father," Alois growled, "I have a vampiric asshole to kill..." Trying to shake free, he suddenly felt paralyzed as the Father grabbed the crucifix around his neck. "Father... please... don't do it..." he calmed down, his eyes becoming bluish steel again, "Don't hurt me... please... not like that..."

   "I'm sorry, Alois," Father Cornell murmured with a tinge of sadness, "I have a duty to vanquish the evil that dwells within these walls... and it looks like you're part of that evil," he pressed the crucifix into Alois' chest, the sizzling became audible as the child began to scream in agony and torment. The screaming and pleading of the child fell on deaf ears, on the inside, the Father was mourning; mourning the loss of the boy he knew, the one who seemed so friendly, the one Allen seemed to care deeply for... It was a damn shame... but it had to be done.

   "Father!" Alois screamed, "Please... stop... it hurts so much...." He was spasming as the cross dug deeper into his pale flesh, the pain of its holy energy burning every shred of his being. "What have I ever done to upset you...!?" His screams of pain and agony woke Allen from his sleep.

   "Get off him!" Allen screamed, tackling the Father to the ground, thus breaking his grip on the crucifix. Alois collapsed to the floor, cringing in pain, tears of blood flowing forth from his eyes. Christoph fell free from the Father's grip as Allen tackled the Father. At first he was in a state of shock, then realizing Alois was wounded he rushed over to him, holding him in his arms.

   "Damn him..." Alois sobbed, "God damn him..." Suddenly both boys became engulfed in flames of searing blue as the Father threw holly water at them; Christoph knew Alois could die from a direct hit and so he covered the boy, taking the brunt of the assault.

   "Your attempt at charity won't help you now, vampire," the Father spoke in an even manner, moving towards the fallen boys. Allen was clutched in the crook of one of the Father's arms in a powerful headlock. Seeing as though the Father would kill his two friends, he had no choice, but to be rash.

   "Let go!" he screamed, biting hard into the flesh of the Father. Letting go of the boy in pain, he winced as he examined the wound; fang marks... so Allen has fallen to the demons, how shameful of himself for not coming sooner.

   "So..." Father Cornell muttered, "You've fallen in with league with them, Allen Hughes..." He peered into Allen's sorrowful eyes; the Father always feared that Allen would do something like this one day, he blamed the father the boy had grown up knowing who was now gone.

   "I don't care Father," he growled quietly, placing himself between the Father and his fallen friends, "They are my friends, and I will protect them... or die trying..."

   "You speak of nothing but absolute insanity," He replied to the boy, "Move now Allen, I do not wish to send you to our glorious Father above in such a manner, it's bad enough I have to be responsible for dispatching two children, damned for eternity for what they are...."

   "Never... If they die, then so shall I..."

   "Pity..." The Father lamented, "I truly did have a soft spot for you and your friend......" Withdrawing a larger bottle of holly water that he saved for special occasions he prepared himself, "May you find peace together in the after life, and my God have mercy on your souls...." He uncorked the bottle and said a quick prayer... then, he threw the bottle, just as two tears escaped his eyes...

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